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For general map-specific strategies, please see the pages for each map. Other pages on strategy can be found in Category:Strategy.
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This page lists strategy guides to class-specific play, different game modes, obtaining achievements, and general gameplay.

Some strategies and explanations may use abbreviations, slangs, or alternate names for various reasons, such as to maintain flow or encourage a casual and co-operative ethos. For unfamiliar terms, please see Glossary of player terms.

Class strategies

These are basic, succinct strategies that teach the basics to a class and also any small, useful tips. Please edit with caution.

Community class strategies

These are community-written strategies that can offer a lot more detail, but may be more subjective or situational than basic strategies.

Anti-class strategies

These are strategies for playing against a class, instead of playing as the class.

Class-mechanic strategies

These are strategies regarding class-specific mechanics, such as cloaking for the Spy.

General strategies

These pages are general strategies not specific to a single class or game mode, and help guides for various gameplay elements. Also see Team strategy, and the List of official tips provided in-game.

Community game mode strategies

These pages are for learning how to play more effectively on any game mode, as any class. Guides regarding game mode-specific elements are also included in this section.

Community map strategies

These pages are for learning how to play more effectively on any official Team Fortress 2 map, as any class.


Attack/Defend (Control Point)

Attack/Defend (Payload)

Capture the Flag

Control Point

King of the Hill


Mann vs. Machine

Medieval Mode (Control Point)



Payload Race

Player Destruction

Robot Destruction

Special Delivery

Territorial Control


Versus Saxton Hale

Zombie Infection

Event strategies

These pages are for strategies limited to special events, such as Halloween.

Achievement strategies

These are strategies for obtaining different achievements.

General achievements

Class achievements

Game mode achievements

Map achievements

Event achievements

Other achievements

Contract strategies

These are strategies for completing various Contracts.