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What are those weeping crybabies sniveling about now?
Saxton Hale

The Saxton Hale Mask is a cosmetic item for all classes. This item consists of a brown paper bag with the face of Saxton Hale, CEO of Mann Co., depicted on it. As with every other Halloween Mask caricature, the Saxton Hale Mask features orange horns drawn over Saxton Hale's head.

This hat can only be obtained via a crafting recipe which combines the 9 unique Halloween Masks from the 2010 Halloween Event together. Previously, every Halloween Mask could be found on the event map, Mann Manor, in randomly spawned gift boxes throughout the event. These gifts did not spawn outside of the event, or outside of the Mann Manor event map. Since Scream Fortress 2015, Halloween Masks are available through completing Merasmissions/Halloween Contracts, or through the Halloween Transmute feature.

Unlike the other 9 Halloween Masks used to craft it, but similar to the Ghastly Gibus, the Saxton Hale Mask does not have a holiday restriction. This means that the Saxton Hale Mask can be crafted and worn after Halloween, which allows players to complete the Sackston Hale achievement at any time of the year.

While wearing this item, the player is immune to the Horseless Headless Horsemann's "Boo" taunt, but will still be vulnerable to being frightened from ghosts.


Related achievements

Ghostchievements icon.png Ghostchievements

Sackston Hale
Sackston Hale
Craft the Saxton Hale Mask.


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Scout Mask + Soldier Mask + Pyro Mask +
Item icon Scout Mask.png Item icon Soldier Mask.png Item icon Pyro Mask.png
Demoman Mask + Heavy Mask + Engineer Mask +
Item icon Demoman Mask.png Item icon Heavy Mask.png Item icon Engineer Mask.png
Medic Mask + Sniper Mask + Spy Mask = Saxton Hale Mask
Item icon Medic Mask.png Item icon Sniper Mask.png Item icon Spy Mask.png Item icon Saxton Hale Mask.png

Update history

October 27, 2010 Patch (Scream Fortress Update)

  • Added the Saxton Hale Mask to the game.

October 28, 2010 Patch

  • Fixed trading the Saxton Hale Mask granting the achievement to the recipient.

November 19, 2010 Patch

  • Fixed a problem with the Sackston Hale achievement sometimes not being awarded correctly.


  • As with other Halloween Masks, this item does not work with the Rebuild Headgear crafting recipe.
  • Like the nine other Halloween Masks, the artwork on the Saxton Hale Mask was done by TF2 comic artist Michael Oeming.


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