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As part of our ongoing efforts to gradually phase out all Earth money in favor of Team Fortress hats, we're kicking off the TF2-only beta of our new Steam Community Market! The Market should improve trading in every way: People looking for specific items will be able to locate them faster, folks looking to sell items will find the process a lot more efficient, and best of all, we've made it easier for everybody to translate playing TF2 into buying games on Steam.
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The Steam Community Market is a sub-section in the Steam Community that allows players to trade in-game items to other players for Steam Wallet money.

Items can be put up for the amount of money the seller wishes to receive, or the amount the seller wishes the buyer will pay. All items put up have fees added to them: a game-specific fee (currently all games have fees of 10%) of the amount the seller gets and a Steam transaction fee of 5%. Only trusted Steam accounts may use the Steam Community Market. Accounts are considered trusted if they have made a purchase on Steam at least 30 days ago. An account's trusted status will be lost if a full year passes and no further purchases have been made.[1] In order to sell Team Fortress 2 items, a Premium account is required.

Supported items

The Steam Community Market for Team Fortress 2 is currently limited to the following tradable items:


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