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I feel bigger. *Laughs* Good.
The Heavy on higher-caliber bullets

The Brass Beast is a community-created primary weapon for the Heavy, which he has named "Oksana".[1] It is an antique minigun made almost entirely of brass, bearing resemblance to a Gatling gun.

This weapon deals 20% more damage than the default Minigun and, like Natascha, it gives the Heavy 20% damage resistance while it is spun-up and if the player's health would reach 50% or lower after being hit. However, this comes at the cost of a 50% slower spin-up time and 60% slower movement speed compared to the default Minigun while it is spun-up.

Damage and function times

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Damage and function times
Shot type Hitscan
Damage type Bullet
Ranged or Melee damage? Ranged
Maximum ramp-up 150% 16.2 / bullet
Base damage 100% 10.8 / bullet
Maximum fall-off 52.8% 5.7024 / bullet
Point blank 60-65 / 1 ammo
570-618 / second
Medium range 6-36 / 1 ammo
57-342 / second
Long range 6-12 / 1 ammo
57-114 / second
Pellet spread 25:1
Critical 32.4 / bullet
Mini-crit 15-22 / bullet
Function times
Attack interval 0.105
Wind-up time 1.31 s
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.

Item set

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The Hibernating Bear
Backpack The Hibernating Bear Bundle.png

No effect



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Reclaimed Metal Natascha Brass Beast
Item icon Reclaimed Metal.png + Item icon Natascha.png = Item icon Brass Beast.png
Class Token - Heavy Slot Token - Primary Scrap Metal Possible Results
Item icon Class Token - Heavy.png + Item icon Slot Token - Primary.png + Item icon Scrap Metal.png =
Item icon Natascha.png Item icon Brass Beast.png Item icon Tomislav.png Item icon Huo-Long Heater.png
Item icon Panic Attack.png

As a crafting ingredient

Reclaimed Metal Brass Beast Tomislav
Item icon Reclaimed Metal.pngx2 + Item icon Brass Beast.png = Item icon Tomislav.png

Strange variant

Related achievements

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

Heavy Industry
Heavy Industry
Fire $200,000 worth of minigun rounds in a single life.

Kill 10 enemies in mid-air with the minigun.
Permanent Revolution
Permanent Revolution
Kill 5 enemies without spinning down your gun.

Kill an enemy with your shotgun while you're out of minigun ammo.

Update history

December 17, 2010 Patch (Australian Christmas)
  • The Brass Beast was added to the game.

December 21, 2010 Patch

January 7, 2011 Patch

  • The Brass Beast was given a unique kill icon.
  • [Undocumented] The spin-up and spin-down animations of the Heavy's miniguns were changed.

February 3, 2011 Patch

  • Updated sounds for the Brass Beast.
  • Updated model with optimizations and LODs.

February 14, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed players getting set bonuses applied on tournament servers when the server is restricting the player's weapons using the item_whitelist.
  • [Undocumented] Fixed players getting set bonuses applied on Medieval maps for items that are not allowed in medieval mode.

March 15, 2011 Patch

  • The crafting cost of the weapon was changed from 2 Reclaimed Metal and a Natascha to 1 Reclaimed Metal and a Natascha.
  • All Brass Beasts crafted before this patch were upgraded to Vintage quality.

June 3, 2011 Patch

  • Added community contributed response rules to the Brass Beast.

June 23, 2011 Patch

  • [Undocumented] The Brass Beast was added to the crafting blueprint for the Tomislav.

June 28, 2011 Patch

  • Tuned Brass Beast recoil to have less of an impact on your aiming reticle.

July 22, 2011 Patch

  • [Undocumented] The damage bonus attribute was changed from "+20% damage done" to "+20% damage bonus".

October 25, 2011 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange Quality.

October 28, 2011 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Modified the Phong of the Brass Beast.

December 15, 2011 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Re-implemented the Community Phong boost on the Brass Beast.

November 12, 2013 Patch

June 18, 2014 Patch

  • All mini-guns now have damage and accuracy ramp up after they start firing. Full accuracy and damage is reached 1 second after firing.

July 8, 2014 Patch

  • Minigun: Winding up via secondary attack now counts toward reducing the one-second accuracy penalty.

February 11, 2015 Patch #1

  • Fixed not being able to switch away from the Minigun while spinning down.

July 2, 2015 Patch (Gun Mettle Update)

  • Minigun damage penalty on Level 2 and Level 3 Sentry Guns slightly decreased. Level 2 Sentry resistance changed from 20% to 15% and Level 3 changed from 33% to 20%.
  • Changed attribute:
    • Added 20% damage resistance while spun up.

July 7, 2016 Patch #1 (Meet Your Match Update)

  • 20% damage resistance now only applies when spun up and below 50% max health.

October 20, 2017 Patch #1 (Jungle Inferno Update)

  • Updated sounds for the Brass Beast.
  • The 1-second damage and accuracy penalty now applies to the first second of spun-up time, whether or not the Heavy is firing. Previously, the 1-second damage penalty would only be removed after 1 second of firing.
  • Accuracy and damage penalties now reset when the Heavy spins down, rather than when the Heavy stops firing. This means if you stay spun-up beyond one second, and fire in bursts, damage and accuracy will remain at 100%.

December 21, 2017 Patch (Smissmas 2017)


  • The attribute "-20% damage resistance when below 50% health and spun up" is incorrect, as the resistance applies if the Heavy takes enough damage to go below 50% health.
    • The attribute is incorrectly listed as -20% damage resistance when below 50% health and spun up, instead of +20%.
  • The extra damage provided by a critical or mini-critical hit is not impacted by damage resistance, only the base hit.
  • During spin-up, the sound of the weapon pauses for a second before resuming.
  • While firing, the bullets seem to originate from the right of the weapon in client view.
  • Holding secondary fire and tapping primary fire with one bullet left causes the Minigun to play the firing animation loop despite having no ammo, this is visible in third person and by other players.
  • Immediately revving after taunting causes the barrel to not spin. This can be fixed by firing the gun.
  • When holding the primary fire button during a taunt the Brass Beast's muzzle flash turns invisible.


  • Oksana (Russian: Оксана) is a popular Russian girl's name of Ukrainian and ultimately Greek origin.



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