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Self-Made Dalokohs Bar
Level 50 Lunch Box
★ Unusual Effect: Community Sparkle
Adds +50 max health for 30 seconds.
I made this!
Eat to gain up to 100 health.
Alt-fire: Share chocolate with a friend (Small Health Kit)

( Not Tradable, Marketable, or Usable in Crafting )

I built that.
The Engineer

The Self-Made quality is an item quality assigned to items granted by Valve to the creators of content for Team Fortress 2 submitted via the Steam Workshop, or the former contribution page on the TF2 Official Website. Like the Community quality, items with the Self-Made quality have the Community Sparkle particle effect attached and can be given different material parameters. They also have an additional description string of "I made this!".

Depending on the type of accepted content, various additional Self-Made items may be granted, alongside Self-Made versions of an accepted cosmetic item, weapon or taunt:

The hexadecimal color code for the Self-Made quality is #70B04A.