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User Cheddar demoman.png
Basic information
Gender: Male
Birth place: England
Native language: English
Age: 22
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Demoman emblem RED.png Engineer emblem RED.png
Favourite maps: Menu photos pl upward.png Menu photos cp mountainlab.png Menu photos cp gorge.png
Favourite weapons: Grenade Launcher.png Quickiebomb Launcher.png Panic Attack.png
Favourite hats: Backpack Spooky Sleeves.png Backpack Juggernaut Jacket.png Backpack Clue Hairdo.png
Contact information
Steam page: Community Profile
Discord: cheddarbread
You're makin' me very cross!
The Demoman seeing this unorganised user page.

Hello there, I tend to do a lot of imagery for the Wiki, these range from map screenshots, class galleries, infoboxes, and even video thumbnails for the Wiki Youtubechannel.

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Hire Date: June 18, 2013 (6:19:05) GMT

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