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The Sentry Gun (Classic) is a moderately powerful automated gun in Team Fortress Classic. Sentry Guns are constructed by the Engineer and require 130 metal. It takes roughly 5 seconds to set up, and during this period the Engineer is helpless and cannot move too far away from the building. This stationary gun has three stages and uses the Engineer's metal to upgrade at 130 per level. When set up, the sentry will sweep in a 90-degree arc and its direction can be altered by the Engineer. A sentry has a limited, though ample, supply of ammo. In Quake Team Fortress, hitting the Sentry Gun with your Spanner brings up a menu on what to do with your Sentry Gun (i.e., repair, refill, upgrade). This was continued on to the earliest incarnations of TFC, until after a few updates, making the Engineer's spanner swings refill, repair, and upgrade all at once, as long as he has enough cells on him.


  • Level One features a simple single-barreled gun.
  • Level Two features a face painted on its sides surrounding a nose-mounted Minigun.
  • Level Three features a pair of Miniguns and a Rocket Launcher.


  • Sentry Guns are extremely vulnerable to Nailgun fire, Super Nailgun fire, and MIRV Grenades.
  • Sentry Guns are not usually left alone for extended periods, and should be guarded at all times.
  • Sentry Guns will only shoot the direction that the gun is aiming. Aim can be rotated by the command menu or alternate fire by default.


Team Fortress

Team Fortress Classic

Update history

January 16, 2003 Patch (Classic)

  • Damaged buildings will now spark and smoke.
  • Fixed bug where Sentry Guns could become detached from the base and still work.

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