Dustbowl (Classic)

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Basic Information
Map type: Attack/Defend
File name: dustbowl
Variants: Training Mode
Developer(s): Valve
Map Overview
Dustbowl overview.png

Dustbowl is an Attack/Defend map in the Team Fortress Classic series of games.


Blue team must take their flag to Red team's headquarters to win the game. There are two command points on the way which must be secured in order.


  • Red team - 5 points per minute.
  • Blue team - 30 points per capture, 50 points for HQ.


  • When a capture point is secured, spawn points are revised and a new flag appears.
  • Rounds last 25 minutes.
  • The Blue spawn exit on the final stage is very spammable and dangerous to attackers.
  • After being dropped, the flag will return to the Blue team's spawn area after approximately 80 seconds.

Update history

January 16, 2003 Patch (Classic)

  • Updated Dustbowl.


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