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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see May 17, 2013 Patch.
This update is 100% created by the TF2 community. And when we say everything, we mean everything—the in-game content, the update hub website, the animated short, the comic, even the splash images in the Steam store. Even better, everything you created avoided the classic trap of using other companies’ intellectual property.
TF2 Official Blog
Robotic Boogaloo - The first entirely community-created update.png

Robotic Boogaloo was a major content update for Team Fortress 2, released during the May 17, 2013 Patch. It was the first ever community-created update, with 57 different community-created cosmetics being added into the game. The 57 cosmetics added are robotic versions of ordinary TF2 cosmetics, spanning all classes. Along with this, 10 new robot-related Unusual effects, 4 new action items - the Battery Canteens, Pallet of Crates, Random RoboKey Gift and Pile of RoboKey Gifts - and one tool - the RoboCrate Key - were added to the game.


Cosmetic items

Main article: Cosmetic items
Bolt Boy Bolt Boy
Bonk Leadwear Bonk Leadwear
Ye Oiled Baker Boy Ye Oiled Baker Boy
Full Metal Drill Hat Full Metal Drill Hat
Soldier's Sparkplug Soldier's Sparkplug
Steel Shako Steel Shako
Tyrantium Helmet Tyrantium Helmet
Bolted Birdcage Bolted Birdcage
Electric Escorter Electric Escorter
Filamental Filamental
Firewall Helmet Firewall Helmet
Googol Glass Eyes Googol Glass Eyes
Metal Slug Metal Slug
Plumber's Pipe Plumber's Pipe
Pyro's Boron Beanie Pyro's Boron Beanie
Respectless Robo-Glove Respectless Robo-Glove
Rusty Reaper Rusty Reaper
Scrap Sack Scrap Sack
Bolted Bicorne Bolted Bicorne
Bolted Bombardier Bolted Bombardier
Broadband Bonnet Broadband Bonnet
Cyborg Stunt Helmet Cyborg Stunt Helmet
FR-0 FR-0
HDMI Patch HDMI Patch
Pure Tin Capotain Pure Tin Capotain
Scrumpy Strongbox Scrumpy Strongbox
Strontium Stove Pipe Strontium Stove Pipe
Bunsen Brave Bunsen Brave
Gridiron Guardian Gridiron Guardian
Titanium Towel Titanium Towel
Tungsten Toque Tungsten Toque
Data Mining Light Data Mining Light
Plug-In Prospector Plug-In Prospector
Texas Tin-Gallon Texas Tin-Gallon
Teddy Robobelt Teddy Robobelt
Timeless Topper Timeless Topper
Byte'd Beak Byte'd Beak
Halogen Head Lamp Halogen Head Lamp
Mecha-Medes Mecha-Medes
Platinum Pickelhaube Platinum Pickelhaube
Practitioner's Processing Mask Practitioner's Processing Mask
Steam Pipe Steam Pipe
Titanium Tyrolean Titanium Tyrolean
Virus Doctor Virus Doctor
Letch's LED Letch's LED
Shooter's Tin Topi Shooter's Tin Topi
Soldered Sensei Soldered Sensei
Base Metal Billycock Base Metal Billycock
Bootleg Base Metal Billycock Bootleg Base Metal Billycock
Megapixel Beard Megapixel Beard
Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer
Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper
Dual-Core Devil Doll Dual-Core Devil Doll
Bot Dogger Bot Dogger
Electric Badge-aloo Electric Badge-aloo
Galvanized Gibus Galvanized Gibus
Modest Metal Pile of Scrap Modest Metal Pile of Scrap
Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats
Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats

Action items

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Battery Canteens Battery Canteens
Pallet of Crates Pallet of Crates
A Random Robo Community Crate Key Gift A Random Robo Community Crate Key Gift
Pile of Robo Community Crate Key Gifts Pile of Robo Community Crate Key Gifts


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Robo Community Crate Robo Community Crate
Robo Community Crate Key Robo Community Crate Key

Unusual effects

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Robotic Boogaloo Unusual effects
Cosmetic effects
Unusual Phosphorous.png
Unusual Sulphurous.png
Unusual Memory Leak.png
Unusual Overclocked.png
Unusual Electrostatic.png
Unusual Power Surge.png
Phosphorous Sulphurous Memory Leak Overclocked Electrostatic Power Surge
Unusual Anti-Freeze.png
Unusual Time Warp.png
Unusual Green Black Hole.png
Unusual Roboactive.png
Anti-Freeze Time Warp Green Black Hole Roboactive


The Robotic Boogaloo SFM was storyboarded by The Heartsman and Square, then animated by MrPopulus89. The SFM above was released in conjunction with the update and contains minor changes from its original upload, which was intended to act as a teaser.

The original version of the SFM released on February 1st, 2013, and can be found here.

Video transcript

Comparisons and Differences

  • Both videos have large piles of hats, however the older version's pile is mostly Ghastly Gibuses.
  • More crates are seen throughout the older version.
  • The newer version has four conveyors rather than one.
  • The machine that scans the Football Helmet is more detailed in the newer version, and has a blue thumbs up instead of a green OK.
  • In the older version, the Scout Robot uses a forked crowbar. In the newer version, it uses an unforked crowbar.
  • In the newer version, the Football Helmet is seen immediately inside the crate. In the older version, it isn't visible until the camera angle changes.
  • The newer version has more lighting effects, hay detail, and more detail on the Football Helmet when it's being robotized.
  • In the older version, the camera pans to the Heavy first, then The Gridiron Guardian falls onto his head. In the newer version, the helmet falls while the camera pans to the Heavy.
  • In the older version, the "Team Fortress 2" logo hits the Heavy twice before having "Robotic Boogaloo" appear. In the newer version, it hits him once.


  • The update's name is a reference to the movie Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. It gained notoriety for being poorly reviewed by critics and as a box office flop compared to its successful predecessor the year before. The term "boogaloo" has entered the pop-culture lexicon as a pejorative nickname for unnecessary and unwanted sequels.
  • On the Battlefield page, two of the Mecha-Engineers are named after famous cowboys:


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