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Maps are the settings where Team Fortress Classic takes place. Three game modes exist: Capture the Flag, Command Points, and Assassination/Escort. As of today, thousands of 3rd-party maps have been developed.

The Team Fortress mod for Quake was released without any official maps except for the unplayable intro sequence map which bears some resemblance to 2Fort.

Capture the Flag

Standard Capture the Flag

Map File Name Setting(s)
2Fort 2 Fortresses 2fort Industrial
Badlands Badlands badlands Desert Canyon
Casbah Casbah casbah Town
Crossover 2 Crossover crossover2 Industrial
Well The Well well Industrial

Capture the Flag Variant

Map File Name Setting(s)
Flagrun Flagrun flagrun Desert Town
The Rock The Rock rock2 Prison

Reverse Capture the Flag

Map File Name Setting(s)
Epicenter Epicenter epicenter Mideast Town
Ravelin Ravelin ravelin Industrial


Map File Name Setting(s)
Push Push push Industrial

Command Point

Standard Command Point

Map File Name Setting(s)
Warpath TFC.png Warpath warpath Desert
Canalzone2 TFC.png Canalzone 2 cz2 Sewers


Map File Name Setting(s)
Dustbowl0003.jpg Dustbowl dustbowl Desert
Tfc avanti main.png Avanti avanti Town


Map File Name Setting(s)
Hunted Hunted hunted Military

Half-Life maps

The following Valve maps are Half-Life maps that can be played in Team Fortress Classic. They are not fully supported by Team Fortress Classic as they can only be played as a four team Deathmatch. Ammo on these maps is usually limited, as there are no resupply packs.

Map File Name Setting(s)
Boot camp TFC.jpg Boot Camp boot_camp Military
Bounce TFC.jpg Bounce bounce Desert Canyon
Crossfire TFC.jpg Crossfire crossfire Military
Datacore TFC.jpg Datacore datacore Laboratory
Frenzy TFC.jpg Frenzy frenzy Laboratory
Gasworks TFC.jpg Gasworks gasworks Laboratory
Lambda bunker TFC.jpg Lambda Bunker lambda_bunker Laboratory
Rapidcore TFC.jpg Rapidcore rapidcore Laboratory
Snark pit TFC.jpg Snark Pit snark_pit Laboratory
Stalkyard TFC.jpg Stalkyard stalkyard Military
Subtransit TFC.jpg Subtransit subtransit Laboratory
Undertow TFC.jpg Undertow undertow Laboratory