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Example of a hidden page.

Many Team Fortress 2 update pages contain hidden pages. These hidden pages usually contain hints to future parts of the update that have yet to be revealed, expand on the storyline of the game, or even reward an item to finders on a first-come first-served basis. Some of the links to these pages have since been disabled.

Locating hidden pages

Hidden pages can usually be located by highlighting the entire page in the web browser, forcing any images or text with links to stand out. Viewing the page's source in the browser can also locate any hidden links. Cycling through hyperlinks on the webpage with the 'Tab' key or using "Select All" may also help locate any hidden links.

List of hidden pages

Classless Update

Haunted Hallowe'en Special

War! Update

119th Update

  • On the 119th Update page, under the October 25th, 2007 patch notes, clicking on the word "Engineer" in the line reading "Engineer buildings now explode when the Engineer dies during sudden death." led to a hidden page advertising the "Steam" system, a network of pneumatic delivery tunnels built by Newell and Sons.
  • On the 119th Update page, under the May 21, 2008 patch notes, clicking on the words "multi-core machines" in the line "Optimized particle traces on multi-core machines" led to a hidden page for an advertisement of Teams and Fortresses 2, a "turnless" board game created by Newell and Sons circa 1901.

Engineer Update

Mann-Conomy Update

  • On the Mann-Conomy Update page, clicking on the Mann Co. logo found on the building led to a hidden page containing a larger image of the building.
  • On the Mann-Conomy Update page, clicking on the gorilla led to a hidden page containing an image of a gorilla. The gorilla winks when the mouse cursor is moved over the portrait.

Scream Fortress Update

Hatless Update

Über Update

Pyromania Update

  • The bottom of the Pyromania Update Page has a banana on a floor. Clicking it led to a page of a transcript of the Senate investigation into Mann Co. about the death of American monkeynaut Poopy Joe. Clicking it led to more pages of said transcript.
  • On day two, June 26th, 2012, a smashed can was added to the right of the banana on the floor, which when clicked on led to a short story in which Merasmus kicks the Soldier out of their home. Clicking led to a second page that concludes the story.
  • Clicking on Poopy Joe in the Pyromania Update Page took you to a secret wallpaper.
  • Clicking on Mann Co. Monkeynautics insignia on the Doomsday Page took you to a secret wallpaper.

Mann vs. Machine update

Spectral Halloween Special

  • On October 23, 2012, the Spy's head on the main page was replaced with a skull. Clicking the skull will lead to a page of The Teufort Reader magazine, with features including an advertisement for "WizardCon" promising Merasmus as a guest speaker, personal ads from the Scout and Miss Pauling, and other adverts for the Soldier and the Bombinomicon. The bottom of the newspaper is ripped, showing two cards with odd symbols, one of which being the super speed icon from the wheel of fate.

Robotic Boogaloo

  • On the Robotic Boogaloo update page, clicking the Robot Scout's mother at the bottom of the main page links to The Robotic Boogaloo art gallery, which features art of the cosmetics from the update. Also, clicking some of the hats on the first and second page of the update will link you to a piece of art from the gallery.

TF2 Official Blog

  • Clicking on the period on the very end of the April 1, 2013 post leads to a hidden page that shows 2 pages of the Teufort Reader magazine, beginning the promotion of the Love & War Update. Clicking on the pages leads to the following two pages that present a Mann Co. advertisement.