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  • ...that there is a reference to the Liberty Bell hidden in the Liberty Launcher?
  • ...that on its right side, the Family Business has a small faded picture of a hammer and sickle?
  • ...that the newspaper shown on the last panel of the comic Ring of Fired apparently uses an invented language for the article content under the English titles?
  • ...that while using the Vaccinator, keeping the alternate fire button pressed maintains an ÜberCharge through all of the charges left with no interruptions in between?

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  • ...that the Carrier Tank in Mann vs. Machine was placed into different maps before the official release of Mann vs. Machine?
  • ...that the Love & War Update was referenced prior to its release by a line in Dota 2's "The Stanley Parable Announcer Pack?"
  • ...that the Sentry of the Engineer beeps according to their level?
  • ...that RED and BLU's names come from their owner's names, Redmond Mann and Blutarch Mann?
  • ...that Medics ÜberCharged with the Vaccinator using fire resistance can survive the Hadouken taunt kill?
  • ...that the Siberian Sophisticate adds a barcode to the back of Heavy's head?
  • ...that the Boxcar Bomber is named after the Bockscar B-29 bomber plane that dropped the nuclear bomb in Nagasaki, Japan during World War II?

  • ...that the Box Trot was hidden in the background of various places on the pages for the Gun Mettle Update?
  • ...that there was a cosmetic called the Bonk'n'Flash, which was scrapped due to copyright concerns and was replaced by the Bonk Boy?
  • ...that the loading screen of Yukon still shows the old control point placement?
  • ...that the Conniver's Kunai's over-heal bonus removes degenerative effects such as afterburn and Bleeding?
  • ...that the box from the Box Trot taunt has some Japanese written on it (スパイは、この箱のなかにいる) which translates to "The Spy is in this box"?
  • ...that Your Eternal Reward is a reference to the knife that Jafar wields in the movie Aladdin?
  • ...that despite its description saying otherwise, the RoBro 3000 has an on/off switch?

  • ...that Monoculus is the Demoman's missing eye?
  • ...that the PASS Time speed boost Haste is faster than the Mannpower powerup Haste?
  • ...that all of the Demoman's alternate grenade launchers were released in Christmas updates?
  • ...that you can actually see through the soldier's rocket launcher from the back?
  • ...that Melee Weapons have a higher chance to have Random Crits than any other weapons?
  • ...that Heavy has a PhD in Russian Literature?
  • ...that a fully overhealed Heavy can survive all of Pyro's taunt kills?

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