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Fatos sendo exibidos agora

  • ...that the Demoman was originally intended to be white-skinned?
  • ...that you can assist yourself as a Spy by shooting a building that you are sapping?
  • ...that if you successfully taunt kill a player with the Ubersaw you are granted with 100% ubercharge?
  • ...that TF2 had grenades in it at some point?
  • ...that a picture of Saxton Hale can be seen on a board on the background of Meet the Spy?
  • ...that, as a Soldier, when activating the Buff Banner, Battalion's Backup and the Concheror, the buff can be held by holding down the fire button, and be used in the moment when you let go of it?
  • ...as mãos do Heavy são tão grandes que ele segura o cabo da Escopeta só com o polegar e o indicador?
  • ...that a Level 3 Sentry Gun's rockets can be deflected by the Pyro's compression blast?

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