June 22, 2021 Patch

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This article is specific to the patch released. For information on the update, see Summer 2021 Pack.

Patch notes

Patch 1

  • Added the Summer 2021 Cosmetic Case
  • Numerous security and stability improvements
  • Added a cooldown before a player can create a vote when they join a match already in-progress
    • sv_vote_late_join_time controls the grace period after the match starts before the cooldown is applied: default 90 secs
    • sv_vote_late_join_cooldown controls the length of the cooldown: default 5 min
  • Kick votes will end early and automatically pass if the vote target leaves the match during the vote
  • Added a ConVar to control players changing their name during a match
    • tf_allow_player_name_change: default is 1
    • Matchmaking servers will set this to 0
  • Updated the player list in the vote-kick dialog to show the time each player has been connected to the server
  • Removed the disconnect reason from the message when players leave the server
  • Updated the Mann vs. Machine "inspect" command to only work for players in your party or in your Friends list
  • Moved materials for the community particle effects into the Effects/workshop sub-folder to distinguish them from Valve materials
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals[3]
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated cp_snakewater_final1
    • Fixed clipping throughout map
    • Fixed explosion splash being caught by objects throughout map
    • Made movement smoother throughout map
    • Reworked some problematic areas like the kitchen
    • Minor visual enhancements throughout the map
  • Updated cp_process
    • Fixed incorrect skin for the Red radio tower

Undocumented changes

Patch 2

  • Fixed players not being able to download large custom maps from servers
  • Added check to prevent players without admin access using the dump_all_caches server command

Undocumented changes


  1. Ballooniphones, Manndatory Attire, Brim of Fire,Reel Fly Hat, Hook, Line, and Cinder, Water Waders, Sightliner, Snack Stack, Two Punch Mann, Wild Brim Slouch, Crocodile Dandy, Crustaceous Cowl, Fast Food, Meal Dealer, Fried Batter, Roaming Roman, Panisher, and Thousand-Yard Stare
  2. Resonation, Aggradation, Lucidation, Stunning, Ardentum Saturnalis, Fragrancium Elementalis, Reverium Irregularis, Perennial Petals, Flavorsome Sunset, Raspberry Bloom, and Iridescence
  3. CappingTV Summer Brawl 2021, DreamHack Community Clash 2021, FBTF Cup 6v6 Season 5, LAN Downunder 2021, LBTF2 Highlander Season 6, ozfortress OWL Season 30, Respawn League 2021, RGL.gg Seasons 5-9, RGL.gg Highlander Experimental Maps Cup Summer 2021, RGL.gg One Day Prolander Cup Autumn 2020 & Winter 2021, South American Vanilla Fortress 6v6 Season 4, UGC 4vs4 Seasons 21 & 22, UGC 6vs6 Seasons 34 & 35, UGC Highlander Season 32, UGC Ultiduo Seasons 1-4

Files changed