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Taunt Training

Killicon hadouken.png
 11 People
Killicon skewer.png
 34 People
Killicon home run.png
 8 People
Killicon kamikaze.png
 3 People
Killicon decapitation.png
 2 People
Killicon spinal tap.png
 7 People
Killicon showdown.png
 99 People
Killicon fencing.png
 1 Person
Killicon organ grinder.png
 3 People
Killicon dischord.png
 3 People

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Dorieku Encrusted Set

Put your LITTLE DOLLS away when your AGAINST DORIEKU. Why? Because of his DORIEKU-ENCRUSTED ITEMS! *Angelic Harmony*
Dorieku on his pride on the little things

When whole Set is equipped.

+1337 Dorieku Strengths
+1337 Awe
+1337 Chaotic Rampages



Backpack Towering Pillar of Hats.png
Vintage "Dorieku's God Hat"
Level 52 Dorieku Encrusted Item


Backpack Huntsman.png
Vintage "Dorieku's Specialty"
Level 10 Dorieku Encrusted Item
WAIT until you see... Wait, I KILLED you with it?

In Progress


Backpack Fists.png
Template:Dictionary/items/regular "Dorieku's Showstopper"
Level 1 Dorieku Encrusted Item
POW! Haha!


Backpack Wrangler.png
"Dorieku's Laser Pilot"
Level 5 Dorieku Encrusted Item
SEE the LIGHT? Obviously NOT, you're DEAD.


Backpack Dead Ringer.png
Vintage "Dorieku's Deux Vies"
Level 5 Dorieku Encrusted Item
Mon coeur BAT pour une autre VIE.


Backpack Pain Train.png
"Dorieku's Train of Pain"
Level X Dorieku Encrusted Item
Who Uses a Pain Train? Maybe this Splinter-Drinker.


Backpack Axtinguisher.png
"Dorieku's Fire Hexer"
Level 10 Dorieku Encrusted Item
On FIRE? Let me HELP you...

Ideas for Weapons

Backpack Buff Banner.png
Template:Dictionary/items/ "The Goomba's Traveler"
Level 10 Backpack
Can Carry an item from ground or Resupply Locker
Reduced Speed when Item is being carried

Backpack Enthusiast's Timepiece.png
Template:Dictionary/items/ "The Magi-Coder"
Level 5 Spy Watch
Does not flicker
0.6 Second Cloak Delay
Buzzes for 3 seconds after uncloak
Disguises as closet enemy to you on Cloak.

Backpack Sandvich.png
Template:Dictionary/items/ "The Breakfast Steak"
Level 10 Lunch
Adds 90% percent resistance to everything for a small period of time
Cannot be dropped
Takes longer to consume.

Backpack Gunslinger.png
Template:Dictionary/items/ "The Beastglider's Knuckles"
Level 10 Knucklers
Higher Crit rate
More time between hits

Backpack Wrangler.png
Template:Dictionary/items/ "The Sound Pumper"
Level 10 Add-On
Flashes target and aimer with light for 0.5 seconds
Wider range
Slightly slower reload time

Backpack Flare Gun.png
Template:Dictionary/items/ "The Airblaster"
Level 5 Gun
Fires balls of air to reflect projectiles and players
Does not damage foes

Backpack Direct Hit.png
Template:Dictionary/items/ "The Stackeroni"
Level 10 Sentry Attachment
Allows Dispensers to be attached on top of a Sentry
Dispenser is inserted into Sentry to save space
Sentry must be level 3
Sentry can no longer fire rockets.

Backpack Kritzkrieg.png
Template:Dictionary/items/ "The Ubertomy"
Level 5 Medigun
Can Overheal 100% of the patient's health
Ubercharge is only 7 seconds

Backpack Flare Gun.png
Template:Dictionary/items/ "The Airblaster"
Level 5 Gun
Fires balls of air to reflect projectiles and players
Does not damage foes

Backpack Sydney Sleeper.png
Template:Dictionary/items/ "The Tranquilizer"
Level 10 Dart Sniper Gun
Stuns enemies at Headshots
Headshots do not damage.

Project Balance

Here I try to balance some weapons. Take a look.

Backpack Natascha.png
Template:Dictionary/items/ "The Natascha"
Level 5 Minigun
On Hit: 100% Chance to slow down targets
No Random Crits
-20% Damage done.