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Currently displayed facts

  • ...that whenever a Golden Wrench or a Saxxy is destroyed, a message is sent to all active players regarding which user has destroyed the item?
  • ...that the Spy has the most class-exclusive weapon reskins, at 8?
  • ...that sub-front companies for RED include 'Brown Nugget Mining', 'Cornwell', and 'Happy Farmers Cooperative'?
  • ...that the game is more likely to give you random crits if you have killed several enemies, to help you get a memorable killing streak?
  • ...that the plural of "Dummkopf" is "Dummköpfe", not "Dummkopfs"?
  • ...that in first-person mode, the Sniper is wearing gloves on both hands, but from a third-person perspective, such as taunting, he is only wearing a glove on his left hand?
  • ...that the Shortstop was originally supposed to slow down players on hit, but never functioned properly?
  • ...that the Heavy can survive Kill taunts if he is wearing the Fists of Steel?

Facts suggestions

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  • ...that on the queue you can change the color of the TF logo from red to blue by clicking on it?
  • ...that the Bonk! Atomic Punch was invented in 1932 and consists of zinc, ammonium chloride, molten salt and sugar?
  • ...that the Execution is the only taunt kill to use ammo?
  • ...that Merasmus uses Sniper's melee animations?

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