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Who I am does not concern you.
Elizabeth pulling strings

Although Team Fortress 2 does not have a story mode or single-player campaign, the storyline of the game has been revealed through comics, Meet the Team videos, and major updates. For example, the Halloween update of October 2009 (and Halloween update of October 2010 and 2011), WAR! Update of December 2009, and Engineer Update of July 2010 have all added to the official Team Fortress continuity in one way or another. Hidden links within these pages as well as examinations of Team Fortress 2 comic book pages are used to contribute to the various dates in the "Detailed timeline" section below.


Mann Family

The Mann family's backstory begins in the 19th century with the wealthy Englishman, Zepheniah Mann. Zepheniah Mann was the owner and proprietor of Mann & Sons Munitions Concerns – which also went by the name of Zepheniah Mann & Sons Co., but is better known by the name of Mann Co.. His wife, Bette, gave birth to three sons in September 2nd of 1822; Redmond, Blutarch and Gray, but died in childbirth. Though Redmond and Blutarch were perfectly normal, Gray was underweight, and had learned to talk inside the womb. Zepheniah ordered the baby to be smothered, but he was abducted by an eagle during the "Great Eagle Scourge of 1822." The remaining Mann brothers grew up without knowledge of their missing brother.

Gray was well cared for by his eagle abductor. He was fed grubs and mice, kept warm under her breast and accepted by her children. Gray grew strong under the eagle's care and when he was strong enough, he killed her and her children and ate them all before crawling back to civilization.


Zepheniah's Will

From left to right: Barnabas Hale, Blutarch Mann, Zepheniah Mann, Elizabeth, and Redmond Mann. A mysterious man (Possibly Gray Mann) is also seen just out of shot on the far right side.

Around 1850, Zepheniah traveled to the United States with Redmond and Blutarch, to expand the munitions business. When they arrived, they discovered the gravel pits and dustbowls that he had purchased were useless; in addition, Zepheniah had contracted numerous illnesses in his old age. With his last will and testament, Zepheniah set up the events of Team Fortress 2 by leaving half of his land to each of his sons – for them to fight over for the rest of their lives. He also left Elizabeth the "miracle gravel" cache that he discovered on a trip to "Terra Australis". According to him, Gray had resurfaced the year before and wanted to blackmail him for it, so he entrusted Elizabeth with it, to keep it secret and safe.

1850s BLU team

Beginnings of RED vs. BLU

Comprised of Billy the Kid, Stonewall Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Alfred Nobel, John Henry, Nikola Tesla, Sigmund Freud, Davy Crockett, and Fu Manchu, Blutarch had his crack mercenary team set and was eager to claim his land. However, Redmond had assembled his own team of mercenaries and was making similar plans to gain control of his brother's land. The RED and BLU teams proceeded to enter into a massive stalemate as they attempted to destroy each other and take the land for their respective Mann sibling.


A Loose Canon

Australians in the 1890s.
Radigan Conagher accepts Blutarch's request.

Forty years later, Redmond and Blutarch were still engaged in their unwinnable war.

As Blutarch neared death from old age, he called in an expert craftsman named Radigan Conagher to construct for him a machine that would allow him to live on, to "make [him] a monster", by artificially extending his life. Radigan agreed.

Upon returning to his store that evening, Radigan found a stranger who had already made her way past his locked door. Knowing she couldn't convince Radigan to change his mind about building Blutarch's life extender, this stranger asked Radigan to build Redmond a machine as well. As payment, she gave him a hundred pounds of Australium – a powerful element found only in Australia which had caused the nation of unintelligent savages to become extremely intelligent and develop such technological marvels as teleportation and cloaking techniques.

Radigan agreed and became super-intelligent due to the Australium. He went on to develop Life Extender Machine for Redmond and Blutarch, and at least one more for an unnamed party.


Gravel War

This is the main setting for the in-game events of Team Fortress 2.

During the Summer of 1968, nine individuals - the Scout, the Soldier, the Pyro, the Demoman, the Heavy Weapons Guy, the Engineer, the Medic, the Sniper, and the Spy - were recruited by Reliable Excavation & Demolition (RED) and Builders League United (BLU) to continue Redmond and Blutarch's neverending war to seize the land left to them by their deceased father.

The Administrator

Helen, a descendant of Elizabeth, acts as the overseer of the large-scale battles fought amongst these nine mercenaries. Descendant of Barnabas Hale, Saxton Hale, runs the renowned weapons and headwear business Mann Co., a subsidiary of the Administrator's shadowy company, TF Industries.

Recent developments

Our first major plot event occurs when the RED Demoman and BLU Soldier meet and become friends at an explosives convention, which severely angers the Administrator as they may share information about their job and discover they're working for the same person. With the help of Saxton Hale, she misleads both men into thinking the other is trying to kill them, sparking a bloody war.

At around the same time, in an attempt to rid themselves of weapons involved in a Senate investigation, Mann Co. sends a "monkeynaut" named Poopy Joe into space. The rocket is originally fueled with liquid Australium; shortly before takeoff, Saxton Hale replaces the Australium with defective suitcase explosives. As a result, the rocket crashes, killing Poopy Joe. Saxton unsuccessfully tries to cover up the event in subsequent Senate hearings.

The next major event occurs when Blutarch Mann realizes his life support machine is breaking. Blutarch contacts our BLU Engineer, the grandson of Radigan Conagher, Dell Conagher, to fix it.

Later, Saxton Hale discovers the Internet (which notably did not exist in the 1960s) and uses it to open the online Mann Co. Store for players to purchase weapons and items.


Gray Mann, seeking to take control of Reliable Excavation and Demolition and Builder's League United, sent two tear-stained letters to each of his brothers in secret, hoping to get them to meet with each other. Redmond and Blutarch rented the Alamo, and apparently transported it to New Mexico for their meeting, guarded by a group of Engineers under Redmond's employ. Blutarch proposed the idea of a truce, and foolishly suggests the idea of a pregnancy machine, stating that they can use it on one of them to produce an heir, ignorant of the absurdity of the plan. Blutarch states that because of the pointless fighting all of their life, the Mann Family Line would die out. Redmond agreed, and the two shook hands, each thanking each other for "sending" the tear-stained letter to the other.

After the two shake, Gray enters the Alamo, having killed Redmond's Engineers, leaving the three alone. He introduces himself to the two as Gray Mann, their brother, and explains that he sent the letters. Unfortunately, the two appear to be suffering some sort of cognitive disorder, and Blutarch and Redmond apparently forget who Gray is just seconds after he introduces himself. It is noted that Gray appears to be wearing some sort of mechanical device on his spine, possibly of his construction, it is later revealed that this is an improved version of the Life Extender Machines. Gray begins to recount the tale of the brothers' birth, and explains how he was taken by an eagle shortly after he spoke with their father. He explains how he was raised by the eagle as one of its own, and how he later killed it and her children to feed himself.

He goes on to explain how, unlike how Redmond and Blutarch had their empires handed to them, he had to build his own out of scratch. Gray tells Redmond and Blutarch that he watched for a hundred and fifty years as they both wasted their father's fortune over an "asinine war, over worthless pits of gravel." He asks them to consider their true birthright, and tells them that it's "the only thing in this hell-blasted landscape actually worth fighting over", which appears to be Mann Co. Redmond dismisses his claims, stating that gravel powers the world's steam engines, showing how uninformed about the world he actually is. Gray grows tired of his responses, and kills both Redmond and Blutarch by stabbing them in the back.

That night, the ghosts of Redmond and Blutarch argue over who outlived the other. After fighting for a while, they settle on contacting a lawyer, who turns out to be the Soldier, to decide who is the victor. He tells them that the true winner would be decided when the other's spirit passes on. The two then arrange for the mercenaries of RED and BLU to push carts containing the other brother's corpse to Hell. With one team winning, the opposing brother drags both teams to Hell with them. One team manages to beat the other to a spellbook and escape back to the surface, presumably leaving the other behind.

Three days later, Gray makes his move against Mann Co., sending a massive robot army to attack all of the company's facilities. Saxton Hale was too busy wrestling a Yeti to deal with the crisis himself, so he sends a video message to the remaining RED and BLU mercenaries informing them that with Redmond and Blutarch dead, the Gravel War has finally ended and they no longer have jobs. He then immediately re-hires the team to defend Mann Co. against the robots.

After the Mercenaries successfully defend Mann Co. against the robot attacks, Gray decides to change his approach. He goes directly to Mann Co.'s headquarters, and declares that he would fight for the ownership of the company with Hale, a policy Hale made himself. After Hale grabs and punches Gray with ease, Gray declares that he is not the one who will be fighting, but an underage girl, named Olivia, Gray's daughter. Hale refuses to fight her, ultimately granting Mann Co. ownership to Gray. Gray proceeds to fire the mercenaries, and the Administrator orders Miss Pauling, her assistant, to hide.

Six Months Later

Having lost their jobs, the mercenaries disband. Soldier is shown giving a "tour" to old ladies where he presumably shows war remains to them. After they declare that they want to see celebrity homes, Soldier takes them to Tom Jones' house. Tom Jones appears, wondering who they all are, before abruptly getting his neck snapped by Soldier. Merasmus, revealed to be Tom Jones' new housemate after being evicted from his castle by Soldier, calls the police. Miss Pauling, disguised as a police officer, takes Soldier away in order to regroup the team at the Administrator's request. Merasmus goes on to check Tom Jones' pulse and ends up getting framed for his murder.

Pyro, after losing their mercenary job, has taken a position as the new CEO of Frontier Engineering. Surprisingly, they have been very successful with the company, where the adviser says that everyone is now a millionaire in a corporate meeting thanks to the guidance of Pyro. Unfortunately, this new life has taken a mental toll on Pyro and they are bored with the dull life they now have. However, during the meeting, Pyro sees a small rainbow clump that explodes into multiple streams. Pyro, being ecstatic about seeing rainbows again, immediately rushes out of the building to join Miss Pauling and Soldier, whereas Frontier Engineering is left to find a new CEO.

Gray Mann, having taken over Mann Co. for himself, now looks at the main prize that has been locked away in the Vault of Mann Co.: 200,000 pounds of Australium. However, much to Gray Mann's surprise, all of the Australium has been taken before he can reach it. The only clue that was left behind as to who took the Australium is a used cigarette, whom Gray Mann suspects to be the Administrator.

Demoman has been reduced to a life of unemployment after losing his job as a mercenary. While watching Ghost D.A. with his Eyelander, Demo's mother bangs him on the head telling him that someone has been knocking on the door for the past 10 minutes, possibly for a job offer. Demo, however, has not gone searching for a job nor wants any other job besides his old mercenary job. When he answers the door, Demoman sees Soldier, Pyro, and Miss Pauling waiting for him. Miss Pauling, first shocked at Demoman's experience, offers a job to him, which he gladly accepts with glee.

Gray Mann is still on the pursuit of the missing Australium, with 19.5% of the Australium in his Australium-fueled life extension machine being depleted. He hires a group of mercenaries to go and find the Administrator and take back the missing Australium.

During a drive, Soldier and Pauling work out a plan to locate the other mercs. Soldier complains about Pyro being on his side of the car before having his hand cut off by Pyro. Miss Pauling makes a stop at a nearby vet to have Soldier's hand stitched back on. While Soldier is thanking the vet for fixing his hand, Miss Pauling finds a newspaper. The front page of which shows Scout and Spy's mugshots with the headline reading "Merc Scum To Hang" for the destruction of Teufort during the Gravel Wars. The group cancels their flight to Siberia and heads for Teufort.

Unhappy Returns

Saxton Hale meets up with his friend Maggie. They talk about Maggie's Husband's welfare and Charles Darling, a man who invented the zoo. Maggie then steers the conversation to helping Saxton get Mann Co. back. Meanwhile, Spy and Scout are locked up in jail, awaiting their trial. Spy Ends up killing his other cellmate Joey murders. When Scout sees this, he gets mad and says they will get in trouble. They mayor then comes in with a pie for them, which has a file in it. It is useless though since they are locked in with Glass. The mayor then shows them a Board with a news paper on about them and a picture of the Mayor with 2 people, with Scout and Spy's head glued over them. The mayor did this since whenever he tries to take a picture of him with them, they try to kill him. The Spy says he will kill him and anyone in on the show trial, maybe Scout as well in the confusion. The mayor says he will miss them, and then leaves them for "Important mayor stuff to do."

Soldier and Demoman are dressing up as civilians to disguise themselves, to go to the courthouse and stall the hanging. Soldier asks if anyone will think he is a real civilian, but Demoman says that is the point. They don't know where the courthouse is though, so they ask an old lady where it is. She points them in the right direction, but she says to be fast so they don't miss the hanging. The trial is in place when Soldier and Demo come in. Spy goes through his fake teeth to find a miniature butterfly knife. But Scout makes Soldier mad when he says he was never in the war, which makes Soldier hit Spy and knock the butterfly knife out of his hand. Soldier tries to become Scouts lawyer and move to give him the chair. When Scout says he already has a lawyer, Soldier Snaps that man's neck. When Soldier does this, they realizes the Demoman is a merc too and they arrest both of them. Meanwhile, Miss Pauling is at the library. While Pyro is burning text books, cancelling 6 years of school, Miss Pauling asks if a there are any copies of genealogy records. When the woman she asks says no, she goes and burns it in the fire Pyro made. at the same time, the court is showing surveillance cam footage of Scout and Spy being caught "robbing" a vault (although they were just grabbing money from Scouts vault). The Mayor ends the court session and sentences the mercs to be hanged. The people of Teufort tell about all the things the mercs have done to Teufort (like replacing the only school with a parking lot). When they drop the floor of the Scout, Miss Pauling comes in, supports the Scout's legs and says that the mercs can't do those things. Only the mayor can do the things the mercs did. When the Teufort people say she is lying and for her to be hanged too, she says the mayor has no Authority to hang people. Miss Pauling shows a book on what a mayor can do, which the Mayor takes and looks at. When the Mayor realizes the Power of books, he takes control of the scenario and Leads the whole town to the library.

At night time, Saxton and Maggie arrive at a mansion. When they open the door, they find Charles Darling. Maggie reveals that she works for Darling, and that Darling has a job for Saxton as well.

Finding Heavy

Soldier is showing a picture of Heavy to Heavy's mom. She has seen him and tells Soldier he comes home every month for supplies, but it would be death to go get him and that they should stay and wait. Soldier thinks this is an interrogation tactic and resists it. Heavy's Mom tries to give Soldier a coat, but Soldier doesn't know how to read, so when he see's an "S", he stops his eyes and thinks it mean "Soviet". He says it is inferior to his American. He leaves and when Scout asks if they got directions and coats. Soldier thinks they don't need directions and that they know he lives in the mountains. They then leave for the mountains.

Charles Darling invites Saxton and Margret in and asks if they like his mountings. Saxton asks if when he started fighting animals, and Darling says they are not dead, just forced to stand on boxes 24/7. when Saxton notices most of the animals are extinct, Darling agrees and that they are the last of their kind. Charles changes the subject to getting back Mann Co. and in order for him to help, he must procure Australium. When Saxton says he has loads of the stuff, Darling says to remember his "Administrative Associate". He tells of her Misdeeds and how there is only one question, "Why".

Soldier is hallucinating, and imagines that the mountain is taunting him and saying he shouldn't starve with all the food around, pointing out some nearby animals that Soldier hallucinates as food. Then, Soldier imagines that his hands have become sandviches. Finally he sees Scout in a hot dog costume. It turns out that the last bit was not hallucination and that Scout actually was in such a costume. Pyro had found the remains of Amelia Earhart's ship, and it had plenty of T-shirts along with the aforementioned hot dog costume. Soldier asks if any other hot dog costumes are in there, and Scout questions why Earhart would have two hot dog costumes. Scout then hears a roar and turns to find bears heading for them. Soldier wonders aloud how the bears found the trio and remembers that two things attract bears: honey, and menstruating women. He turns to Pyro, telling him to move out of the way, and reveals crates of honey within the plane. He makes a plan to eat all the honey before the bears arrive, which fails as the trio is unable to even finish the first crate of honey. Then a bear sneaks up behind Scout and presumably knocks his skeleton out. Scout then says he is fine and that the bones were those of Amelia Earhart. He gets hit again and angrily grabs one of Earhart's femurs, makes a quick quip and proceeds to kill the bear with the bone. The femur promptly breaks so he tries to find the other one, but is unsuccessful. Scout asks Soldier for help, but then see he is nude and covered in honey. Soldier then proceeds to snap one bear's neck. Pyro is in its own world where he sees Smokey the bear, who says to Pyro that fires are bad. Pyro grabs an axe and kills Smokey while in real life actually killing another bear, and while the mercenaries relish their victory, Heavy shows up. He comments that those bears were babies, and when Scout dismisses it as Heavy thinking everything is a baby, Heavy points out the mother bear, who is much larger than any of the recently killed bears. Heavy proceeds to fight the mother while the other mercenaries watch, and although the comic then switches to another scene, it is later found out that Heavy had defeated the bear and the mercenaries had all survived.

Finding Sniper

After successfully finding Heavy, the scene changes to show Demoman and Miss Pauling heading to Australia to look for Sniper, who is already waiting for them.

The story that follows can be read at the Team Fortress 2 Comic Page.


The Pyro's identity

The identity of the Pyro has been the subject of much debate since the game's release. Meet the Pyro demonstrated how the Pyro interprets the world around itself and its actions with a childlike glee. There is still no definite proof about the Pyro's gender or history despite speculation by the community.

The Administrator's Goals

The comics that detail the story of Team Fortress 2 bring to light that the Administrator has been stockpiling Australium for 150 years in order to settle an old score.

Detailed timeline

Important event

Alternate universe/spin-off timeline

Note: events in this timeline are not considered canon. [1]


  • World maps exist within the game that do not show 1968 contemporary nations, such as the Soviet Union, but instead show countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Estonia, and many others which were not independent at the time. This may be due to Team Fortress' timeline differing from our own, or simply being an oversight.
  • Even though Saxton Hale states he discovered the Internet in the 1960s, it clearly did not exist back then. However, with the extreme amount of technology advancement in Australia starting in the late 1880s, Australia could have very well invented the Internet before the actual date it was invented.


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