EMP Grenade (Classic)

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The EMP Grenade is a secondary grenade for the Engineer in the Team Fortress classic series of games.

The EMP Grenade detonates any ammunition carried on enemy players and buildings, Backpacks, pipebombs, or other grenades and sets enemy detpack timers to '1' in a cubical blast radius around it, including through walls, although dealing no damage of its own. This usually causes instant death when used on heavier opponents such as Soldiers.

Differences between Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic

In Team Fortress, the EMP Grenade detonates many types of ammunition. In Team Fortress Classic, the only ammunition that can be detonated are rockets, cells, and shells, with rockets exploding most violently.


Low to instant death depending on how much ammo is carried by the victim.

Team Fortress death messages

Player1's ammo detonates him as Player2's EMP Grenade fries it.
Player killed by the EMP Grenade
Player1 stands near some ammo as Player2's EMP Grenade nukes it.
Player killed by an ammo Backpack that was detonated by an EMP Grenade
Player1's presents go up in Player2's EMP Grenade presence(sic).
Player killed by the EMP Grenade in Birthday mode
Player explodes his ammo and body.
EMP Grenade suicide