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Yo, heads up!
The Scout launching a gift

The Giftapult is a tool item. It is represented by a miniature wooden medieval-style catapult.

This item may be used to pack one tradable item in the user's backpack and deliver it to a random online player. This item can only be used if the user has a premium account.


When used with an item in the user's backpack, the Giftapult and item disappear and are replaced with a Loaded Giftapult tool. Once the Loaded Giftapult is used, the gift is sent to a random online player instantly, appearing in that player's backpack as a Delivered Giftapult Package. The Delivered Giftapult's packaging is green as opposed to the blue packaging of an item wrapped with Gift Wrap (named instead as A Carefully Wrapped Gift).

Backpack Loaded Giftapult.png

Loaded Giftapult
Level 5 Gift
This Giftapult is prepped and ready for delivery. Use it from your backpack to deliver the contents to a random online player.
Gift from: [sender]

This is a limited use item. Uses: 1

( Not Tradable )

Backpack Delivered Giftapult Package.png

Delivered Giftapult Package
Level 5 Gift
This package was delivered by Giftapult from a random online stranger. You can open it from your backpack.
Gift from: [sender]

This is a limited use item. Uses: 1

( Not Tradable )

Former Crafting Blueprint


Scrap Metal Scrap Metal Weapon Giftapult
Item icon Scrap Metal.png + Item icon Scrap Metal.png + Item icon Weapon.png = Item icon Giftapult.png

Update history

December 20, 2013 Patch (Smissmas 2013)
  • Added the Giftapult, which can be used to launch gift items to randomly-chosen online players

December 23, 2013 [Item schema update]

  • Made Loaded Giftapults and Delivered Giftapult Packages untradable.

January 23, 2014 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Updated the description of the Giftapult.

December 22, 2014 Patch (Smissmas 2014)

  • Removed the Giftapult from the store and added a crafting recipe for it.

January 27, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed wrapped Giftapult packages not having the "Deliver Gift" option in the context menu.

February 11, 2015 Patch #1

  • Fixed not being able to deliver wrapped Giftapult packages.

January 7, 2016 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Disabled the crafting recipe for the Giftapult.

February 29, 2016 Patch

  • Giftapults can again deliver items to random players online, but will remain un-craftable

February 14, 2017 Patch

  • Fixed not being able to use non-tradable Giftapults.

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