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The Engineer can create 3 types of buildings using Metal in order to assist his teammates. These buildings are:

Sentry Gun

TFC Sentry Lvl2.png

The Sentry Gun is the Engineer's offensive building and costs 130 metal to build. It starts at Level 1 and can be upgraded to Level 2 and Level 3 at the cost of 130 metal per level. Hitting a Sentry Gun with the Wrench when a sufficient amount of metal is carried will instantly dedicate enough of that metal to upgrade the Sentry Gun.

  • At Level 1 it starts as a slow turning, single-barreled turret.
  • At Level 2, the turret changes to a Minigun, rotates faster, and has slightly faster targeting.
  • At Level 3, the Sentry Gun receives a Rocket Launcher in addition to its machine guns and will have faster targeting.

Using the Engineer's abilities, it is possible to rotate the Sentry Gun's facing direction. [1]



Dispensers provide ammunition to any players within range, regardless of their team. They cost 100 metal to build. The Dispenser cannot be upgraded but it can be manually loaded with more ammo. The Engineer will be notified if an enemy is using his Dispenser. The Engineer is able to detonate his own Dispenser which will deal damage to all enemies in range of the explosion based upon how much ammo has been stored. When destroyed by an enemy, Dispenser will also automatically detonate, creating a large explosion with high damage to enemies, or the creating Engineer, within range. The Dispenser is useful for blocking off chokepoints or as support for allies that require constant ammunition. The Dispenser can also be placed in areas that allow the Engineer, or teammates, to access an area that would not normally be accessible.


Teleporter tfc.png

The teleporter entrance and exit pair allow the Engineer's teammates to rapidly move across a map. They cost 125 metal to build. Teleporters are dependent on each other and will not function without having both an entrance or an exit. Players who have recently taken a teleporter will be enveloped in a team-colored "glow." Like Dispensers, the Teleporters cannot be upgraded. When an Engineer builds an entrance or exit, all of his teammates will be notified.

Update history

January 16, 2003 Patch (Classic)

  • Damaged buildings (Sentry Guns, Dispensers, Teleporters) will now spark and smoke.
  • Fixed bug where Sentry Guns could become detached from the base and still work.
  • Added ability for Engineer to build teleporter (entrance and exit).

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