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Basic information
(Type ): Darp Derp Dirp Dorp Durp Dyrp
Gender: Male
Health: 0
Native language: English
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Leaderboard class spy.png Spy, Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer
Favourite maps: Dustbowl, Doomsday
Favourite weapons: Jag, Black Rose, Ambassador
Contact information
Steam page: Parzival

Killicon backstab.png
Killicon backstab.png


Edit icon.png This user is a Team Fortress Wiki editor.
Heavy Industry.png This user hates adverts and loves Team Fortress Wiki's adlessness.
RED Wiki Cap.png This user doesn't edit the Wiki for the sole purpose of getting a Wiki Cap.
SmallEdit.jpg This user likes to edit articles in teeny baby bits.
2-dice-icon.png This user loves surfing the Wiki via Random Page.
Crystal xeyes.png This user is afraid of red links.
Flag America.png This user is American, pardner!
User Spy.png This user is a Spy.
“You know, hiding won’t save you.”
User Engineer.png This user is an Engineer.
“I told ya don’t touch that darn thing!”
Heavyhater.png This user is a Heavy Hater.
"Eat it, fatty!"
Knife ready to Backstab 1st person red.png This user is a Backstabber!
Outsmart Bullet.png This user has yet to meet one that can outsmart boolet.
Trading parcel.png This user loves to trade items.
Userbox Nope.png This user is credit to team?...

RED Level 1 Sentry Gun.png This user is buildin' a Sentry
Spytarget.png This user is a sitting duck.
BLUicon.gif This user is an employee of BLU.
Scout Mercenary.png This user is a Mercenary.
Hire Date: Friday, May 25, 2012 (23:09:32) GMT

Dead Heat Icon.png As of October 16, 2019,
I have been a TF2 Wiki member for 8 years, 8 months, 4 days.

Backpack Black Rose.png This user owns the Black Rose.
Mandelbrot sequence small.gif This user enjoys making people go insane.
Tf play game everyclass.png This user can't think of fun things to do with his userpage, so he steals them from others!
User Lhavelund Idiot.png This user has moments of inate idiocy. Sorry.
Photoshop icon.png This user knows his way around Photoshop.
Steam tray.png This user dreams of making his own games.
User Jagoba RL Don Patch.gif This user loves absurd humour.
User Jagoba RL Black Humour.png This user loves black humour.
Killicon train.png This user likes trains. Killicon train.png Killicon train.png
Coca-Cola logo.png This user drinks too much Coca-Cola.
Jarate.png This user drinks far too much... no, that's disgusting.
Steam tray.png This user supports Steam as a content delivery system.
Userbox Poké Ball.png This user has gotta catch 'em all!
Userbox terraria.png This user loves playing Terraria.
Intel Logo.png This user's computer has Intel inside.
Acer Logo.png This user's computer is an Acer.
Opera logo.png This user uses Opera as his web browser.
Mouse Icon.png This user plays TF2 with a mouse.
Grammarnazi.png This user is a Grammar Nazi
en-6 This user has a native understanding of English.
es-2 Este usuario tiene un conocimiento intermedio del español.

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