Nailgun (Classic)

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The Nailgun is a weapon used by the Scout, Sniper, and Spy in the Team Fortress Classic series of games. It is an automatic weapon that fires medium-strength nails with perfect accuracy. The amount of nails used per shot depends on the game; in Team Fortress it uses two, but in Team Fortress Classic it uses one.

Nails are different from other ammo in that they are actually projectiles and take some time to reach their target. As such, they make quick work of slow-moving or stationary targets. Players need to aim at a point in front of faster moving targets, or simply not do so, since the nails are very slow and easily avoidable.

Because of the constant stream of damage it does, it is an ideal anti-Sentry Gun weapon. The nails in TFC are slower than in the original Quake Team Fortress. Trying to kill with these nails are not recommended. The same applies to the Super Nailgun.


9 per nail.