Warrior's Spirit

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I will kill you with bear hands!
The Heavy upon obtaining bear claws

The Warrior's Spirit is a community-created melee weapon for the Heavy. They are a pair of rough, brown bear paws with sharp claws that are strapped over the Heavy's fists by three team-colored bands.

The Warrior's Spirit deals 30% more damage than the default Fists, and also returns 50 health to the Heavy upon a successful kill. However, while active, they cause the Heavy to take 30% more damage from all sources.

The kill icon for the Warrior's Spirit was contributed by Psyke .

Damage and function times

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Damage and function times
Damage type Melee
Ranged or Melee damage? Melee
Base damage 100%
Critical 254
Mini-crit 114
Function times
Attack interval 0.8 s
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.

Item set

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The Hibernating Bear
Backpack The Hibernating Bear Bundle.png

No effect


Strange variant


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Scrap Metal Gloves of Running Urgently Warrior's Spirit
Item icon Scrap Metal.png + Item icon Gloves of Running Urgently.png = Item icon Warrior's Spirit.png
Class Token - Heavy Slot Token - Melee Scrap Metal Possible Results
Item icon Class Token - Heavy.png + Item icon Slot Token - Melee.png + Item icon Scrap Metal.png =
Item icon Killing Gloves of Boxing.png Item icon Gloves of Running Urgently.png Item icon Warrior's Spirit.png Item icon Fists of Steel.png
Item icon Eviction Notice.png Item icon Apoco-Fists.png Item icon Holiday Punch.png Item icon Freedom Staff.png
Item icon Ham Shank.png Item icon Bat Outta Hell.png Item icon Conscientious Objector.png

Related achievements

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

Communist Mani-Fisto
Communist Mani-Fisto
Kill an enemy with a critical punch.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

Blunt Trauma
Blunt Trauma
Assist in punching 2 enemies with a single ÜberCharge on a Heavy.

Update history

December 17, 2010 Patch (Australian Christmas)
  • The Warrior's Spirit was added to the game.

December 21, 2010 Patch

January 7, 2011 Patch

  • The Warrior's Spirit was given a unique kill icon.

January 10, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed the Heavy's fists not playing the critical hit animation.

February 14, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed melee attacks not destroying remote detonation pipes (Stickybombs).
  • Fixed players getting set bonuses applied on tournament servers when the server is restricting the player's weapons using the item_whitelist.

March 15, 2011 Patch

  • The crafting cost of the Warrior's Spirit was changed from 2 Reclaimed Metal and a Gloves of Running Urgently to 1 Scrap Metal and a Gloves of Running Urgently.
  • All Warrior's Spirits crafted before this patch were upgraded to Vintage quality.

June 3, 2011 Patch

  • Added community contributed response rules to the Warrior's Spirit.

July 22, 2011 Patch

  • [Undocumented] The damage bonus attribute was changed from "+30% damage done" to "+30% damage bonus".

February 16, 2012 Patch

  • Fixed some clipping issues with the Warrior's Spirit.

August 28, 2013 Patch

  • Fixed a shadow bug for the Warrior's Spirit.

November 12, 2013 Patch

March 12, 2015 Patch

July 2, 2015 Patch #1 (Gun Mettle Update)

  • Changed attribute:
    • Now has +10 health on hit.

December 17, 2015 Patch (Tough Break Update)

  • Changed attributes:
    • Now heals 50 health on kill. (from +10 health on hit)
    • Damage received and dealt increased by 30%.
    • Removed health penalty.

February 29, 2016 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Updated firing sounds for the Warrior's Spirit.


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