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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see October 26, 2012 Patch.
In much the same way that most of the characters in the 1983 haunted elevator movie “The Lift” were warned – repeatedly - to take the stairs, we warned you that the frankly terrifying Scream Fortress Halloween event was coming. And now it’s here, and you’re scared, and you don’t have anyone to blame but yourself. This year, you’ll experience the tear-squirting terror of being trapped in a living nightmare with a vindictive ghost, just like everyone in M. Night Shyamalan’s epic of elevator haunting, “Devil”.
TF2 Official Blog

The Fourth Annual Spectral Halloween Special was a major update released on October 26, 2012.


On October 23, 2012, the head of the Spy portrait on the TF2 Official Blog was changed to resemble a skull. Clicking on the skull led to a hidden page, with a newspaper page titled "The Teufort Reader". The bottom of the newspaper is ripped, showing two cards with odd symbols.

The following day, October 24, a comic titled Doom-Mates was released. The comic details Merasmus' return home from his weekend at WizardCon, and his growing resentment towards the Soldier.

The next day, October 25, a page was posted that announced the event begins the following day, October 26th, and gave a link to the update page with all the info. It announced a new Mann vs. Machine mission called "Wave 666", where instead of fighting robots, the players fight zombies, and a new Halloween King of the Hill match (on koth_lakeside_event[1]) with Merasmus (with the Bombinomicon) as the boss. It added two new achievements and introduced Magic Spells, which players can cast on other items in their backpack to give their items new effects, from shifting paint colors to flaming footsteps. Additionally, the Gift Drop system will be different; during the last two years, gifts spawned publicly and could be claimed by whoever arrived there first, while this year, players will receive private gift spawns that they can grab at their leisure.



Main article: Merasmus

Merasmus is a non-playable character wizard boss, who attacks both RED and BLU teams until he is slain. He has several attacks, including using the Bombinomicon to rain bombs around the Control Point. His health range varies from 50000 to around 100000, depending on the number of players in the server. Merasmus does not appear until ten or more players are present (not including spectators or bots).


Main article: Weapons
TF2 crosshair orange.png
All Classes
Bat Outta Hell Bat Outta Hell
Notes Not available for the Engineer and the Spy.

Costume Set

Main article: Halloween Costumes
Leaderboard class heavy.png
Grand Duchess
Grand Duchess Tiara Grand Duchess Tiara
Grand Duchess Fairy Wings Grand Duchess Fairy Wings
Grand Duchess Tutu Grand Duchess Tutu

Cosmetic items

Main article: Cosmetic items
Leaderboard class scout.png
Spooky Shoes Spooky Shoes
Voodoo-Cursed Scout Soul Voodoo-Cursed Scout Soul
Leaderboard class soldier.png
Voodoo-Cursed Soldier Soul Voodoo-Cursed Soldier Soul
Zipperface Zipperface
Leaderboard class pyro.png
Coffin Kit Coffin Kit
Plutonidome Plutonidome
Voodoo-Cursed Pyro Soul Voodoo-Cursed Pyro Soul
Wraith Wrap Wraith Wrap
Leaderboard class demoman.png
Voodoo Juju (Slight Return) Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return)
Voodoo-Cursed Demoman Soul Voodoo-Cursed Demoman Soul
Leaderboard class heavy.png
Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul
Leaderboard class engineer.png
Master Mind Master Mind
Voodoo-Cursed Engineer Soul Voodoo-Cursed Engineer Soul
Leaderboard class medic.png
Voodoo-Cursed Medic Soul Voodoo-Cursed Medic Soul
Leaderboard class sniper.png
Sir Hootsalot Sir Hootsalot
Voodoo-Cursed Sniper Soul Voodoo-Cursed Sniper Soul
Leaderboard class spy.png
Scarecrow Scarecrow
Voodoo-Cursed Spy Soul Voodoo-Cursed Spy Soul
Spooky Sleeves Spooky Sleeves
Bonedolier Bonedolier
Exorcizor Exorcizor
TF2 crosshair orange.png
All classes
Boo Balloon Boo Balloon
Crone's Dome Crone's Dome
Dead Little Buddy Dead Little Buddy
Executioner Executioner
Ghostly Gibus Ghostly Gibus
Rump-o'-Lantern Rump-o'-Lantern
Skull Island Topper Skull Island Topper
Unknown Monkeynaut Unknown Monkeynaut


Main article: Halloween Spells

Halloween Spells are single use tool items that are used to give various Halloween themed effects to weapons or hats depending on what spell it is. It should be noted that not only do the Spell Items expire on November 9th, but the spell effects upon other items expire on November 9th as well.


Main article: List of maps
Name Picture Game mode File name
Ghost Fort Ghost Fort.png King of the Hill
Ghost Town Mvm coaltown event.jpg Mann vs. Machine
Mvm navicon.png



A Lovely Vacation Spot
A Lovely Vacation Spot
Get to Skull Island and claim your reward!
Wizards Never Prosper
Wizards Never Prosper


  • Several encoded messages appear on the update's pages, and they use Agathodaimon symbols.
    • The first one, found on the Scout's card on the hidden page, translates to "Super Spped"(sic). The encoded message on the Heavy's card on the Spectral Halloween Special update page says "Small Head".
    • On the Spectral Halloween Special update page, the first header says "Explo Capitus" while the second says "Barpo Kabalto".


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