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The IRC Hall of Fame is intended to archive the best moments from the Team Fortress Wiki IRC channel.


Lhavelund makes an interesting proposition

<lhavelund> Trading sexual favours for hats.
<UltimateTerabyte> lhavelund
<UltimateTerabyte> add me on steam

Natemckn gives Valve good ideas

<natemckn_> valve should make a "work as a janitor at valve offices" hat
<natemckn_> free labor

TheMedik lets us in on his deepest secrets

   (on the topic of painting Wiki Caps)
< Alex2539> Black looks a little S&M to me
* Medik is now interested

Moussekateer likes what he reads

< lhavelund> agg: I demand a frag video.
< lhavelund> Of you buttsexing Firestorm.
< lhavelund> And nothing else.
* Moussekateer sits up

Hackett tells us about his desires

< Hackett>  Mountainlab makes me want to rip the arms off the nearest dutchman, no offense to the dutch but they have loose arms

Moussekateer and Psychopath are stranded alone after a netsplit

<Psychopath12>  well...we are in an alternate universe that is unpopulated
<Psychopath12>  no, I'm not suggesting procreation

Pilk is no Sexy Lady

 <Psychopath12> pilk, you are bad seductress
 <Psychopath12> no dollar in your g-string
 <Pilk> Our dollars are coins in Australia
 <Pilk> You put them in the slot
 <Psychopath12> oh god what

Wintergreen got Ninja'd

<Wintergreen>	There you go, Psychopath12
<Wintergreen>	Second Discussion
<Psychopath12>	I'm already there
<Spacenet>	[RC] - Template:Trans by Ninja - (+402) (05:23:33) [Via Havelund]
* Wintergreen	got Ninja'd
<Wintergreen>	Wut;
<K-Mac> 	Psychopath12, idontt know for sure, this one will be revealed over time
<Wintergreen>	The guy that changed the Template...
<Wintergreen>	Was Ninja

Psychopath has someone mess up his editing momentum

<Psychopath12>asdkjasdfjasdff edit conflict

Wintergreen forgets you're supposed to limit yourself to one lover at a time.

<Wintergreen> The delicious full meat of RJackson's brand thrusting down my throat with the creamy milky taste of Pilk.

Smashman, hard at work

<@Spacenet> [RC] L Block UserDonaldTFF2 bySmashmann - (Useless, useless trivia) (01:20:42) [ViaHavelundd]
<@Spacenet> [RC] - Cadaver's Cranium byDonaldTF22 - (+1) (/* Trivia */) (01:20:44) [ViaHavelundd]
<Psychopath12> oh snap
<Psychopath12> inafterblockk
<+Smashman> HAX

OluapPlayer discovers the IRC user name character limit

<OluapPlayer> (I'm The AlmightyPootMann nowhere)
<Pilk> OluapPlayerr: Liar
<OluapPlayer> Pilkk: DDDDDD:
<Pilk> You are The AlmightyPootMann everywhere
*OluapPlayerr changed nick to The_Almighty_Poo.
<The_Almighty_Poo> olololololl
<Pilk> loll!

Psychopath still at work during a netsplit

[02:22:35] <K-Mac> can you reviewbigbomar'ss other last few edits,degreaserr and battalion backup
[02:22:40] <K-Mac> kinda iffy
[02:22:42] <K-Mac> back up seemsokk
[02:22:46] <K-Mac> not sure aboutdegreaserr
[02:23:21] <Netshroud> I thought the backup was iffy
[02:24:16] <Spacenet> [�RC�] -Degreaserr by Psychopath - (-278) (/* Bugs */ +65% faster switch speed does not imply instant) (07:24:04) [Via Dyne]
[02:24:29] <Netshroud> hey I was in the middle of undoing that
[02:25:08] <K-Mac> get the other one
[02:25:11] <K-Mac> loll
[02:25:26] <Spacenet> [�RC�] m Battalion's Backup by Psychopath - (-130) (Undo edit by [[Special:ContributionsBigboomarrBigboomarr]] ([[User talkBigboomarr|Talk]]) (320122) a bit obvious.) (07:25:10) [Via Dyne]
[02:25:28] <K-Mac> it appears these are his first edits
[02:25:43] <K-Mac> damn ninja Psychopath
[02:25:57] <K-Mac> was there a net*split* before i got here?
[02:26:02] <K-Mac> channel is empty
[02:26:18] <Spacenet> [�RC�] m Battalion's Backup by Psychopath - (+4) (/* Rage */ problem Netshroud?) (07:26:15) [Via Dyne]

Plenty of Anal-Pushy to go around...

<Tturbo>	I had analpushy once O.O
<Moussekateer>	I've had analpushy toohahaa
<Benjamuffin>	I've had analpushy loads of times on the wiki!!! :O
<Tturbo>	XD

Wind gets physically trolled

<WindPower> I just got trolled hard
<WindPower> My mouse wasn't moving on the screen so I was likewtff
<WindPower> I checked if it was connected, and it was
<WindPower> I struggled with it for a few more minutes, still no movement
<WindPower> Then I lifted the mouse, and looked under it
<WindPower> And on the spot where the laser comes out was a paper version of thetrollfacee, taped on it
<WindPower> And then I exploded
<Moussekateer> hahaa
<Tturbo> WindPowerr got own by troll face

Karma bites Moussekateer in the ass

 *Medikk has joined tfwikii
[00:55:34] <Medik> SCEBBY
[00:55:53] <DrAkcel> medickk!
[00:55:54] *Medikk has quit. (Client Quit)
[00:56:00] <DrAkcel> =(]
[01:00:38] <Moussekateer> hahaa
[01:02:11] *Moussekateerr has quit. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

Medik sues...

<WindPower>	Yo I has OCD, sue me D:
<Benjamuffin>	As do I >:
<Benjamuffin>	Sue ME D:
<Medik>	        *sues WindPowerr*
<Benjamuffin>   Awwww I wanted to be sued >:C
<Medik>	        *and Benjamuffinn*
-cue dramatic music-
<WindPower>	clings to Benjamuffinn
<WindPower>	Sue us together Medikk

The adventures of A Wind Potter

* Tturbo has joined #tfwiki
<Tturbo> A Wind Potter !
<Tturbo> iz not here :(
<Gin_Ginster> Wind Potter ?
<Alsoodani> Tturbo: Wind Potter and the Wiki Cap Stone
<Tturbo> Wind Potter and the chambers of TFWiki
<Alsoodani> Wind Potter: and the prisoners of TF2wiki
<Tturbo> Wind Potter and the goblet of monkey code
<Gin_Ginster> Wind pooter and the Order of the Lagg court
<Tturbo> Wind Potter and the Half Blood french
<Benjamoose> WindPotter and the Recent Changes
*Later on...
<Alsoodani> Who would be Wind Potter's Voldemort
<Alsoodani> Benjamort?
<Alsoodani> :D
<K-Mac__> Wind potter and the chamber of robin's secrets ?!?!
DrAkcel> And his friends ?
<DrAkcel> PilkWeasley ?
DrAkcel> And RobinGranger ?

Fendermcbender reveals his true nature

<Tturbo> !seen Pilk
<Spacenet> I have last seen Pilk on Sunday, March 27, 2011, at 9:25:42. That was 13 hours 8 minutes 5 seconds ago.
<Tturbo> He doesn't dare Sleep !
<Esky> The Clown will eat him
<Tturbo> yus !
<Fendermcbender> I will kill him
<Fendermcbender> Like I did Godlike
<Tturbo> exactly
<Tturbo> WAT!
<Fendermcbender> shshssssh
<Tturbo> You DID Godlike O.O
<Fendermcbender> no
<Fendermcbender> god heavens no
<Tturbo> was he any good ?
<Fendermcbender> NO!
<Tturbo> that's what you wrote :P
<Tturbo> I'll never watch you the same ever Fendermcbender
<Tturbo> you broke my heart
* Tturbo runs away crying
<Fendermcbender> ;-;
<Fendermcbender> b-but
<Esky> I was wondering when Tturbo would show up. He's been quiet today, and now you have scarred him for life.
<Esky> Shame!

Pilk is confused about what he's squirting

[23:33]  * Pilk squirts some fresh pik milk
[23:33] <+Pilk> milk*
[23:33] <+Pilk> PILK8
[23:33] <+Pilk> ugh

Stevoisiak in a nutshell

[12:37:11] <Spacenet> [�RC�] RNm Potato Pack by Stevoisiak - (+25) (Redirected page to Potato Sack: (16:37:07) [Via Dyne]
[12:38:23] <Stevoisiak> I never thought Id have to make a redirect for potato.... DAMN YOU VALVE!
[12:38:45] <Ohyeahcrucz> i always thought you would
[12:39:07] <Stevoisiak> Lol. True

The Legend of Señor Laggesto, Agg and Lag

[23:59:45] <MogDog66> Say Lagg
[23:59:51] <MogDog66> Senor Laggesto
[00:01:13] <MogDog66> Senor Laggeso saves all the pretty mexican ladies from the banditos
[00:01:34] <MogDog66> And then rides off into the sunset on his black stallion
[00:01:54] <MogDog66> Like a black streak of lighting fading away into the unknown
[00:02:13] <MogDog66> I think I took that a bit too far
[00:05:44] <MogDog66> It should be "Did you know Lagg is actually Señor Laggesto, savior of the pretty mexican ladies and slayer of the bantioes?
[00:05:44] <K-Mac> :-O
[00:06:11] <WindPower> inb4 [[Team Fortress Wiki:IRC/Trivia]] creation
[00:07:10] <MogDog66> Agg, the post apocalyptic wastelander
[00:07:32] <MogDog66> Legend calls him the scourge of the wastes, for he shows no kindness
[00:07:51] <MogDog66> Legend has it that his name comes from his victims dying words
[00:07:54] <MogDog66> "AAAAAAGGGGGGGG"
[00:08:03] <K-Mac> its not even that long
[00:08:07] <K-Mac> its AG
[00:08:09] <K-Mac> then you blow up
[00:08:26] <K-Mac> the extra g is for when they think in the after life "Gee i wonder what just happened"
[00:08:26] <MogDog66> Lagg will have some fun reading these logs :3
[00:08:37] <MogDog66> Legend has it.....
[00:09:46] <MogDog66> That he was called Lag, but when he was typing it, his keyboard lagged too much, and Lag thought it was un-responsive, so he hit the mighty G key again. At that moment, his computer unfroze from its dreary time slumber and then typed TWO G's, thus dooming Lagg to carry around the bastard second G that was never meant to be

Alternate Spanish-zest Version

¿Seas que Lagg, en realidad, se llama Señor Laggesto, el Salvador de las chicas guapas y asesino de los banditos?
El hombre post-apocalíptico
La historia se llama “El Flagelo de los Desechos,” por que el nunca da bondad.
Su nombre origina de las palabras finales de las victimas del Señor Laggesto.
Se llamaba Lag, pero cuando fue lo escribiendo, su computadora congeló, y apretó la tecla “g” un otro tiempo.
Su computadora se levanto al minuto exacto, condenando que transportar la “g” bastarda siempre.

Spacenet REALLY doesn't know if Ohyeahcrucz should buy Mount & Blade

[15:19] <Ohyeahcrucz> im not sure whether i should spend all my money to buy mount and blade
[15:19] <Ohyeahcrucz> the one with the promo
[15:20] <Ohyeahcrucz> !calc 17 BRL in USD
[15:20] <@Spacenet> 17 Brazilian reals = 10.6918 US dollars
[15:21] <Ohyeahcrucz> !8ball do i waste all my money on a game?
[15:21]  * Spacenet shrugs.
[15:21] <Ohyeahcrucz> :/
[15:21] <+EpicEric> !8ball Ohyeahcrucz is doing drugs?
[15:21] <@Spacenet> Don't consider it.
[15:21] <+EpicEric> Okay
[15:21] <Ohyeahcrucz> !8ball do i waste all my money on a game?
[15:21]  * Spacenet shrugs.
[15:22] <+EpicEric> FAIL AGAIN
[15:22] <Ohyeahcrucz> !8ball do i waste all my money on a game?
[15:22]  * Spacenet shrugs.
[15:22] <Ohyeahcrucz> oh you

Problem discovers Stevoisiak's job in redirects, how and Netshroud let him loose in the ARG wiki

[21:31:05] <Problem> Oh hey, steve works for the wiki... I had no idea
[21:31:28] <MogDog66> Yeah he's moved beyond redirects for the most part
[21:31:40] <Problem> My goodness, I had no idea
[21:31:44] <Stevoisiak> Me? Yeah, I got over 2,000 edits
[21:32:06] <Lagg> How many of those are redirects?
[21:32:13] <Stevoisiak> Id say.... Half?
[21:37:06] <Stevoisiak> Over the last 60 days, I have made 258 redirects, and made 244 new pages.... How the fuck is that possible?
[21:37:22] <Problem> You have no soul?
[22:19:54] <Stevoisiak> Im goin to bed.
[22:19:59] <FLUDDGadd> goodnight
[22:20:00] * Esky waves
[22:20:07] <Xenak> Bye!
[22:20:21] <OluapPlayer> Bye
[22:20:30] <Esky> Hmm, the IRC is slowly dying. Could it be... Pun time?
[22:20:40] <JustaGigolo> Pun me, baby
[22:20:40] <Netshroud> oh no
[22:20:47] <Netshroud> I have to go soon, I'll probably miss the puns
[22:21:01] <Esky> You can always check my Contribution list ;)
[22:21:24] <Stevoisiak> But before I go to bed..... I leave you with this.
[22:21:40] <Spacenet> [�RC�] RN S0ldi3r by Stevoisiak - (+21) (Redirected page to Soldier: (02:21:26) [Via Dyne]
[22:21:41] <JustaGigolo> What
[22:22:07] <Stevoisiak> :3
[22:22:09] <FLUDDGadd> the pun times
[22:22:11] * Esky hangs head
[22:22:12] <FLUDDGadd> are upon us
[22:22:14] <Esky> Stevo!
[22:22:20] <Stevoisiak> Bye! :D
[22:22:21] <OluapPlayer> These are quite punny times
[22:22:22] * Stevoisiak has quit. (Quit: Page closed)
[22:22:24] * Esky shakes fist
[23:06:40] <Netshroud> it was fun when I approved Stevo's ARG account because I recognised him from there, then he started creating useless redirects :U
[23:06:50] <Moussekateer> lol
[23:06:52] * Esky shakes head
[23:06:58] <Netshroud> I was like "Oh that's right, he was that guy."
[23:07:07] <Moussekateer> He's already found the portal wiki
[23:07:12] <Moussekateer> There is no stopping him now

Xenak discovers Lagg's dirty secret

[16:41] <Stevoisiak> The lagg pleaser can be given by someone other than lagg. I should know. I gave the wikichievement to [[User:Lagg]]
[16:41] <@Spacenet> User:Lagg:
[16:42] <Xenak> Wait a second.
[16:42] <Xenak> Does that mean Lagg pleased himself?
[16:42] <Ohyeahcrucz> that sounds weird
[16:42] <FLUDDGadd> ba dum tiss
[16:42] <Xenak> =)

Is anyone alive?

[22:52:21] <psychopath121> anyone alive?
[22:52:33] * Vi3trice has quit. (Quit: Page closed)
[22:53:06] * ballad has quit. (Quit: Page closed)
[22:53:09] <Ohyeahcrucz> psychopath121: nope

Everyone's an idiot

[22:34] <godlike11219> kritzkast should invite a tf2 wiki guy into the show everytime to make the cast more informational ;)
[22:34] <godlike11219> guy = moderator ;)
[22:35] <Ohyeahcrucz> godlike11219: implying tf2 wiki people know stuff
[22:35] <Stevoisiak> Lol
[22:35] <Nixshadow> XD

Wingless is traumatized for life

[17:11:26] <+Epic_Eric> This video is wrong in so many levels
[17:11:48] <Wingless_> Oh Christ, what is this Epic_Eric D:
[17:11:59] <+Epic_Eric> IKR
[17:12:02] <Wingless_> OH GOD WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN
[17:12:10] <+Epic_Eric> CANNOT BE UNSEEN
[17:12:11] <Stevoisiak> Oh god, thats worse than the ORIGINAL video
[17:12:57] <Stevoisiak>
[17:13:04] <Ohyeahcrucz> Epic_Eric: i saw that before
[17:14:14] <Wingless_> OH
[17:14:16] <Wingless_> GOD!
[17:14:18] <Wingless_> WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN

Wind's inner child

[19:49:57] <WindPower> WindBOT as sentry wheeeee

Moussekateer being a dick

<raze> How do I change my name? o:
<WindPower> Espoooty~
* _seb /nick namehere
<WindPower> Type /nick somenickname
<GenCo|MNC> raze, /nick
<Epic_Eric> raze: Type "/nick NAME" without quotes
<_seb> ninjaaaaaaa'd
<WindPower> nop not on me side
<Epic_Eric> DAMN 3 NINJAS
* Moussekateer is now known as namehere
<Esky>  /nick somenickname
<namehere> whoops

Cructo is a lucky bastard

(4:43:12 PM) Ohyeahcrucz:
(4:43:33 PM) GenCoolio: OH YOU LUCKY BASTARD
(4:43:45 PM) bastard: what
(4:43:48 PM) bastard: WHO SAID MAH NAME
(4:43:52 PM) GenCoolio: what

Moussekateer and OluapPlayer's cat fight

[13:22] <+Moussekateer> ballad: The voice of the Sniper follows me on Twitter. How cool is dat D:
[13:22] <+Moussekateer> :D even
[13:22] <ballad> cool
[13:22] <+Moussekateer> Unless he's a whore and follows everyone
[13:23] <+OluapPlayer> Don't call Sniper a whore
[13:23] <+OluapPlayer> You whore
[13:23]  * Moussekateer stalks him
[13:23] <FLUDDGadd> but he throws his psiss at people
[13:23] <+Moussekateer> you're a whore OluapPlayer
[13:23] <+Moussekateer> Get your whorey face out of here
[13:23] <+OluapPlayer> I know what you are but what am I
[13:23] <+OluapPlayer> :>
[13:24] <Stevoisiak> A player
[13:24] <+OluapPlayer> Is not possible
[13:24]  * OluapPlayer implodes
[13:24] <Stevoisiak> Burned
[13:24] <+Moussekateer> A oluapslut
[13:24] <+OluapPlayer> mousslut
[13:24] <+Moussekateer> lol
[13:24] <Stevoisiak> STEVOISAPIMP
[13:24] <Stevoisiak> Wait, what?
[13:24] <+Moussekateer> Sounds like a sciencey term
[13:24] <+OluapPlayer> j/k I wubz u little fella

Sp3c has a dik for trade

[01:07:09] <SilverHammer> I have two right now, one was a gift but I'm not sure what to do with the other.
[01:07:23] <Sp3c> I might... offer something for it ;)
[01:07:41] <SilverHammer> Shoot.
[01:07:55] <Sp3c> dik
[01:07:58] <Sp3c> IDK*
[01:08:06] <Sp3c> Did not mean to type that XD
[01:08:25] <SilverHammer> Wait are you soliciting me for my muttonchops?
[01:08:36] <Firestorm> He had a winky face
[01:08:46] <Firestorm> then he offered dik
[01:08:49] <Firestorm> sooo...
[01:09:15] <SilverHammer> How much dik we talking?
[01:10:06] <OluapPlayer> Woah I can't leave for 5 minutes and everyone is talking about diks
[01:11:06] <Firestorm> When I think of OluapPlayer, I immediately think of diks
[01:11:22] <OluapPlayer> Firestorm has fiery and stormy diks
[01:11:28] <Firestorm> multiple diks
[01:11:50] <OluapPlayer> Dikstorm
[01:12:00] <Firestorm> Firedik
[01:12:02] <Akuago220> Diks...diks, everywhere.
[01:12:11] <OluapPlayer> You should rename your Flamethrower that
[01:12:15] <Firestorm> Firedik?
[01:12:18] <SilverHammer> How much dik will my muttonchops buy me, Sp3c?
[01:12:30] <Sp3c> It depends
[01:12:44] <Sp3c> What quality of dik?
[01:13:09] <Firestorm> Unusual Firedik, so it's on fire
[01:13:16] <OluapPlayer> Valve Dik
[01:13:17] <Brahbrah> if you like green dik, genuine is for you
[01:13:43] <Brahbrah> oh god vintage dik
[01:13:44] <Brahbrah> blue balls
[01:13:51] <Firestorm> I like hard metal for my dik
[01:13:58] <Brahbrah> It's refined!
[01:14:01] <SilverHammer> vintage dick is lemon party quality stuff
[01:14:01] <OluapPlayer> My dik, it is made of STEEL
[01:16:45] <Brahbrah> it's got jigglebones!
[01:17:18] <Brahbrah> so that's what boston cream means


[01:18:50] <OluapPlayer> That's enough diks for me, I need some sleep

BiBi getting her Mod rights back - But first Wind must put his tights on!

[21:37] <WindPower> I'll add the tights right now but the rest group rights/css etc later
[21:39] <BiBi3> You'll add the Tights right now?

Freenode's ping mass murder

* bigbangbilly has quit. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
* Miss_Frika has quit. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
* M-NINJA_ has joined #tfwiki
<M-NINJA_> stupid connection error
* Gemini has joined #tfwiki
<Epic_Eric> ^ People have bad internetz
* Plumpkins has quit. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
<Epic_Eric> C
<Cructo> Epic_Eric: i think that's freenode's fault
* HerrQueso has quit. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
<Epic_Eric> Freenode has bad internetz
<Epic_Eric> LOOK AT THAT
<M-NINJA_> lol
* OluapPlayer has quit. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
<Cructo> lol
<Moussekateer> Hold me
 <coreycubed> dat ping
* M-NINJA has quit. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
<coreycubed> noes
<Epic_Eric> OMG
<Moussekateer> Oh damn it
* i-ghost has quit. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<Epic_Eric> NO
<M-NINJA> jeez
* Loginov has quit. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
<coreycubed> we lost a lot of good men today
<coreycubed> nevar forget 8/25/11
<M-NINJA> never forget Zarathustrabot
<HerrQueso_> huh i did't quit. why does it says i quit
* Alex2539 has quit. (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
<HerrQueso_> me confused
<M-NINJA> look at your name
<Epic_Eric> People are dying oh noes
* Alex2539 has joined #tfwiki
<HerrQueso_> don't get it D: u mean _ thing in the end?
* Alex|Away| has quit. (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
* Tele-Viper has quit. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<Tele-Vipe> I LIVE!
* Tele-Vipe changed nick to Tele-Viper.
<Tele-Viper> Count me along the lost

Baby what?

[14:58] <Thesage> heyyy!!
[14:59] <Thesage> Good morning San Andreas
[14:59] <Thesage> the baby boom is officially over
[14:59] <Thesage> "you are all irrelevant. now die" LOL
[15:00] == Thesage [4d1bdf65@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[15:00] <+Pilk> what
[15:00] <Macinzon> eh?
[15:00] <DrAkcel> :|

GenCoolio cracks a joke

[19:22:43] * MogCat66 changed nick to Nixshadows_face.
[19:22:46] <RagnarHomsar> Anyone think this looks okay for the Black Market Business set image?
[19:22:48] <Nixshadow66> Not again D:
[19:22:50] <Nixshadows_face> yes.
[19:22:53] <Nixshadows_face> Again.
[19:22:54] <Nixshadows_face> =)
[19:22:57] <Nixshadow66> Get out of here face >:C
[19:23:01] * Nixshadow66 changed nick to Nixshadow.
[19:23:08] <Nixshadows_face> No u
[19:23:19] * MogMog changed nick to nixshadows_ear.
[19:23:23] * MogCow66 changed nick to GenCoolio.
[19:23:31] <Nixshadows_face> nixshadows_ear: High five!
[19:23:38] * Nixshadows_face puts nose up
[19:23:41] <nixshadows_ear> I can't I dont have arms D:
[19:23:42] * GenCoolio changed nick to nixshadows_doodl.
[19:23:46] <nixshadows_doodl> damn too lon
[19:23:46] <nixshadows_doodl> g
[19:23:48] <Nixshadow> XD!
[19:23:48] <Nixshadows_face> ohgodwhat
[19:23:49] <nixshadows_doodl> BA DUM TISH
[19:23:52] <Nixshadow> OH GOD
[19:23:58] <nixshadows_doodl> Get it
[19:24:02] <Nixshadow> all of my body parts are leaving me
[19:24:04] <nixshadows_doodl> it is a long doodle joke
[19:24:07] * Cructo changed nick to Nixshadows_hair.
[19:24:14] <Nixshadow> nono I like my hair
[19:24:19] * nixshadows_ear changed nick to MogDog66.
[19:24:23] <MogDog66> :3
[19:24:34] * nixshadows_doodl changed nick to GenCoolio.
[19:24:46] <Nixshadow> thank god

MrTwisT blows Pilk's mind

[06:22:08] <MrTwisT> eh? panties in me? what?
[06:31:33] <Pilk> MrTwisT: whoa

Nocturne is confused

[01:39] <Esky> WindPower: What's that screenshot you have dere? It looks like a pipe emitting purple slime. I don't remember seeing dat.
[01:39] <MogDog66> :3 :3
[01:40] == Nocturne [47c5e073@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #tfwiki
[01:40] <+WindPower> It's hoover dam lower level
[01:40] <Esky> Hmm, I have been there.
[01:40] <MogDog66> I never went in there
[01:40] <Esky> Strange.
[01:40] <MogDog66> I thought someone would eat me
[01:40] <Nocturne> What on earth is going on here.
[01:40] <+WindPower> And not sure if it's worth enlarging everyone's css for the benefits of a few people MogDog >:
[01:40] <Nocturne> Someone would eat you in the hoover dam lower level?
[01:40] <+WindPower> Ask sebbers
[01:40] <+WindPower> Hai Nocturne
[01:40] <HerrQueso> ahahahah
[01:40] <Nocturne> Hai WindPower
[01:41] <MogDog66> Wind: but but
[01:41]  * MogDog66 goes to sit in a corner
[01:41] <+WindPower> Ask him
[01:41] <Nocturne> who
[01:41] <Nocturne> What
[01:41] <MogDog66> A cold, dark corner WindPower
[01:41] <Nocturne> Me?
[01:41] <MogDog66> Cold dark and lonely
[01:41] <+WindPower> No MogDog66
[01:41] <+WindPower> Aww D:
[01:41] <Esky> That's my corner!
[01:41]  * WindPower huggles MogDog66 >:
[01:41] <MogDog66> FOREVER WITH NO SIG CSS
[01:42]  * Esky hurls the Dog out of corner
[01:42] <Nocturne> Daaaww

*Later on...

[01:43] <HerrQueso> you logged into irc at the perfect timing Nocturne lol
[01:43] <MogDog66> Esky: Hey, you're the one throwing dogs around
[01:43] <MogDog66> meanie
[01:43] <Nocturne> Why is that LORD CHEESE
[01:43] <Xenaero> I'm so mad at myself
[01:43] <Esky> MogDog66: I was just putting you out.
[01:43] <Esky> Mwhaha!
[01:43] <HerrQueso> hoover dam and stufff
[01:43] <Xenaero> I'm trying to train my aim for that highlander and I'm just missing EVERY shot tonight
[01:43] <Nocturne> Oh yea hahah
[01:43] <Xenaero> fffff
[01:43] <Nocturne> I was just like...
[01:44] <Nocturne> Kids theses days
[01:44] <Nocturne> Getting eaten
[01:44] <Nocturne> And going to the corner of the hoover dam

RJackson gives up on BiBi

<+RJackson> I feel like I'm training a seal
<TheNobleScout> lol
<+BiBi3> hahahaha

Pilk trolls himself

[22:46] * Pilk questions whether he broke the dictionary template
[22:48] <Pilk> oh the dictionary already updated lol
[22:50] <Lexar> lol, Pilk did you troll yourself?
[22:50] <Pilk> ...
[22:50] <Pilk> maybe
[22:50] <Lexar> never thought id see the day XD
[22:50] <Pilk> wow he did it over 90 minutes ago

Lexar impatiently waits to insert his thing

[23:19]	<Lexar>	i want to insert this thing, get it over and done with

Classic Typos

[15:36] <M-NINJA> whats needs to be fixed?
[15:36]  * M-NINJA goes to get his wrench
[15:36] <HerrQueso> [[Demonman]] update history
[15:36] <@Spacenet> Demonman:
[15:36] <M-NINJA> Demon man?
[15:36] <M-NINJA> :P
[15:37] <HerrQueso> OH  hsit
[15:37] <+Keisari> no

A monitor problem

 <Problem> meh... I'll buy a new monitor later
 <Problem> I like my CRT <3
 <Spacenet> [RC] - Team Fortress 2 by 2560x1600at120hz - (+390) (19:00:43) [Via Leetle]

What's in a wink?

[18:41] <Esky> By the way _seb, you are a little quiet. Perhaps you need to raise your Voice a little ;).
[18:41] <_seb> o yea
[18:41]  * Esky winks
[18:42]  * _seb backs away from Esky's creepy wink
[18:42]  * Esky makes mental note not to wink at certain people
[18:43]  * Xenak is winkable
[18:45] <HerrQueso> awkward
[18:45] <Stevoisiak> -_o
[18:46] <Xenak> I'll take that as a wink.
[18:46]  * Xenak eats wink
[18:46] <Xenak> Spicy!
[18:46] <Stevoisiak> ...How does that ev; never mind.

Esky talks about grave situation

* Herr Queso tells awkward story

[00:09] <Esky> No, no parodies.
[00:09] <Esky> I'll be good.
[00:09] <HerrQueso> that was one bad story
[00:10] <HerrQueso> it's like burying the already-dead-irc again
[00:10] <Esky> I promised WindPower that I would be a good boy/girl/thing today.
[00:10]  * WindPower pets Esky
[00:10] <Esky> D'aww.
[00:10] <Esky> HerrQueso: I guess you could say that it is a... Grave situation.
[00:11] <HerrQueso> oh yes indeed :|
[00:11] <HerrQueso> lol
[00:11]  * Esky stops Coffin up bad puns
[00:11] <Armisael> i hope you die
[00:11] <Armisael> in a fire
[00:12] <Esky> Fine, I'll let this topic Rest In Peace :(

Fyahweather is confused about CTF

[15:54:30] <Fyahweather> I'm testing the Large Luchador on itemtest.
[15:54:38] <Fyahweather> Says tit's CTF
[15:54:40] <Fyahweather> it's!
[15:54:43] <Fyahweather> I meant it's!

What's an "Esky"?

[21:47] <Stevoisiak> Wait. Esky isnt a mod?
[21:48] <natemckn> wait. I'm not a mod?
[21:48] <MrMagoolachub> Wait. Mod's not an Esky?
[21:48] <MogDog66> Stevoisiak: Not every active editor is a mod O-o
[21:48] <+Pilk> Wait Esky is not a styrofoam container used to keep drinks cool?
[21:49] <+Vi3trice> Esky is not water?
[21:49] <+Pilk> Esky?
[21:49] <+Pilk> E?
[21:49] <MogDog66> Who?
[21:49] <+Pilk> ?
[21:49] <MrMagoolachub> Pilk: if he isn't, that would explain why it started making weird noises after I put my drink bottle in him
[21:49] <+Vi3trice> HuhÉ
[21:50] <natemckn> Esky?
[21:50] <MogDog66> Who are you people? Where am I?
[21:50] <+Pilk> Yes I can't imagine you couldn't make weird noises with a whole drink bottle inside you
[21:50] <Nixshadow> doop
[21:50] <natemckn> depends on which end it was inserted
[21:50]  * Stevoisiak facepalms
[21:51] <+Pilk> either end would make you make weird noises, lets be honest
[21:51] <MogDog66> doop
[21:51] <Nixshadow> :)
[21:51] <natemckn> true, but I feel one end would create much louder noises
[21:51] <Xenak> =)
[21:51] <Xenak> PeeP
[21:51] <MrMagoolachub> I should not have started this

*7 minutes later*

[21:58] == Esky-Provisions has changed nick to Esky
[21:58] <Esky> You need to mod-ify your assumptions, Stevo.

Tturbo cannot follow patterns

[17:24] Xenak: Tturbo.
[17:24] Esky: Xenak.
[17:24] Fyahweather: Esky.
[17:24] Tturbo: Xenak
[17:24] Tturbo: Esky
[17:24] Xenak: Spacenet.
[17:24] Esky: Hal9k.
[17:24] Nixshadow: Nixshadow
[17:24] Tturbo: Fyahweather:
[17:24] Tturbo: failure
[17:24] Fyahweather: WHYYY

MogDog66 crashes on demand

[23:09:51] <MogDog66> Also tf2 is crashy
[23:10:02] <Tturbo> you're crashy
[23:10:12] <Nixshadow|oops> I have no internet
[23:10:13] * MogDog66 has quit. (Quit: Disconnect:Client crash)
[23:10:17] <Nixshadow|oops> Lolwut
[23:10:20] <Tturbo> Proof !
[23:10:36] <Nixshadow|oops> LIAR
[23:10:52] <Nixshadow|oops> For shame MogDog
[23:10:54] <Tturbo> it's proven i'm always right !
[23:11:04] * MogDog66 has joined #tfwiki
[23:11:07] <MogDog66> Ah I'm back
[23:11:11] <MogDog66> Darn crashes
[23:11:20] <Tturbo> MUHAHA !
[23:11:23] <Nixshadow|oops> LIAR

Thriller ruins SS2R's fun

<SS2R> hahaha
<SS2R> fucking gunslinger taunt killed a cloaked spy
<SS2R> booya
<GordonFrohman> And I have Thriller taunt at the moment I need Gunslinger =(
<SS2R> lol
<SS2R> thriller taunt has ruined my equalizer humilation fun

Nixshadow has the scar.

<DeathlyShadows> I'm fucking harry potter
<DeathlyShadows> not...not fucking him
<DeathlyShadows> I am him
<DeathlyShadows> I have the scar

Pilk is in league with bandits

Fyahweather: They persuaded people to give them gold and money for their religion to stop the marauders. Then they ran away, being in league with the bandits.
Winterier: Hurr.
Winterier: Sounds just like...
• Winterier stares at Pilk
Winterier: The promise of the Wiki Cap.

Pilk doesn't want to.

It might be #tfwikistaff, but it's worth it.

<Pilk> it's a cool place to hang out
<RJackson> Pilk: I always wear underwear.
* RJackson cues applause and laughter
<Pilk> well we know thats the opposite of the truth anyway, slut
<RJackson> Woah!
<RJackson> Woahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoah WOAH!
<RJackson> okay. :(
<Pilk> what, you wear that g-string for fun?
<RJackson> G-string?
<RJackson> Pls, I rock the C-string
<RJackson> (google it)
<Pilk> i don
<Pilk> 't think i want to
<Pilk> WOW

Epic Eric won't let Tturbo die in peace

[16:59] == Tturbo [~chatzilla@unaffiliated/tturbo] has joined #tfwiki
[16:59] <+Tturbo> Wiktelmen
[17:00] <+Epic_Eric> Tturbootis
[17:00] <MogDog66> Teeturdbow
[17:00] <Cructo> pootturbo
[17:01] <MogDog66> he ded
[17:01]  * Epic_Eric pokes Tturbo's corpse
[17:01]  * Tturbo is dead
[17:01] <+Tturbo> won't you leave me alone
[17:02] <+Tturbo> let me rot in peace
[17:02] <+Epic_Eric> Nope
[17:02] <Cructo> nope dot avi
[17:02]  * Epic_Eric hits Tturbo's corpse with a log
[17:02] <+Tturbo> Cructo: When I'll come back... We'll play some dota
[17:02] <Cructo> when is that?
[17:02] <+Tturbo> soon
[17:02] <+Tturbo> Epic_Eric: Stop ! Look what you did to my arm !
[17:03] <+Epic_Eric> Oh no, it has a crafting number!
[17:03] <+Epic_Eric> Everyone, RUN!
[17:03] <+Tturbo> vat
[17:04] <+Epic_Eric> Oh no, it got me!
[17:04] <+Epic_Eric> I'll slow it down while you escape!
[17:04] <+Epic_Eric> *killed by Tturbo's arm's craft number*
[17:04] <+Epic_Eric> srs bsns
[17:05] <+Tturbo> 645 times
[17:05] <+Epic_Eric> I'm the 99%
[17:05] <+Tturbo> 675*

Pilk gets wet on log flumes

Pilk: *gasps*
Pilk: This channel is such an emotional roller coaster some times.
Benjamuffin: It's also like a log flume, as we often get wet.
Pilk: I'm definitely moist.

Pilk has had bigger

Moussekateer: The size doesn't impress Pilk.
Pilk: I've had bigger, yes.
Pilk: I mean what.

Big Brother's pizza

13:11 < doomgiver> do dominos put rfid tags to track your meal?
13:11 <+Lagg> doomgiver: waht.
13:11 < SS2R> wat
13:11 <+Lagg> what
13:11 < doomgiver> to track pizzas
13:11 < SS2R> rfid tags
13:11 < SS2R> ...
13:12 <+Lagg> I don't know if I should chuckle at that or not.
13:12 < doomgiver> then how do they know where the pizza is?
13:12 < Nixshadow> doop
13:12 < doomgiver> derp
13:12 < TheHoboKing> herp
13:12 <+Lagg> Oh I think you just made my day, doomgiver.
13:13 < SS2R> looool

The best conversation in the world

Nixshadow [] entered the room.
Nixshadow: doop
Nixshadow: doop?
Nixshadow: doop :( 
Benjamoose: DOOP!
DrAkcel: pood
Benjamoose: doop? 
Nixshadow: doop!
Benjamoose: doop!?
Nixshadow: doop!!!
DrAkcel: DOOP!
Benjamoose: DOOP!!
DrAkcel: DOOP!!!!!!!!!!
Nixshadow: DOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!....!
Benjamoose: DOOOOOOP!!!!!
Nixshadow: doop
Benjamoose: POOOOOOD DOOP!
Benjamoose: doop
Nixshadow: doop
Benjamoose: doop =/= doop
Nixshadow: doop?
Benjamoose: doop...
MogDog66: oh god what's going on in here
Benjamoose: doop
mode (+v RJackson) by ChanServ
RJackson [~Rob@unaffiliated/rjackson] entered the room.
RJackson: o/
Nixshadow: \o
Benjamoose: doop?
Nixshadow: doop
RJackson: boop
SS2R|AFK: poop
DrAkcel: qooq

Coal Crafting Psychic Powers

[07:34:36] <Lexar>     who needs like 1 -2 pieces to make another 7 coal?
[07:34:55] <Alex2539>  I've got 6 left if anyone wants it
[07:35:12] <Lexar>     Alex2539: want 1 piece of coal from me and you craft something?
[07:35:39] <Lexar>     Alex2539: make a BMOC =D
[07:36:05] <Alex2539>  Alright, Lexar let's try for that BMOC
[07:36:28] <Lexar>     Alex2539: add me
[07:37:10] <SS2R>      inb425offvalve
[07:38:17] <Alex2539>  Woo! 25% off Valve!
[07:38:20] <Epic_Eric> :D
[07:38:27] <Lexar>     serious XD !?
[07:38:28] <Epic_Eric> Valve LOVES us
[07:38:29] <Alex2539>  Yeah
[07:38:30] <SS2R>      called it
[07:38:40] <Lexar>     SS2R: you are psychic O_o

Speculation is Confirmation

[15:40:37] <RJackson> Why do they work on Meet the Pyro
[15:40:42] <RJackson> when they have our tips to do :c
[15:40:54] <Hefaistus> The tips will be appearing in the video
[15:41:04] <Hefaistus> Meet the Pyro will be the Pyro telling us those tips
[15:41:09] <Thebigone> lol
[15:41:20] <AndrewF> tf2 adventure mode confirmed
[15:41:28] <AndrewF> crafting table get
[15:42:22] <Hal9k> tf2 tower defense confirmed
[15:42:28] <Hal9k> for android
[15:42:44] <Thebigone> hahaha
[15:42:58] <Mainman> A campaign/story mode where you play as BLU across all the current official maps, finally unlocking a brand-new map for the finale of TF2's overall plot
[15:43:14] <Keisari> super seecrit

Benjamuffin's attempt to visit a curious website

[13:49] <OluapWorker> Gabe can have any titlebar he wants
[13:50] <OluapWorker> Because he's Gabe
[13:50] <Benjamoose> Wat website is he on
[13:50] == Laremere [] has joined #tfwiki
[13:50] <OluapWorker>
[13:50] <Benjamoose> I clicked it. I admit it

I-ghost's Macro

[16:11] <+i-ghost> incidentally, I have a macro set up with the express purpose of opping with chanserv and kicking rjackson
[16:11] <OluapPlayer> With SCIENCE
[16:11] <+RJackson> i-ghost: I don't believe you.
[16:12] == mode/#tfwiki [+o i-ghost] by ChanServ
[16:12] <OluapPlayer> i-ghost: Prove him! PROVE HIM!
[16:12] * RJackson reverse-psychology's dis foo
[16:12] == RJackson was kicked from #tfwiki by i-ghost [Kicked]
[16:12] == mode/#tfwiki [-o i-ghost] by ChanServ
[16:12] == RJackson [~Rob@unaffiliated/rjackson] has joined #tfwiki
[16:12] <OluapPlayer> demlman
[16:12] <Stevoisiak> LOL
[16:12] <OluapPlayer> demoman_laughlong02.wav
[16:12] <edikkisin> OH GOD
[16:12] * edikkisin gets down

A Delicious Irony

[22:19] <+Moussekateer> self made Something Special For Someone Special = Forever alone

Keisari is always on the lookout for big titties

<Pilk> what's tf2?
<Lexar> heh, talks zelda instead
<MrMagoolachub> gay game about hats
<MrMagoolachub> 4 girls
<Pilk> yuck
<Lexar> yeah, the sparkles make you edward cullen
<MrMagoolachub> I considered naming my cap as a twilight reference but
<MrMagoolachub> I like dis one too much
<Lexar> big tity boss XD
<Lexar> HA-
<Keisari> did someone mention big titties
<MrMagoolachub> like a hawk
<Keisari> cause i got highlight

Hefaistus is being stalked by Gaben Ewell.

[16:51:51] <RJackson> c also
[ some time later ]
[16:59:40] <RJackson> Who's watching you, Hefaistus?
[17:00:48] <Hefaistus> Either the government, Zeus or 4Chan. Preferably the second one, cause that means I actually have a chance to meet the guy from whom I derived my nickname.
[17:02:00] <RJackson> Hefaistus:
[17:02:15] <Hefaistus> DAMNIT GABE!
[17:02:43] <RJackson> The appropriateness of that video as a response is just...
[17:02:46] <RJackson> it is hillariously awesome

Allergic to Cats = Mental Illness Free

[14:57] <+Moussekateer> Studies have also shown behavioral changes in humans, including slower reaction times and a sixfold increased risk of traffic accidents among infected, RhD-negative males,[14] as well as links to schizophrenia including hallucinations and reckless behavior. Recent epidemiologic studies by Stanley Medical Research Institute and Johns Hopkins University Medical Center indicate that infectious agents may contribute to some cases of schizophr
[14:58] <+Moussekateer> TL;DR Cats can infect us with a parasite that modifies our behaviour and has possible links to mental illnesses
[14:58] <r4wrz> im allergic to cats
[14:58] <r4wrz> coincidence?
[14:59] <+Epic_Eric> r4wrz: Lucky you. You can't get a mental illness
[14:59] <r4wrz> lol
[14:59] <r4wrz> if i do, i'll die first

Wind deletes the Main Page

[21:21] <@Spacenet> [RC] L Delete Main Page by WindPower - (ded) (21:21:14) [Via Leetle]
[21:21] <+WindPower> waaaaaa
[21:21] <Armisael_> wat
[21:21] <+WindPower> I deleted
[21:21] <+WindPower> the main page
[21:21] <+RJackson> Good virk doctor
[21:21] <rebmcr> you did
[21:21] <@Spacenet> [RC] L Restore Main Page by WindPower - (273 revisions restored: OH GOD) (21:21:40) [Via Leetle]
[21:21] <rebmcr> i saw you do it
[21:21] <+Lagg> WindPower: I don't even-
[21:21] <Cructo> what happened
[21:21] <+RJackson> Now haow did you do that
[21:21] <Cructo> lol
[21:21] <Cructo> good job WindPower
[21:22] <+WindPower> I clicked dat diff link for the spam bitcoin thing and then I clicked delete
[21:22] <+WindPower> Did not bother to check page title but it was main page

GenCoolio doesn't like swords

[00:14:56] <GenCoolio> I think I like my penis better than a full-length sword

r4wrz will die a horrible death

[17:42] <TheRealDoctor> ah and the discussion is again closed by an argument which can be denied by just saying that this is not one weapon but it's a sum of weapons which create an effect ;)
[17:42] * Hefaistus sets the discussion on fire
[17:43] <r4wrz> this is what i call...
[17:43] * r4wrz puts on sunglasses
[17:43] <r4wrz> a heated discussion.
[17:43] <Hefaistus> I say we kill r4wrz and dump the body in the ocean. No one has to know.
[17:44] <TheRealDoctor> poor sea creatures which will eat him and get sick or will see the body disolve and poison the ocean
[17:44] <Hefaistus> Durned things had it coming.
[17:45] <+Epic_Eric> Just throw a bucket of water on him instead; if he really is a witch, he'll melt instantly
[17:45] <+Epic_Eric> But first, we must do a test to see if he really is a witch
[17:45] <+Epic_Eric> What do witches do?
[17:46] <TheRealDoctor> drop candy and burn kiddos?
[17:46] <+Epic_Eric> They burn, right? What else burns? (c'mon, you know the reference)
[17:46] * TheRealDoctor hits Epic_Eric  with a dead end reference

real_alien's desires

[21:32] <real_alien> I have an urge to get hammered tonight
[21:32] <+RJackson> real_alien: don't do that :c
[21:32] <real_alien> RJackson: why not
[21:32] <+RJackson> real_alien: someone is in a coma in my city's hospital cos of a hammer attack
[21:32] <+RJackson> y u want be hammer attacked
[21:32] <real_alien> RJackson: no risk no fun
[21:33] <+RJackson> :3
[21:33] <real_alien> Plus, I have a fetish for hammers

When it involves Moussekateer

[16:38] * Moussekateer slaps OluapWorker's head about
[16:39] <Patrick_Atlas> Lol OluapWorker just got head slapped.
[16:39] <OluapWorker> wat
[16:39] * OluapWorker smacks Moussekateer's butt
[16:39] <+Moussekateer> oh my
[16:40] <Patrick_Atlas> It will eventully lead into gay porn.
[16:40] <Asplode> buttse...slap i mean
[16:40] <r4wrzMobile> goatse
[16:40] <r4wrzMobile> WHAT
[16:40] <Asplode> wait what
[16:40] <OluapWorker> When it involves Moussekateer, it always leads into gay porn
[16:41] <Patrick_Atlas> XD
[16:41] <rebmcr> [20:40] *moussekateer gets his python out
[16:41] <+Moussekateer> It does in fact tend to yes
[16:41] <Patrick_Atlas>  Run for your butt lives!!!
[16:41] <OluapWorker> Except when encodings are also involved
[16:41] <Patrick_Atlas> butts*
[16:42] <OluapWorker> Then Moussekateer just runs away
[16:42] <+Moussekateer> Make sure to run backwards
[16:42] <Asplode> heyheyheyhey
[16:43] <Asplode> we just jumped from sarcasm font to gay porn
[16:43] <Asplode> the fug?
[16:43] <Asplode> :D
[16:43] <OluapWorker> Mission accomplished

You spelled it wrong

[14:31] <iamgoofball> Yeah, I need a flashlight
[14:31] <rebmcr> you spelled Fleshlight wrong

Mousssekateer really loves videogames

[14:35:58] <Moussekateer> If anyone hasn't tried the sniper elite 2 demo I recommend it. Good fun
[14:36:25] <rebmcr> my friend works for the developers of that game
[14:37:01] <Moussekateer> rebmcr: Give me a free copy, now
[14:37:14] <Moussekateer> No wait, I'll take ten
[14:38:08] <Moussekateer> I shall see reviews of full game when it released before purchasing
[14:38:43] <Moussekateer> Although the cool killcams with skin stripped away has half sold me
[14:43:47] <Moussekateer> I've played through the demo like 5 times already
[14:44:26] * GovCon wanders in
[14:45:16] * Moussekateer puts pants on
[14:45:29] <rebmcr> I was watching that
[14:46:17] <Moussekateer> Pantsless = dlc

RJackson settles for the next best thing

[00:21] <+RJackson_> rZh: it's cos I want to be in your pants
[00:21] <+RJackson_> ..wait, remind me...  how old are you?
[00:21] <rZh> 13
[00:22] <+RJackson_> okay...  it's not cos I want to be in your pants then.  it's cos I want to be in the pants of primary carer

Bugfixes are magic

[21:09] <Xenak> TF2 is crazy fucked up
[21:09] <Xenak> The sounds are so odd
[21:09] <MogDog66> TheRealDoctor: Oh noes!
[21:09] <TheRealDoctor> so sounds are definitely bugged with update
[21:09] <TheRealDoctor> someone should write valve naow
[21:09] <LiquidFire> Im playing on a server where the sound files are fine
[21:09] <Stevoisiak> Seriously?
[21:09] <LiquidFire> yep
[21:09] <Stevoisiak> IP
[21:09] <Stevoisiak> Gimme the ip address
[21:09] <Xenak> IP nao
[21:09] <Xenak> pl0x
[21:10] <MogDog66>
[21:10] <LiquidFire>
[21:12] <LiquidFire> Stevoisiak, I'm in the server you posted and I hear nothing
[21:12] <Stevoisiak> O.o
[21:13] <Xenak> TF2 scares me now
[21:13] <Xenak> I hear random amby shots in the distanc
[21:13] <Xenak> Liberty launchers make reserve shooter crit noises
[21:13] <LiquidFire> Stevoisiak, I hear some sounds now. I'll try some more servers to see if the same problem is on those servers
[21:13] <Stevoisiak> THERE WE GO
[21:13] <Stevoisiak> See? TOLD YOU IT WAS BUGGED
[21:14] <Xenak> Valve screwed the pooch on this one
[21:14] <TheRealDoctor> maybe the servers are not updated or got it wrong :\
[21:15] <LiquidFire> I just entered a server where the pan hit sound played when a door opened
[21:15] <LiquidFire> xD
[21:15] <Stevoisiak> yup
[21:15] <Stevoisiak> Its official. Valve broke tf2
[21:16] <Xenak> Pick up a health kit, play resupply sound
[21:17] <Stevoisiak> Drunken_F00l!
[21:17] <Stevoisiak> FIX TF2 PL0X
[21:18] <LiquidFire> I found another server where the bug doesn't appear
[21:18] <LiquidFire> but it's..... a.... pony server
[21:18] <Stevoisiak> But you wont deny, TF2 is broken
[21:18] <Stevoisiak> LOL
[21:19] <TheRealDoctor> omfg LiquidFire i found the solution: only pony server are friendship full, i mean bug free. can that be related to the blog post, maybe, just maybe :)
[21:19] <Xenak> IT ALL MAKES SENSE
[21:19] <LiquidFire> you're probably right :D
[21:19] <TheRealDoctor> pony promo xD
[21:19] <LiquidFire> Hold on. I'll test more pony servers
[21:19] <TheRealDoctor> friendship is magic :)
[21:19] <LiquidFire> Rainbow dash wings for scout. You heard it here first guys
[21:20] <TheRealDoctor> LiquidFire:  add it into the steam workshop and i vote for it
[21:20] <LiquidFire> Rainbow hair would probably get less hate though :b

LordKelvin tries out Windows 8

[06:03:26] <+LordKelvin> ow, my C:\ drive
[06:05:55] <+WindPower> what
[06:07:23] <+WindPower> LordKelvin: 
[06:08:04] <+LordKelvin> this virtual software just ate up a quarter of my C:\ drive, i should have set it to put the virtual disk on my D:\ drive instead :(
[06:08:25] <+WindPower> What kind of virtual software is that
[06:08:35] <+LordKelvin> oracle virtualbox
[06:08:35] <+WindPower> (virtualization)
[06:08:45] <+WindPower> it takes like 90 MB at most
[06:09:07] <+LordKelvin> it recommended 25 GB for the drive though
[06:09:29] <+WindPower> Oh the drive file for the virtual machine
[06:09:30] <+LordKelvin> oh well, i still have ~20 GB of space on it anyhow
[06:09:42] <+WindPower> You can set it to auto-expanding and it'll basically have 0 size and grow as needed
[06:10:06] <+LordKelvin> yeah, but i'm OCD and like manually setting nice round numbers for stuff
[06:11:31] <+WindPower> Well look at it tis way, it's 25 GB gone that you can reclaim any time by simply deleting a file rather than resizing partitions
[06:23:01] <+LordKelvin> hmm, this is sorta easier i'll admit, i don't have to go through the hassle of rebooting or manually partitioning my drives or whatnot
[06:23:27] <+LordKelvin> and, when i'm done, i don't have to mess with the boot file or whatever and delete the windows 8 boot data
[06:41:12] <+LordKelvin> oh god, what is this where is my start button and where are my programs
[06:41:53] <+WindPower> Keep writing down your toughts, they are valuable
[06:42:21] <+LordKelvin> how do i update stuff, where is windows update
[06:42:46] <+LordKelvin> why do i need xbox live and a windows store when i don't own an xbox and do my shopping on amazon and in real life
[06:43:04] <+LordKelvin> why does this just feel like windows 7 with a custom UI
[06:44:33] <+LordKelvin> WHERE IS MY CONTROL PANEL
[06:47:01] <+LordKelvin> uh, ok, so, after floundering around for a while, i'm starting to get the hang of this
[06:50:58] <+LordKelvin> holy crap how do i switch between open applications, why are they making this so hard
[07:02:12] <+LordKelvin> AND WHERE IS THE SHUT DOWN BUTTON
[07:02:53] <+Pilk> accurate impression of why people will skip windows 8
[07:02:54] <+LordKelvin> oh sweet, i can move stuff between this computer and the virtual box through my network
[07:05:35] <+LordKelvin> ok, there we are, ctrl + c
[07:06:08] <+LordKelvin> windows 8 has now shut down
[07:06:19] <+LordKelvin> WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING
[07:06:20] <+WindPower> How do you feel LordKelvin
[07:06:41] <+WindPower> Show me on this doll where it touched you
[07:06:51] <+LordKelvin> i feel like breaking something in rage, but everything close to where i am right now is too valuable to break
[07:07:59] <+WindPower> Will you be upgrading
[07:12:07] <+LordKelvin> perhaps i'll try again tomorrow or something
[07:12:24] <+LordKelvin> for now, too much rage and WHERE IS MY START MENU

TheRealDoctor abuses carpentry supplies

<TheRealDoctor> Did you ever heard the story of schrödinger while he met a demon (which had a deal with rasputin(famous russian guy)), and they talked about the future? very interesting and you can laugh a lot about it
<Esky> Have you been drinking varnish again?

Now Valve trolls with irrelevance

[21:22] <@Spacenet> TF2 BLOG UPDATED! - Diff: - Hash: b1159625fd40849fd42328bbd347b2e7 - Stalk tags: ~tf2update / ~tf2blogupdate
[21:22] <Xenak> Ooh
[21:22] <+Epic_Eric> FFFFFFFFF
[21:22] <+Pilk> :o
[21:22] <+Moussekateer> WAT
[21:22] <Armisael> how a gun gets made
[21:23] <OluapPlayer> OI
[21:23] <darkid> WHATWHAT
[21:23] <OluapPlayer> FLAREGUN
[21:23] <+Epic_Eric> Pretty sure it's gonna get accepted
[21:23] <darkid> Damnit irrelevance.
[21:23] <darkid> FU VALVE
[21:23] <Xenak> Why, Valve
[21:23] <Stevoisiak> Damnit valve

Drunken_F00l sleeps on the job

[21:57] <Aiden_Pearce> the zip file is downloadable.
[21:58] <Aiden_Pearce>
[21:58] <MrGcCc> Guys the page is being created, when you try to access you see "access denied" that means it exists but only valve can access it
[21:58] <Drunken_F00l> wait when did ya'll get the link to the zip
[21:58] <Drunken_F00l> i haven't been paying attention
[21:58] <Terabyte> what's in the zip
[21:58] <Stevoisiak> LOL

Send more rope

[20:22:55] <Desacabose> It's like when you say candlejack he comes and kidna
[20:23:07] * Desacabose has quit. (Quit: Send more rope)
[20:25:58] <TheRealDoctor> heh who fears candlejack he is just a no one lik
[20:26:00] * TheRealDoctor has quit. (Quit: ded)
[20:26:28] <Wingless> Wot's all dis about Candleja
[20:26:34] * Wingless has quit. (Quit: Nettalk6 -

David Tennant steals GenCo's seat

Viewer discretion is advised

[09:20:47] <GenCo|School> That's okay because I am david tennant.
[09:20:59] <+Moussekateer> :O
[09:21:16] <GenCo|School> I get "you look like the tenth doctor" a lot.
[09:21:22] <GenCo|School> THAT BASTARD
[09:21:59] <+Moussekateer> In that order?
[09:22:03] <GenCo|School> Yea
[09:22:09] <GenCo|School> Maybe have a cigarette between
[09:22:12] <+Vi3trice> He could do both at the same time.
[09:22:19] <GenCo|School> I'm not a rapist D
[09:22:21] <GenCo|School> D:*
[09:22:24] <rZ_> or you can just blow him up
[09:22:34] <rZ_> and then fuck his decap'd head
[09:22:36] <GenCo|School> but then I can't fuck him
[09:22:37] <GenCo|School> oh
[09:22:40] <GenCo|School> nah


[15:20:37] <darkid> so...
[15:25:02] <rZ_> indeed
[15:26:13] <Wingless> Quite.
[15:26:20] <Xenak> Undoubtedly.
[15:27:35] <real_alien> Ceirtainly, 'ol chap
[15:28:46] <darkid> What


[23:06:04] <Esky> "Firefox? I remember those! I used to ride on them as a kid!"

All we need now is a decent vanity publisher.

[16:45]    <Spacenet>        [RC] Team Fortress Wiki:Wiki Cap/Nominations by Wingless - (-232) (thus spake lagathustra) (15:45:39) [Via Leetle]
[16:45]    <Wingless>        I'll eventually rewrite Hinao's renom, but I'm a tad busy at the moment
[16:47]    <Mainman>         Wingless: "Lagathustra" sounds like a book about sex with database servers
[16:47]    <Wingless>        It's Nietzsche's hidden novel
[16:47]    <Wingless>        The Philosophies and Truths of the Lagg
[16:48]    <Lagg>            To me it sounds like a randomly generated book artifact in DF legends mode.
[16:48]    <TheRealDoctor>   book of lagg chapter 2: there shall be truth in the nomination as i'm the one to judge teehhh nominations ;)
[16:48]    <rZ_>             Lagg: what's with you and dwarf fortress
[16:48]    <Mainman>         Other wiki-themed novels include:
[16:48]    <Mainman>         The Illyad & The Keisari
[16:48]    <GenCo|School>    Mainman: iliad*

Epic_Eric deletes the Lungmorph

[17:38:40] <@Spacenet> [RC] N User:EpicEric/lungmorph by EpicEric - (+866) (sekret pag lol) (21:38:37) [Via Leetle]
[17:39:00] rZ_ peers into Epic_Eric's sekret pag
[17:39:28] <+Epic_Eric> Oops
[17:39:37] <rZ_> Epic_Eric: use <pre>
[17:39:44] <+Epic_Eric> Nou
[17:40:01] <@Spacenet> [RC] m User:EpicEric/lungmorph by EpicEric - (+13) (21:39:58) [Via i-phantom]
[17:41:16] <@Spacenet> [RC] m User:EpicEric/Infobox by EpicEric - (+33) (no) (21:41:12) [Via Leetle]
[17:41:32] <@Spacenet> [RC] RNm Lungmorph by R4wrz0rz0r - (+24) (obligatory) (21:41:31) [Via Leetle]
[17:41:57] <@Spacenet> [RC] m User:EpicEric/lungmorph by EpicEric - (-5) (no u rZ) (21:41:54) [Via i-phantom]
[17:42:00] <+Epic_Eric> rZ_: No.
[17:42:07] <rZ_> Epic_Eric: y u do dis
[17:42:13] <@Spacenet> [RC] L Delete Lugermorph by EpicEric - (Fully deprecated: content was: "{{Item infobox | type               = weapon | image              = Weapon_lugermorph.png | used-by            = Scout:, Engineer: | slot               = secondary | released           = {{Patch
[17:42:15] <@Spacenet> name|4|15|2010}} | ava) (21:42:10) [Via Leetle]
[17:42:18] <rZ_> HA
[17:42:20] <rZ_> HAHA
[17:42:24] <Wingless> LOL
[17:42:26] <Wingless> GF
[17:42:30] rZ_ wins
[17:42:32] <Wingless> Epic_Eric #1 mod
[17:42:42] <real_alien> tru
[17:42:50] <rZ_> oh god i'm crying
[17:43:09] <rZ_> my face it hurts
[17:43:33] <Wingless> Someone should record this for future generations
[17:43:35] <+Epic_Eric> I should be the one crying
[17:43:50] <+Moussekateer> o.O
[17:44:07] rZ_ chuckling like a giddy schoolgirl
[17:44:11] <AndrewF> <Wingless> Epic_Eric #1 mad  <-- ftfy

Reunification of the Jacksons

[18:22:52] * rZ_QuestionMark changed nick to BJackson.
[18:22:58] <BJackson> RJackson: sup
[18:23:03] * Wingless changed nick to MJackson.
[18:23:14] <MJackson> Shamone
[18:23:15] * Hefaistus changed nick to HJackson.
[18:23:19] <HJackson> Greetings
[18:23:24] * RJackson changed nick to QJackson.
[18:23:30] * BJackson changed nick to RJackson.
[18:23:32] <RJackson> inb4kickj
[18:23:41] * RJackson has quit. (Disconnected by services)
[18:23:45] <QJackson> hur
[18:23:49] * QJackson changed nick to RJackson.
[18:23:49] <MJackson> Hah

FlaminSarge discovers the Console!

<FlaminSarge> Ohey
<FlaminSarge> Big picture has console
<FlaminSarge> Didn't notice
<FlaminSarge> Fuckfuckfuck I typed quit


<nginferno> lolwut
<nginferno> guys
<nginferno> ._.
<Benjamoose> Hmm?
<Pilk> hmm?
<Lagg> ?
<Pigophone> ?
<Pilk> ?
<Netshroud> ?
<Benjamoose> ?

rZombie explodes

[17:14:29] <rZombie_> hngnnngngh
[17:14:41] Titanduck steps backwerds
[17:14:48] <Titanduck> Asplode... what is he doing?
[17:14:56] <LiquidFire> Exploding!
[17:14:59] <Titanduck> ARRGHHH
[17:15:11] Titanduck jumps in sloooooooow moooootiiiiiiioooonnn
[17:15:17] <rZombie_> hngngnnngnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
[17:15:30] Titanduck [TduckAway@] has quit IRC: Quit: Runs away
[17:15:34] <rZombie_> lol
[17:16:06] Titanduck [~titanduck@] has joined #tfwiki
[17:16:09] <Titanduck> is it safe now?
[17:17:51] <rZombie_> maybe
[17:17:59] <Titanduck> great


 [15:39:38] <Asplode> hngh how hard it can be to make this irc client work
 [15:41:34] <RJackson_> Asplode: Which client?
 [15:41:51] <Asplode> RJackson_: kvirc
 [15:41:56] <Asplode> what are you using btw
 [15:42:03] <RJackson_> da fuq is kvirc
 [15:42:05] <RJackson_> X-Chat WDK here
 [15:42:07] <Asplode> i has no idea
 [15:42:25] <real_alien> RJackson_: yay xchat-wdk master race
 [15:42:49] <real_alien> well, it's hexchat npw
 [15:42:52] <real_alien> now*
 [15:42:59] <Asplode> lets see dis xchat-wdk
 [15:43:04] <Asplode> oh it's hexchat?
 [15:43:09] <real_alien> yup
 [15:43:10] <RJackson_> x-chat wdk
 [15:43:11] <RJackson_> wot
 [15:43:22] <RJackson_> mine ain't no hexchat
 [15:43:23] <RJackson_> wat you talking
 [15:43:35] <Asplode> confuse me more pls
 [15:43:37] <real_alien> that's because your client is outdatet
 [15:43:38] <RJackson_> o
 [15:43:39] <real_alien> get out
 [15:43:42] <real_alien> get out now
 [15:43:45] <RJackson_> oo an update is available
 [15:43:51] <real_alien> outdated*
 [15:44:14] <RJackson_> fein I u[date
 [15:44:22] <real_alien> Asplode: hexchat was called x-chat wdk before
 [15:44:38] <Asplode> okaay
 [15:45:14] <real_alien> RJackson still uses it, but that because he's still on 56K modem and uses AOL
 [15:45:30] <RJackson_> re-branded in july eh
 [15:45:39] <RJackson_> my x-chat is super laggy now I've "checked for update"
 [15:45:40] <RJackson_> hng
 [15:45:45] <RJackson_> downloading update anyway
 [15:45:53] <real_alien> right thing to do
 [15:46:27] <RJackson_> hng
 [15:46:31] <RJackson_> it doesn't repalce x-chat
 [15:46:33] <RJackson_> cause of rebranding
 [15:46:38] <RJackson_> son of a cunt
 [15:47:01] <real_alien> RJackson_: delete system32, quick
 [15:47:11] * RJackson_ has quit. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
 [15:47:21] <Asplode> dan dan daaaaaa
 [15:47:22] <real_alien> was funneh to me
 [15:47:26] <Moussekateer> Lol

Ashes gets back at Hef

[00:55] <Hefaistus> I have a goatee currently. I look like Gordon Freeman because of it.
[00:56] <Ashes_> You're a goatee
[00:56] <Ashes_> :3
[00:56] <Hefaistus> Ashes_: Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries!
[00:57] <Ashes_> I fart in your general direction! >:

Lunashy is good with words

[01:08] <Lunashy> you can have a portal adventure just build a repuca of ampature scince
[01:11] <Lunashy> how do people have the patcince to do 5millonds edits for a hat but to be fair its an awesome hat

He's the best player, that's for sure.

[14:09:32] * tf2bestplayer has joined #tfwiki
[14:09:49] <tf2bestplayer> hi
[14:10:01] <Eels> Heyo
[14:10:10] <tf2bestplayer> i m best player ever
[14:10:44] <Eels> Congratulations
[14:12:18] * tf2bestplayer has quit. (Client Quit)

Over 10 Eels needlessly die everyday from malnutrition

<Eels> First world problem: My microphone is blocking my sandvich from my mouth :C

Asplode joked on Zabidenu

After serveral edits by Zabidenu

[19:09] <Zabidenu> ~spam
[19:10] <+Asplode> k Zabidenu spams
[19:10] <Zabidenu> :<

Go home Eels, you drunk

[01:29] <Eels> No votes is better than no votes.

There are 3 types of people on IRC

12:40 < metroid7> so whats going on?
12:41 < Davo> Bugger all
12:42 < darkid> aka a normal day on irc
12:42 -!- darkid has left #tfwiki ["*Parting wave*"]
12:42 < Fuffeh> what
12:42 < metroid7> lol

He was born that way

Lagg: It's tearing us apart Benjamoose.
Lagg: RJackson hasn't eaten for days.
Benjamoose: I'm sorry for breaking up this family. I'LL TRY TO NOT BE A CRAPPY COMPUTER OWNER SOON LAGG, I PROMISE.
Lagg: I don't know if RJackson can last that long. Look at him Benjamoose.
Benjamoose: But he always looks that bad.
Benjamoose: *rimshot*

Look at Mr. Popular over here

Lagg: Benjamoose do you want an account on my proxy
Lagg: Do you want to be
Benjamoose: Wat
RJackson: Benjamoose Do you want to be
Benjamoose: Oh my! So many admirers.

Late Night with Lagg

[00:47:21] <Lagg> Fuzzeh: I don't care what gender you are. The way you make those ellipsis and emotes TURNS ME ON
[00:47:29] <Ashes_> .................. 
[00:47:31] <Ashes_> What
[00:47:39] <Ashes_> Lagg are you coming out of the closet?
[00:47:46] <Fuzzeh> 8===D <Sploosh
[00:47:50] <Lagg> "23:17:03        Fuzzeh | Silly boys don't hit on me." <--- Response to that
[00:50:11] <Lagg> I'll take you in my tent any time Fuzzeh 
[00:50:29] <Fuzzeh> (Late at nite, we see Lagg's troo side)
[00:50:48] <Ashes_> Seriously
[00:50:49] <Ashes_> wtf is going on
[00:50:52] <Lagg> That's a new video series I should do for project P. Late Night with Lagg.
[00:51:05] <Lagg> Half an hour of me doing nothing but talking sexy to you sweet sweet viewers
[00:51:15] <Fuzzeh> Project P?
[00:51:18] <Fuzzeh> I am intrigued
[00:51:22] <Fuzzeh> tell me more

[00:52:52] <Fuzzeh> +Sub
[00:54:46] <Fuzzeh> Now
[00:54:48] <Fuzzeh> Talk sexeh to meh babeh ;)
[00:55:14] <Lagg> They don't call me Lusty Lagg fer nothin'
[00:55:50] <Fuzzeh> I can't wait to look at the logs tomorrow, and realize how stupid half-asleep me is.
[00:56:34] <Lagg> That's just because you're not well acquainted with me Fuzzeh. The ones who are have that nickname remembered by heard
[00:56:36] <Lagg> *heart
[00:57:09] <Fuzzeh> I need a sexeh nickname
[00:57:23] <Fuzzeh> Perhaps
[00:57:27] <Fuzzeh> Fuzzy Fuzzeh ;)
[00:57:35] <Lagg> Once you go Lagg you'll never want anyone else to shagg
[00:57:55] <Lagg> Frisky Fuzzeh 
[00:58:05] <Fuzzeh> Friskeh* Fuzzeh

[00:58:39] <Lagg> Late Night with Lusty Lagg and Friskeh Fuzzeh 

Ashes_ and Esky have a pun-off

Edited slightly for readability.

[2014-11-10 16:08:58] <Esky> You fools! You weren't supposed to make fire puns, we have done that many times. I was trying to Shepherd you along a more original path in the hope that the puns would reach a critical Mass, but alas my attempts had no Effect :(.
[2014-11-10 16:11:30] <Ashes_> Esky: Well we're clearly not reaping the rewards of your effect.
[2014-11-10 16:11:58] <Esky> That was pretty obvious. I should call in the local pun Garrus-on, and have you taken away.
[2014-11-10 16:12:07] <Esky> Yep, I went there. Mwahaha?!
[2014-11-10 16:15:03] <Ashes_> You can try, but you'll have a legion coming towards you before I ever get captured.
[2014-11-10 16:15:07] <Ashes_> (god that was bad)
[2014-11-10 16:16:03] <Esky> When it comes to puns, Esky will win; get Wrext!
[2014-11-10 16:16:15] <Esky> Ha, Doto/ME pun. Nice.
[2014-11-10 16:17:15] <Esky> Who is winning the Mass Effect current pun war, darkid? Do you have the score or, dare I say it, the current Tali?
[2014-11-10 16:17:27] <darkid> Esky: I got that one
[2014-11-10 16:17:29] <darkid> so 1-0
[2014-11-10 16:17:55] <Ashes_> well there goes my Tali pun
[2014-11-10 16:19:05] <Ashes_> was saving it :<
[2014-11-10 16:19:08] <Esky> Oh Kaidan Ashes_, I'll try to leave a couple of puns for you.
[2014-11-10 16:19:11] <Esky> Yeaaaahhhhh.
[2014-11-10 16:20:12] <Ashes_> Oh look at that, Esky being a good Samara-tan. How cute
[2014-11-10 16:20:27] * Esky winces
[2014-11-10 16:21:26] <Esky> You know Jack-all about decent puns sir, but your last one was inventive, I'll give you that.
[2014-11-10 16:21:29] <darkid> So should I play this game, whatever it is?
[2014-11-10 16:23:36] <Esky> Mass Effect is a classic, the problem is that it is an EA game. Hence, you would need to use Origin most likely.
[2014-11-10 16:23:38] <Esky> On PC anyway.
[2014-11-10 16:24:01] <Ashes_> yeah... aside from that, darkid, once you start playing it, you will finally geth all these ME puns!
[2014-11-10 16:26:17] <Esky> You should Goto jail for that one.
[2014-11-10 16:30:49] <Ashes_> Esky: That's asari excuse to send me to jail Enough with you false akuze-ations.
[2014-11-10 16:33:25] <Esky> Take it EDI Ashes_, you'll sprain something.

Wheatley-Senpai made me to edit my profile

[18:47] <@Spacenet> [RC] - User:Wheatley-Senpai by Wheatley-Senpai - (+156) (16:47:31) [Via Leetle]
[18:50] <@Spacenet> [RC] m User:Wheatley-Senpai by Wheatley-Senpai - (0) (16:49:21) [Via Leetle]
[18:51] <@Spacenet> [RC] - User:Wheatley-Senpai by Wheatley-Senpai - (+1) (16:50:59) [Via Leetle]
[18:52] == StarHorder [~StarHorde@unaffiliated/starhorder] has joined #tfwiki
[18:52] <@Spacenet> [RC] - User:Hueenergott by Hueenergott - (+281) (16:52:05) [Via Leetle]
[18:52] <SelfDEstruction> Wheatley-Senpai were so annoying while editing his profile so i just edited my profile too

Fate strikes again!

07:57:31 Nikno: I hate spell checker.
07:57:36 Nikno: It's the worst thing my smartphone does.
07:57:38 Nikno: Except you're durnk.
07:57:40 Nikno: druk*
07:57:43 Nikno: drunk*
07:57:44 Nikno: Oh please fate
07:57:46 Nikno: Fuck you

TidB is trapped between worlds

[2016-09-05 17:27:37] <DrScaphandre> There you go
[2016-09-05 17:27:46] <DrScaphandre> Set it from 50px to 30px
[2016-09-05 17:28:22] <TidB> yey
[2016-09-05 17:28:43] <TidB> °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
[2016-09-05 17:28:44] * TidB has quit. (Quit: kthxbye)
[2016-09-05 17:28:50] <DrScaphandre> And also I updated the localization files
[2016-09-05 17:29:20] <WikiPan> Nuuuuuuu
[2016-09-05 17:30:33] * POOP_ has joined #tfwiki
[2016-09-05 17:30:36] <DrScaphandre> Have fun~
[2016-09-05 17:30:44] <DrScaphandre> What the hell?
[2016-09-05 17:30:58] <WikiPan> umm
[2016-09-05 17:31:01] <POOP_> Hello
[2016-09-05 17:31:13] <POOP_> ?
[2016-09-05 17:31:23] <WikiPan> Hai there
[2016-09-05 17:31:25] * POOP_ has quit. (Client Quit)
[2016-09-05 17:31:35] <WikiPan> And goodbye
[2016-09-05 17:31:53] * TidB has joined #tfwiki
[2016-09-05 17:31:55] <DrScaphandre> Uhh...okay...
[2016-09-05 17:32:02] <TidB> Hello
[2016-09-05 17:32:03] <DrScaphandre> Looks like Poop...had the runs...
[2016-09-05 17:32:04] * TidB has quit. (Client Quit)
[2016-09-05 17:32:18] <DrScaphandre> Okay what the hell is going on?
[2016-09-05 17:33:28] <WikiPan> Idk... for once I don't blame Tark :>
[2016-09-05 17:34:11] * TidB has joined #tfwiki
[2016-09-05 17:34:19] <TidB> tarks is innocent
[2016-09-05 17:34:23] * TidB has quit. (Client Quit)
[2016-09-05 17:34:36] <WikiPan> TidB pls
[2016-09-05 17:35:18] <DrScaphandre> He's trapped inbetween realms
[2016-09-05 17:35:35] <WikiPan> oh well
[2016-09-05 17:37:40] <DrScaphandre> Tark we need you. We need your set of skills
[2016-09-05 17:40:56] <Tark> waht
[2016-09-05 17:41:56] <DrScaphandre> TidB is trapped
[2016-09-05 17:42:02] <DrScaphandre> He's in the Bone Zone
[2016-09-05 17:42:22] <WikiPan> Not even dank memes can save him now
[2016-09-05 17:42:27] <Tark> lol rip
[2016-09-05 17:43:31] <DrScaphandre> We got to try
[2016-09-05 17:43:34] <DrScaphandre> It's the only way
[2016-09-05 17:43:56] <DrScaphandre> Pan, give me your hand
[2016-09-05 17:45:03] <WikiPan> uhh.. okie
[2016-09-05 17:45:11] <DrScaphandre> Tark, you too
[2016-09-05 17:45:57] <Tark> nah
[2016-09-05 17:46:25] <DrScaphandre> Seriously?
[2016-09-05 17:46:46] <DrScaphandre> Okay, if we're gonna do this with just two people, I'll have to prepare the offering
[2016-09-05 17:47:07] <DrScaphandre> TidB! Come to us! We have bizarre news!
[2016-09-05 17:49:41] <WikiPan> well you tried... rip in pootis
[2016-09-05 17:50:12] <DrScaphandre> No....NO!
[2016-09-05 17:50:21] <DrScaphandre> LIVE DAMN YOU
[2016-09-05 17:51:08] <DrScaphandre> failed...
[2016-09-05 17:51:14] <DrScaphandre> He's gone...
[2016-09-05 17:51:51] * WikiPan is programmed to ded. Amen!

America's favorite snack, Laggles

[2016-09-15 13:22:30] <Lagg> o, well if it's unambiguous wai not just poke someone
[2016-09-15 13:25:52] <Ashes_> Can we poke Laggles?
[2016-09-15 13:25:53] <Ashes_> :3
[2016-09-15 13:26:37] <DrScaphandre> Laggles sounds like a delicious potato crisp snack
[2016-09-15 13:26:43] <DrScaphandre> I should get some for the game
[2016-09-15 13:27:10] <DrScaphandre> Make sure you get some spicy Laggles with ranch dip
[2016-09-15 13:27:55] <Lagg> For some reason that does /not/ highlight me
[2016-09-15 13:28:15] <Lagg> Say eet again
[2016-09-15 13:28:33] <DrScaphandre> Cool Ranch Laggles
[2016-09-15 13:28:39] <DrScaphandre> Pizza Laggles
[2016-09-15 13:28:58] <DrScaphandre> Barbeque Laggles
[2016-09-15 13:30:10] <Lagg> >:(
[2016-09-15 13:30:25] <Lagg> One more time
[2016-09-15 13:30:29] <Nikno> Lagg sounds yummier than ever before
[2016-09-15 13:30:30] <mmu> o.O
[2016-09-15 13:30:45] <Nikno> Laggles*
[2016-09-15 13:30:55] <Lagg> Hu, and gewd /now/ that highlights me again
[2016-09-15 13:31:09] <DrScaphandre> I wasn't a fan of the Mountain Dew Laggles
[2016-09-15 13:31:22] <DrScaphandre> The flavor was too off putting
[2016-09-15 13:31:22] <Nikno> Tantrum!
[2016-09-15 13:33:21] <DrScaphandre> Nikno: Don't they have special flavor Laggles in Europe?
[2016-09-15 13:34:39] <Nikno> Yea, Trump
[2016-09-15 13:34:40] <Ashes_> Laggles is now highlighted
[2016-09-15 13:34:42] <Ashes_> Gewd
[2016-09-15 13:34:48] <Ashes_> Now i can bug him twice as much

Esky knows the editors

[2017-05-25 20:39:00] <Spacenet> [RC] - User talk:Edcookrealestate by Edcookrealestate - (-1761) (Ed Cook Real Estate Pompano Beach) (00:33:31) [Via Leetle]
[2017-05-25 22:29:06] <Ashes_> Pretty sure that edcookrealestate is just a spam bot
[2017-05-25 22:33:09] <Ashes_> I'ma go with my gut
[2017-05-25 22:34:14] <Spacenet> [RC] L Delete User talk:Edcookrealestate by Ashes - (...) (02:32:47) [Via Leetle]
[2017-05-25 22:34:15] <Spacenet> [RC] L Block User:Edcookrealestate by Ashes - (Spam Account) (02:32:56) [Via Leetle]
[2017-05-25 22:39:47] <Esky> Ashes_: I have known Mr. Eduardo Cook-Realestate for years, and he is a valuable contributor. People always think that he is a spam bot, but it is just an unfortunate name.
[2017-05-25 23:09:40] <Ashes_> >.>

RJ embraces the wiki's values

[2018-09-17 09:40:07] <rjackson> TFWIKI: The Fair and Welcoming and Inclusive Kitten Island
[2018-09-17 09:40:25] <rjackson> aint no toxicity
[2018-09-17 09:40:31] <rjackson> 🖕

TidB is fucking illegal

[2019-03-01 22:17:07] <Danio> would you eat hat kids ass
[2019-03-01 22:17:14] <TidB> yes
[2019-03-01 22:17:31] <Danio> understable
[2019-03-01 22:17:43] * Danio is calling 911 

TidB loves egypt

[2019-3-28 22:38:43] <TidB> egypt needs to be destroyed
[2019-3-28 22:38:51] <TidB> please don't take this out of context
[2019-3-28 22:39:07] <Goodjob> you want to bomb another african country into submission u fucker

TidB at it again

[2019-05-01 10:44:51] <TidB> show baby dick vasya

Goodjob is tired of people adding facts without any sources

[2019-05-04 15:21:13] <Goodjob> i'd tell it to that guy asking for a source from valve
[2019-05-04 15:21:19] <Goodjob> just suck nuts and sod off
[2019-05-04 15:21:53] <GrampaSwood> the classic Goodjob move
[2019-05-04 15:21:56] <GrampaSwood> suck nuts and sod off
[2019-05-04 15:22:02] <Zeklyn> uwu
[2019-05-04 15:22:05] <Goodjob> wtf
[2019-05-04 15:22:21] <Goodjob> grampaswood if he changes it back
[2019-05-04 15:22:24] <Goodjob> just hit him up on discussions
[2019-05-04 15:22:29] <Goodjob> and then tell him to suck your nuts and sod off
[2019-05-04 15:22:30] <Goodjob> :-)

Users talking about usual stuff

[2019-08-06 08:12:17] <Fiat_Seicento> If gay sex is bad
[2019-08-06 08:12:24] <Fiat_Seicento> Then why man's G spot is in ass
[2019-08-06 08:12:29] <Fiat_Seicento> check mate atheists
[2019-08-06 08:12:41] <Spacenet> [Swood] gay sex only good sex
[2019-08-06 08:12:48] <Fiat_Seicento> ^
[2019-08-06 08:13:07] <TidB> rawr x3
[2019-08-06 08:13:08] <VasyaTheWizard> ^
[2019-08-06 08:13:11] <VasyaTheWizard> fucj
[2019-08-06 08:13:13] <VasyaTheWizard> I mean
[2019-08-06 08:13:13] <TidB> thanks vasya
[2019-08-06 08:13:15] <Goodjob> uwu
[2019-08-06 08:13:16] <VasyaTheWizard> gay sex only good sex
[2019-08-06 08:13:27] <VasyaTheWizard> nah actually both good
[2019-08-06 08:13:31] <Goodjob> jill enters tf2 wiki irc for feedback and chat about tf2
[2019-08-06 08:13:38] <Goodjob> sees this and realizes tf2 is dead cuz no update
[2019-08-06 08:13:42] <VasyaTheWizard> why tf both genders so hot
[2019-08-06 08:13:43] <Goodjob>
[2019-08-06 08:13:46] <VasyaTheWizard>
[2019-08-06 08:14:04] <Spacenet> [Swood] no straight sex is boring gay sex is hot fuck
[2019-08-06 08:14:13] <Spacenet> [Swood] hello jill btw
[2019-08-06 08:14:20] <Spacenet> [Swood] feel free to chime in :^)
[2019-08-06 08:14:53] <Spacenet> [Swood] I do feel like we're crossing a line here so im gonna leave lol
[2019-08-06 08:14:56] <Fiat_Seicento> and thats why TF2 doesnt get updated
[2019-08-06 08:14:56] <Spacenet> [Swood] bye
[2019-08-06 08:14:59] <VasyaTheWizard> gay stuff is much more creative, you got timeless classics like Lords of the Locker Room and Junkyard Boyz, straight porn got nothing against that
[2019-08-06 08:15:04] <VasyaTheWizard> lol nub bish

Vasya has no fear

[2019-08-26 17:10:43] <Kaezle> Good lord
[2019-08-26 17:10:54] <Kaezle> Whatever you do, don't search up that username
[2019-08-26 17:11:10] <VasyaTheWizard> I have no fear
[2019-08-26 17:11:22] <VasyaTheWizard> oh god oh fuck why

oh no

[2019-09-12 16:08:50] <VasyaTheWizard> Osama Bin Laden had a Steam acc too iirc
[2019-09-12 16:08:54] <VasyaTheWizard> Played Counter Strike
[2019-09-12 16:08:58] <Goodjob_> they were all gamers
[2019-09-12 16:09:01] <Goodjob_> oh no

TidB asks a question

[2019-09-12 09:28:08] <TidB> what's yaoi
[2019-09-12 09:28:15] <VasyaTheWizard> like lesbian stuff but with guys
[2019-09-12 09:28:20] <TidB> so
[2019-09-12 09:28:20] <VasyaTheWizard> nvm that's called gay
[2019-09-12 09:28:21] <TidB> gay?
[2019-09-12 09:28:23] <VasyaTheWizard> yes
[2019-09-12 09:28:23] <TidB> lmao
[2019-09-12 09:28:30] <TidB> good thing i didn't google it then
[2019-09-12 09:28:33] <VasyaTheWizard> i need a cup of tea
[2019-09-12 09:28:34] <Goodjob_> google it
[2019-09-12 09:28:38] <VasyaTheWizard> brain slow
[2019-09-12 09:28:43] <Gadddy> TidB No
[2019-09-12 09:28:47] <VasyaTheWizard> google it and search for images, safe search off
[2019-09-12 09:28:53] <Kaezle> tbh
[2019-09-12 09:28:56] <Gadddy> TidB Save yourself the trouble.
[2019-09-12 09:28:57] <Goodjob_> google it no fear
[2019-09-12 09:29:01] <Goodjob_> unless fear???
[2019-09-12 09:29:02] <TidB> i'm at work
[2019-09-12 09:29:08] <Goodjob_> ;------------) enjoy being fired
[2019-09-12 09:29:16] <VasyaTheWizard> or enjoy getting a raise
[2019-09-12 09:29:23] <VasyaTheWizard> if your boss likes that stuff ;))))
[2019-09-12 09:29:50] <Gadddy> Jesus...
[2019-09-12 09:29:53] * Gadddy has quit. (Remote host closed the connection)
[2019-09-12 09:30:21] * Goodjob_ has quit. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[2019-09-12 09:31:22] <Kaezle> lmao


[2019-09-13 12:41:51] <VasyaTheWizard> I guess it is lol
[2019-09-13 12:42:05] <TidB> cute boi
[2019-09-13 12:42:11] <GrampaSwood> TidB cute size
[2019-09-13 12:42:20] <TidB> uwu
[2019-09-13 12:42:24] <Kaezle> The Rumor Come Out: Does TidB is Gay ?
[2019-09-13 12:42:31] <VasyaTheWizard> Both genders are hot
[2019-09-13 12:42:38] <TidB> vasya nO
[2019-09-13 12:42:41] <GrampaSwood> There´s only 2 genders
[2019-09-13 12:42:46] <GrampaSwood> Pee (sitting)
[2019-09-13 12:42:47] <VasyaTheWizard> both are hot
[2019-09-13 12:42:50] <GrampaSwood> and Pee (standing)
[2019-09-13 12:42:54] <VasyaTheWizard> both are still hot
[2019-09-13 12:42:55] <TidB> vasya NO
[2019-09-13 12:42:59] <VasyaTheWizard> you can't deny it

Goodjob has joined #tfwiki

[2019-09-13 12:45:33] * Goodjob has joined #tfwiki
[2019-09-13 12:45:35] <GrampaSwood> hey gj
[2019-09-13 12:45:36] <Fiat_Seicento> what if I have pee shelf
[2019-09-13 12:45:41] <Fiat_Seicento> hai gj
[2019-09-13 12:45:48] <VasyaTheWizard> pee jar
[2019-09-13 12:45:54] <GrampaSwood> piss jug
[2019-09-13 12:45:54] <Fiat_Seicento> pee pee pooo pooo
[2019-09-13 12:46:15] <TidB> hmm maybe piss?
[2019-09-13 12:46:18] <TidB> maybe shit and cum?
[2019-09-13 12:46:36] <Goodjob> i come from listening to the military orchestra
[2019-09-13 12:46:39] <Goodjob> and i come to this fucking shit
[2019-09-13 12:46:41] <Goodjob> fuck you guys
[2019-09-13 12:46:46] <GrampaSwood> then lave
[2019-09-13 12:46:46] <Fiat_Seicento> you came?????????
[2019-09-13 12:46:46] <GrampaSwood> noob
[2019-09-13 12:46:49] <VasyaTheWizard> Goodjob:
[2019-09-13 12:46:50] <Goodjob> i will
[2019-09-13 12:46:51] <Goodjob> leave
[2019-09-13 12:46:53] <TidB> lol military orchestra
[2019-09-13 12:46:55] * Goodjob has quit. (Client Quit)
[2019-09-13 12:47:04] <VasyaTheWizard> Goodjob@Logs:

Swood on the upcoming Sonic movie

[2019-11-15 11:32:53] <GrampaSwood> sonic the movie: sonic against british fascism

TidB on Polish drivers

[2019-12-09 10:12:48] <TidB> vasya could wire a unicycle and a windshield together and put the wolf raccoon on it and it would be a better driver than all poles

TidB loves teamspeak

[2019-12-11 16:27:20] <Zeklyn> teamspeak bad
[2019-12-11 16:27:27] <TidB> you enter a chatroom with one german and one minute later it's fifteen furries mounting each other

Delete me harder, daddy!

[2019-12-20 05:24:55] <Goodjob> can you delete me
[2019-12-20 05:25:10] <VasyaTheWizard> Goodjob I already deleted you mans
[2019-12-20 05:25:12] <VasyaTheWizard> dementia
[2019-12-20 05:25:17] <Goodjob> delete me harder
[2019-12-20 05:25:20] <Goodjob> uwu
[2019-12-20 05:25:34] <StargazerG> delete me daddy vasya

wall anuses

[2020-01-25 13:28:36] <TidB> urgh metro has so many wall anuses

Tidb likes to play games

[2020-02-04 12:52:51] <TidB> i caught a lot of children during the time where I myself was a child
[2020-02-04 12:52:58] <Goodjob> no
[2020-02-04 12:53:01] <v4ssili> tidB NO
[2020-02-04 12:53:03] <Zeklyn> i bet you did you filthy german
[2020-02-04 12:53:28] <TidB> You guys never played catch or wot
[2020-02-04 12:53:43] <Goodjob> catch a predator
[2020-02-04 12:53:57] <Goodjob> got one here (u tidb)
[2020-02-04 12:54:16] <Zeklyn> Hello I'm Chris Hansen, please take a seat TidB

A discussion about Hide and Seek

[2020-02-04 13:07:05] <Zeklyn> Ah, so its just hide and seek, but you gotta run after em and catch them
[2020-02-04 13:07:17] <Zeklyn> e.g just touch them
[2020-02-04 13:07:17] <TidB> Yes
[2020-02-04 13:07:26] <TidB> yes you touch the children
[2020-02-04 13:07:30] <TidB> thanks zeklyn
[2020-02-04 13:07:35] <v4ssili> nO
[2020-02-04 13:07:40] <Goodjob> v4ssili: yeah it was great
[2020-02-04 13:07:40] <Zeklyn> no problem, child catcher tidb
[2020-02-04 13:07:51] <TidB> np, child toucher zeklyn

Brown bricks

[2020-02-07 09:54:13] <Fiat_Seicento> wiki mc server when
[2020-02-07 09:54:17] <GrampaSwood> There was
[2020-02-07 09:54:22] <Zeklyn> we had one two years ago
[2020-02-07 09:54:23] <GrampaSwood> I would be willing to host it again
[2020-02-07 09:54:26] <Zeklyn> we came pretty fast too
[2020-02-07 09:54:29] <Zeklyn> wait
[2020-02-07 09:54:31] <GrampaSwood> keep it sfw
[2020-02-07 09:54:32] <Zeklyn> not fast
[2020-02-07 09:54:33] <GrampaSwood> noob
[2020-02-07 09:54:37] <Zeklyn> far*

A deep discussion about store bought cake, and pancakes

[2020-02-19 10:00:52] <Zeklyn> it tastes like cake
[2020-02-19 10:00:55] <Zeklyn> which is enough for me
[2020-02-19 10:01:33] <TidB> if inbreeding had a mascot this cake would be it
[2020-02-19 10:02:07] <Goodjob> pugs
[2020-02-19 10:02:15] <Zeklyn> ok tidb
[2020-02-19 10:02:45] <Zeklyn> brb time to buy store pancakes
[2020-02-19 10:02:50] <Zeklyn> packed in plastic
[2020-02-19 10:02:50] <Goodjob> hgdshfhsdf
[2020-02-19 10:02:50] <TidB> this shit is the pug of cakes
[2020-02-19 10:02:53] <TidB> STORE PANCAKES
[2020-02-19 10:02:54] <TidB> JESUS
[2020-02-19 10:02:59] <Goodjob> tagg would literally
[2020-02-19 10:03:00] <Goodjob> end you
[2020-02-19 10:03:06] <TidB> YOU LITERALLY HAVE TO JUST MIX THE SHIT
[2020-02-19 10:03:09] <TidB> POUR IT IN A PAN
[2020-02-19 10:03:10] <TidB> AND WAIT
[2020-02-19 10:03:15] <Goodjob> @___________@
[2020-02-19 10:03:24] <Zeklyn> got no time for that
[2020-02-19 10:03:27] <Zeklyn> ;)
[2020-02-19 10:03:30] <TidB> I bet you buy bottled water

The helpful regulars

[2020-02-25 11:07:08] * kwikipedia has joined #tfwiki
[2020-02-25 11:07:12] <kwikipedia> Hello
[2020-02-25 11:07:20] <Goodjob> yes
[2020-02-25 11:07:31] <VasyaTheWizard> hi
[2020-02-25 11:07:56] <kwikipedia> Can you please say "how to get wiki cap?"
[2020-02-25 11:08:11] <TidB> how to get wiki cap?
[2020-02-25 11:08:13] <Fiat_Seicento> how to get wiki cap?
[2020-02-25 11:08:19] <VasyaTheWizard> how to get wiki cap?
[2020-02-25 11:08:25] <GrampaSwood> how to get wiki cap?
[2020-02-25 11:08:34] <rse123[m]> how to get wiki cap?

GrampaSwood turns himself into a picklehaube

[2020-03-26 16:20:33] * GrampaSwood changed nick to Haube.
[2020-03-26 16:20:35] <Haube> I turned my self into a pickle
[2020-03-26 16:20:38] <Haube> I´m Picklehaube
[2020-03-26 16:20:40] * Haube changed nick to GrampaSwood.
[2020-03-26 16:20:45] <GrampaSwood> That is the funniest joke you have ever seen
[2020-03-26 16:23:32] <GrampaSwood> Is no one responding because everyone is laughing their ass off?
[2020-03-26 16:24:57] <Ashes_> i have no words
[2020-03-26 16:26:26] <GrampaSwood> I think the word you are looking for is ¨hahahahahahaha¨
[2020-03-26 16:26:38] <VasyaTheWizard> my amusement can not be put into words
[2020-03-26 16:29:29] <Goodjob> hey vasya include me in the best of

Vasya out of context

[2020-04-23 05:12:25] <VasyaTheWizard> Zeklyn: I found rope!! and now I gotta climb tree yes
[2020-04-23 05:13:25] <FanCyy> Ropes and trees are not the best combo

The tfwiki lore expands

[2020-05-03 11:00:23] <StargazerG> did you know that Tark hates the \:)/ smiley face
[2020-05-03 11:00:47] <Zeklyn> Tark: \:)/
[2020-05-03 11:01:04] <StargazerG> if I use it in our private chats he legit gets mad at me and tells me to stop :(
[2020-05-03 11:02:46] <StargazerG> one time he almost beat me up because of it
[2020-05-03 11:02:57] <StargazerG> I had to tell the teacher
[2020-05-03 11:03:42] <TidB> what teacher
[2020-05-03 11:04:43] <StargazerG> Tark and I went to preschool together
[2020-05-03 11:05:14] <StargazerG> i know him since I was born
[2020-05-03 11:05:22] <StargazerG> even though I'm 2 years older than him
[2020-05-03 11:06:00] <TidB> cute
[2020-05-03 11:07:00] <StargazerG> we had an activity in preschool that we had to make a drawing
[2020-05-03 11:07:12] <StargazerG> i drew him doing the \:)/
[2020-05-03 11:07:39] <TidB> how did he react, and what did he draw
[2020-05-03 11:07:44] <StargazerG> he got mad and threw his watercolour on me and made a mess and wanted to beat me up so I cried and went to the teacher
[2020-05-03 11:07:58] <StargazerG> he drew an anime cat girl
[2020-05-03 11:08:04] <Zeklyn> not surprised
[2020-05-03 11:08:40] <TidB> did tark uwu or nya a lot as a child?
[2020-05-03 11:11:01] <StargazerG> oh he's a nyanner since the cradle for sure
[2020-05-03 11:11:17] <TidB> Running in the family?
[2020-05-03 11:11:57] <StargazerG> not really, he's special you know, seventh son of a seventh son
[2020-05-03 11:13:05] <StargazerG> his family didn't quite understand at the start
[2020-05-03 11:13:08] <TidB> Do you feel being a nyanner was a relief or a burden on the family?
[2020-05-03 11:14:42] <StargazerG> a relief definitely
[2020-05-03 11:14:53] <StargazerG> they knew this kid was a prodigy
[2020-05-03 11:15:13] <StargazerG> i remember one time his aunt came over and saw him nyanning and she was like
[2020-05-03 11:15:33] <StargazerG> "wow this kid is gonna go far... He gonna be tfwiki staff member"
[2020-05-03 11:15:47] <VasyaTheWizard> i leave to eat for 15min and come back and wtf do i see @_@
[2020-05-03 11:15:51] <VasyaTheWizard> the lore expands
[2020-05-03 11:16:58] <TidB> If I remember correctly, he was sent to a private nyanning college, the most prestigious one in fact?
[2020-05-03 11:18:11] <Zeklyn> wait he went to a private nyanning college? Damn
[2020-05-03 11:18:37] <StargazerG> yeah after he appeared in a tv show showcasing his nyanning skills his family got a lot of financial aid to send him there

Goodjob wants to do a goat

[2020-05-04 10:23:16] <Goodjob> zeklyn: arse
[2020-05-04 10:23:21] <TidB> hey goodjob reveal your fucking face
[2020-05-04 10:23:23] <StargazerG> arse reveal???
[2020-05-04 10:23:26] <Goodjob> sure
[2020-05-04 10:23:29] <Goodjob> let me do a goat
[2020-05-04 10:23:41] <TidB> jesus christ you guys
[2020-05-04 10:23:46] <StargazerG> goatse .tf
[2020-05-04 10:23:48] <Goodjob> oh nonoonno
[2020-05-04 10:23:56] <Goodjob> nothing, i said nothing

It's all downhill from here

[2020-05-23 05:07:20] <StargazerG> i'll mantain that "User:Sex criminal" editing "User:DrMarmaladePidgeonShit"'s user page to write "coom" was the peak moment in tfwiki history


[2020-05-26 13:26:52] <GrampaSwood>

New user is wholesome

[2020-06-09 20:58:13] * Itrymybest has joined.
[2020-06-09 20:58:21] <GrampaSwood> Hello Itrymybest 
[2020-06-09 20:59:28] <Itrymybest> XD  Oh my god it actually works, didn't even know wiki chats were a thing.
[2020-06-09 21:00:19] <VasyaTheWizard> Greetings \:)/
[2020-06-09 21:01:51] <Itrymybest> I was just here to say thank you all for your work and dedication <3  I now poof away, never to return. Maybe, who knows.
[2020-06-09 21:02:04] * Itrymybest has left.

Swood is horny

[2020-06-22 09:55:17] <Fiat_Punto> swood Matt Smith is just hot
[2020-06-22 09:55:22] <GrampaSwood> oh my goooood
[2020-06-22 09:55:25] <GrampaSwood> stop making everything horny
[2020-06-22 09:55:29] <Fiat_Punto> but he is
[2020-06-22 09:55:33] <GrampaSwood> ¨hey guys I like to play Scout¨
[2020-06-22 09:55:41] <GrampaSwood> Fiat: ¨Oh my god I want to FUCK Scout´s BIG COCK¨
[2020-06-22 09:55:46] <Fiat_Punto> he also plays at Crown
[2020-06-22 09:55:48] <Fiat_Punto> very nicely
[2020-06-22 09:55:57] <GrampaSwood> That´s you fiat

Rating is hard

[2020-07-26 18:10:56] <Zeyklon> Blacklist is a masterpiece
[2020-07-26 18:10:58] <Zeyklon> watch it
[2020-07-26 18:11:04] <Fiat_Punto> rate it
[2020-07-26 18:11:23] <Zeyklon> 9/10
[2020-07-26 18:11:42] <Fiat_Punto> whats good and whats bad
[2020-07-26 18:12:09] <Zeyklon> Good: its an interesting and good series
[2020-07-26 18:12:28] <Zeyklon> Bad: idk when a new season comes out
[2020-07-26 18:12:38] <Zeyklon> Thanks for coming to my Ted talk
[2020-07-26 18:12:48] <TidB> Pictured: why reviews of artistic works don't work


[2020-07-28 11:33:21] <Zeyklon> who even eats mangos unironically

F00l wakes up from his slumber, sober

[2020-08-30 14:48:10] *Drunken_F00l- is now known as Drunken_F00l
[2020-08-30 14:52:32] <FanCyy> ey Drunken_F00l
[2020-08-30 14:57:18] <Drunken_F00l> ey
[2020-08-30 14:58:41] <TidB> \:)/
[2020-08-30 15:00:39] <Wookipan> Huh, F00l actually replied...
[2020-08-30 15:00:45] <Wookipan> Guess he's sober now 😬

Tidb is horny

[2020-09-26 06:37:41] <Goodjob> tidb: inside i'm stressed, panicking and just constantly tired
[2020-09-26 06:37:53] <TidB> goodjob: inside i'm cum
[2020-09-26 06:37:58] <Zeklyn> nice inside tidb
[2020-09-26 06:37:59] <Goodjob> yeah horny
[2020-09-26 06:38:02] <Goodjob> lusting for love...
[2020-09-26 06:38:03] <Zeklyn> share some with goodjob
[2020-09-26 06:38:05] <TidB> no
[2020-09-26 06:38:10] <TidB> no
[2020-09-26 06:38:11] <TidB> no

Uni GF

[2021-02-09 10:13:18] <TidB> my server host offering me valentine's day discounts is the closest I've come to romance so far

Wiki mod is horny

[2021-02-26 14:51:45] <Wookipan> Tark: Hueee, I got an achievement yesterday which is apparently unlocked by looking under 2B's skirt 10 times... I- I swear it must've triggered upon climbing ladders, or when I looked up at Engels.. Y- yeah...
[2021-02-26 14:52:36] <TidB> japan

Needleds are an important part of a rich diet

[2021-06-20 15:49:05] <karl37> any1 else ptsd with needles after accidentally stepping on a used needle on the ground
[2021-06-20 15:49:08] <karl37> didn't get poked but still
[2021-06-20 15:49:22] <donut> nah, it's glass instead because I stepped on random shred of glass
[2021-06-20 15:49:25] <donut> probably from a beer bottle
[2021-06-20 15:49:33] <TidB> if that was a bigger thing then all the other people in this city would have this ptsd
[2021-06-20 15:49:40] <karl37> i wanna try running barefoot but glass is my fear
[2021-06-20 15:49:41] <donut> drug issues, tidb?
[2021-06-20 15:49:53] <TidB> just poor cities ;-)
[2021-06-20 15:49:57] <TidB> but it's worse in frankfurt of course
[2021-06-20 15:49:59] <Zeklyn> I havent seen a single needle on the ground here
[2021-06-20 15:50:23] <karl37> yeah, the people in norway just swallow and digest the entire syringe
[2021-06-20 15:50:33] <donut> based
[2021-06-20 15:50:41] <Zeklyn> we absorb it
[2021-06-20 15:50:44] <karl37> glass cuts your internals which makes the drug seep in better \:)/
[2021-06-20 15:50:59] <donut> ill try
[2021-06-20 15:51:04] <Zeklyn> norwegians are built different
[2021-06-20 15:51:13] <donut> happens after chugging the oil


[2022-06-26 19:36:37] <fiat_seicento[m]> good morning
[2022-06-26 19:40:32] <donut[m]> fiat_seicento: good morning
[2022-06-26 19:41:28] <fiat_seicento[m]> why aint u sleepin
[2022-06-26 19:41:36] <donut[m]> im building
[2022-06-26 19:41:57] <fiat_seicento[m]> building what
[2022-06-26 19:42:01] <donut[m]> 👍
[2022-06-26 19:42:04] <donut[m]> mind ur own business

Forbidden romance

[2022-11-06 18:16:57] <fiat_seicento[m]> GrampaSwood: you kissed?
[2022-11-06 18:17:00] <GrampaSwood> Yeah
[2022-11-06 18:17:08] <fiat_seicento[m]> Damn
[2022-11-06 18:17:09] <GrampaSwood> B4nny and I are in a loving and consenting relationship
[2022-11-06 18:17:11] <fiat_seicento[m]> Is he good at kissing
[2022-11-06 18:17:13] <GrampaSwood> Don't hall of fame that

Emotional support

20:00:33 <+Tark> i gave you emotional support
20:01:32 <donut[m]> how can you give emotional support to man who dont get emotions
20:02:43 <+Tark> easily

Slimyboi500 has nothing to say

[2024-03-12 15:24:41] <Slimyboi500> Idk what to say
[2024-03-12 15:24:55] <Mediarch> than say nothing
[2024-03-12 15:25:17] <Slimyboi500> meanie

GrampaSwood thought he was cool

[15:22] <HatMann> !karma GrampaSwood 13
[15:22] <Spacenet> You are not authorized to give or take karma.
[15:22] <HatMann> ahh, I see
[15:22] <GrampaSwood> owned
[15:22] <HatMann> so I'm a peasant
[15:22] <HatMann> >:(
[15:22] <GrampaSwood> !karma HatMann 1
[15:22] <Spacenet> You are not authorized to give or take karma.
[15:22] <GrampaSwood> same wtf
[15:22] <HatMann> haha, you powerless fellow