Badlands (Classic)

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Badlands (Classic)
Badlands TFC.png
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name: badlands
Developer(s): Valve
Map Overview
Badlands (Classic) overview.png

Badlands is a Capture the Flag map in the Team Fortress Classic series of games.


Enter the enemy base and make your way to where their flag resides in the airshaft. Grab it and bring it back to your spawn room. Place it on your team logo to capture it.



The bridge overlooks the valley and is uncovered; it connects both the Red and Blue teams' middle areas.


The base can be accessed through multiple routes. The front entrance is accessed by crossing the bridge and walking through the team's middle area. There's a Side Entrance that can be accessed the same way but by taking a right. Alternatively there is a Bottom Entrance that can be accessed from the front of the base by dropping down or entering in from the ground floor of the valley. The Top Entrance is accessed from the top of the Valley and the alternate top entrances can only be accessed by rocket or grenade/concussion jump from the front or sides of the base.


The Battlements overlooks the front and sides of the base.

The Valley

Between both bases there's a long winding Valley that can be used to enter the base from 2 different routes. The Valley is very useful for Spies and Snipers.


  • 10 points per capture.


  • Flag carriers drop the flag when they die.
  • Dropped flags return to their base after 60 seconds.


  • The Flag Room is unique in that it can be accessed from within the base from two different entrances/exits. The top is accessed by easily dropping in and the front is accessed through a rocket or grenade/concussion jump. The same is for the exit out the top.
  • The map was remade in Team Fortress 2 and redesigned to be a Control Point map, then an Arena and King of the Hill map shortly after.


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