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The Wrench, or the Spanner in Team Fortress 1, is a slot 1 weapon for the Engineer in the Team Fortress Classic series of games.

The Wrench's primary purpose is to repair and resupply the Engineer's buildings. It can also be used to repair allies' Armor. Used as a melee weapon, it is identical to the Crowbar.


  • How the Wrench repairs and resupplies buildings depends on the game; in Team Fortress, hitting the building will open up a menu that lets the user repair or resupply it. In Team Fortress Classic, hitting the building will automatically repair and resupply the building with ammo, drawn from ammo held by the Engineer, if it needs ammo.
  • The amount of Armor repaired varies with classes. This means that classes with a large amount of Armor points, such as the Soldier, will take longer to repair than a class with a small amount of Armor points, such as the Sniper. When a teammate is successfully hit with the Wrench, the Quad Damage's pick up sound will be made.
  • The Wrench can be used to Spy check since disguised Spies will grunt and bleed if they are successfuly hit with it. Since a Spy's disguise shows the Spy's Armor as less than 100%, an Engineer can be easily led to repair what they think is a wounded teammate's Armor when it is actually a Spy's Armor.
  • Outside of the Engineer-related abilities, the Wrench acts like the Crowbar, dealing the same amount of damage (18 per successful hit). It should only be used as a last resort weapon in combat situations.


  • The Wrench has two animations: one for attacking the air or an enemy and another for wrenching a building or repairing a teammate's Armor.
  • The Wrench kill icon resembles a normal wrench, while the new Wrench model in Team Fortress Classic more closely resembles a pipe wrench. The old Wrench model in Team Fortress Classic resembled an open-end spanner.