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I go by many names, currently masquerading as Zombisexual, but that's not important (unless you see me in game, in which case say hi!). I'm a 21 year old Australian with a love for playing Pyro. I'm the type of player who changes class to try and keep things balanced though, so I tend to be a bit all over the place.

I do other things besides play TF2

That's right! I even blog badly written pieces about things, including TF2! Here, read my opinionated blog article type thing about the Mann Co. Store. No? Okay.

Oh hey, this is a wiki!

I didn't realize! It seems my contributions for the most part will be unnecessary spelling corrections, rewordings and maybe even added sentences. But who knows; one day I might write a whole kick ass page then I will be super popular and everyone will love me. But more likely the first part of this paragraph.

Hey, I have info boxes too! I do say, what a pleasant surprise.

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