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Currently displayed facts

  • ...that the music from the Kazotsky Kick taunt can be heard in the CS:GO map Train, coming from a small radio inside the kitchen?
  • ...that the Clinical Trial is the only item set in the game that doesn't feature a cosmetic?
  • ...that the Soldier's Stash does not in any way, shape, or form promote smoking or gambling?

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  • ...that the Engineer and Medic have the least amount of weapons?
  • ...that the Scout and Pyro have the most amount of weapons?
  • ...that the only taunt you can unlock for free is the Director's Vision?
  • ...that the Pyro has the most taunt kills?
  • ...that in the Ghoul Box, a cosmetic item for the Engineer, it shows a hidden rat in its textures referencing the creator's late pet rat?
  • ...that the Demoman was once poisoned in the comic, Old Wounds, by nothing but food since he drinks alcohol a lot?

  • ...that the Medic appeared to have various organs from various exotic creatures in his fridge in Meet the Medic, including a Loch Ness hamster?
  • ...that the Pyro can reflect Rescue Ranger bolts and Crusader's Crossbow syringes?
  • ...that in the Scout update, if you sent a letter to Mann Co. ordering a Force-A-Nature, you would get a letter from Saxton Hale saying they were out of stock, but in The Contract comic, they were overstocked?
  • ...that in Meet the Spy while Spy fights with the Medic, after knocking his glasses into the air a Half-Life 2 crate prop appears?
  • ...that the Bread Bite has 2 completely unique inspect animations, unlike the rest of Heavy's gloves?
  • ...that Archimedes used to be a wedding dove, before the Medic stole the catering van used for the prime minister's wedding where Archimedes was situated?

  • ...that Pier has a secret disco room behind the vent in BLU spawn?
  • ...that when you suicide in spawn, you can immediately respawn by changing classes?
  • ...that collecting heads with the Eyelander or its reskins also increases your Shield bash damage?
  • ...that there are exactly 21 bars in the loading screen?
  • ...that the Spy has the most class-exclusive weapon reskins, at 8?
  • ...that healing beams from the Medi Gun and its alternatives, Dispenser, Payload cart, and team leaders in Player Destruction mode decrease the duration of Jarate and Mad Milk effects?

  • ...that disguising as a friendly Spy with the Disguise Kit will simply remove your disguise?
  • ...that there were plans to add female versions of the mercenaries?
  • ...that at low health the Shahanshah does the most melee damage in the game, dealing just 3 more points than the Scotsman's Skullcutter?
  • ...that Valve used motion-capture for some of the scenes in Expiration Date?
  • ...that tf_hud_notification_show_count_ghost_controls_no_respawn is the biggest console command present in TF2?
  • ...that the Pyro was the first character to get a Taunt kill?

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