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Basic information
Icon: Leaderboard class demoman.png
(Type ): Sentry and Heavy killer
Gender: Unknown
Health: 175
Speed: 100%
200% while on a killing spree
Birth place: Helsingborg, Sweden
Native language: Swedish
Age: 24
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Demoman
Favourite maps: pl_frontier_final, plr_pipeline
Favourite weapons: Half-Zatoichi
Favourite hats: Vintage Glengarry Bonnet
Contact information
Steam page:


Longtime lurker of the Team Fortress Wiki including back when the old (now adridden) wiki started, fan of wikis and Wikipedia in general. I'm a server admin for one of the larger TF2 communities out there (That I'm aware of at least), taking care of the general technical stuff and know probably more about SRCDS than I probably want to admit, even developing some simple Sourcemod plug-ins.

I mostly translate Swedish articles, comment on random things and makes minor edits within English articles. I only know Swedish and English, so if I'm editing a article of another language, it's probably to correct a obvious mistake (like accidentally linking a foreign article to the English category).

Current tasks

  • Finish the weapon demonstration videos I assigned myself to, hopefully within this week!
Pictogram cross.png Not done The Saharan Spy
Pictogram cross.png Not done Electro Sapper
  • Eradicate the Swedish articles from the first 100 (then 200... then 500) entries of Wanted Pages (or rather, make sure they're not listed by creating the missing articles :) ).
Pictogram tick.png Done Name Tag/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Gift Wrap/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Dueling Mini-Game/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done 119th medals/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Action_items/sv
Pictogram cross.png Not done Team strategy/sv (The original English article is huge, this is gonna be quite a task)
  • Shogun Promo Articles, those are tricky to translate as they have no official Swedish names/descriptions yet, so i have to remember to revisit them when they do (in other words, I won't consider the translation done until it's 100% Swedish). But rest of the articles is translatable so it's not a total brickwall.
Pictogram tick.png Done Dread Knot/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Geisha Boy/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Noh Mercy/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Samur-Eye/sv
Pictogram cross.png Stalled Concheror/sv
Pictogram cross.png Stalled Conniver's Kunai/sv
Pictogram cross.png Stalled Fan O'War/sv
Pictogram cross.png Stalled Half-Zatoichi/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Noise Maker - Koto/sv (It redirects to Noise Maker/sv and Noise Maker - Koto will most likely be 99% translated as "Siren - Koto" anyway)
  • Charity items
Pictogram wait.png Doing Humanitarian's Hachimaki/sv
Pictogram wait.png Doing Benefactor's Kanmuri/sv
Pictogram wait.png Doing Magnanimous Monarch/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Noise Maker - Bell/sv (Redirect and update article)
Pictogram tick.png Done Noise Maker - Gong/sv (Redirect and update article)
  • Random articles I'm working on/planning to do
Pictogram tick.png Done Sam's Hat/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Bonk'n'Flash/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Bullseye's Head/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Legionaire's Lid/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Earbuds/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Le Party Phantom/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Blighted Beak/sv
Pictogram cross.png Stalled Mapper's Medallion/sv (Article is incubated, not going to bother for now)
Pictogram cross.png Not done The Great Steam Treasure Hunt/sv
Pictogram cross.png Not done Unused_content/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Category:Fancy_Hats/sv (This category in general, looking over each page while i add the category to each page)
Pictogram tick.png Done Buckaroos Hat/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Coupe D'isaster/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Détective Noir/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Flipped Trilby/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done German Gonzila/sv
Pictogram tick.png Done Madame Dixie/sv
  • Go over all Swedish weapon articles and translate/correct them (I do this after the two above tasks are done).



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Hire Date: November 10, 2007 (10:25:04 GMT)

Item checklist

I have every weapon that is obtainable for a active veteran player (promo weapons etc), also I have all hats as of 12th march 2011. Old Hat Checklist here! Template:Item checklist