August 17, 2010 Patch

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Source: Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source Updates Released

Patch notes

Source Engine Changes

  • The mat_hdr_level, r_rootlod, and r_waterforceexpensive settings are now saved in the user’s config file.
  • Fixed clients being able to connect to servers with spoofed SteamIDs.
  • Fixed a bug where some video configurations could get reset by restarting the engine.
  • Fixed materials compiled into a map not being loaded correctly if they're in the root materials folder.
  • Fixed a case of uneven performance on multicore machines.
  • Fixed point contents not respecting detail brushes. This fixes a bullet penetration bug in some community maps.
  • Fixed clients being able to spam servers using the ai_set_move_height_epsilon, mission_show, and sv_querycache_stats commands.
  • Audio fixes:
    • Reduced overlap in the sound timing code.
    • Fixed a case where audio could skip.
    • Fixed voice communication getting corrupted while playing on a Mac.
  • sv_pure 2 now protects the game_sounds files in the scripts directory.

Team Fortress 2

  • Added server ConVar "sv_max_usercmd_future_ticks" which prevents clients from running usercmds too far in the future.
  • Added missing Mac intro movie for cp_coldfront.
  • Fixed "Hit '%disguiseteam%' to Toggle Team" string and code so they're not hard coded to 'e' and '-'.
  • Fixed servers trying to validate backpack positions in inventories.
  • Fixed clients validating inventories other than their own.
  • Fixed item selection HUD elements showing un-acknowledged items, which resulted in items in invalid backpack positions.
  • Fixed players not always getting "recent damager" credit for player suicides.
  • Fixed the weapon selection menu not displaying properly when using hud_fastswitch and lastinv at the same time.
  • Updated Engineer startup music.
  • Updated localization files.
  • Updated Pl_ThunderMountain
    • Clipped off sticky outcrops for smoother movement
    • Clipped various exploit ledges
    • Increased environment ambient exterior light level
    • Stage 1
      • Fixed hole in respawn room brushes in RED spawn
      • Shifted respawn times to favor BLU by two seconds
    • Stage 3
      • Clipped rocks off by BLU's spawn exit that leads to building B (allowed Snipers to snipe the entire area)
      • Removed embedded displacement (building B interior roof)
      • Removed rogue clip brush from building A balcony
  • Updated Plr_Hightower
    • Fixed players building in the RED spawn room.
    • Fixed players building on the back window decks of the barns.
    • Fixed players getting on the satellite dish platform.
    • Fixed players building on the elevators.
    • Reduced the ammo packs in the barns down to small ammo packs.
    • Increased the hill speed modifier to 1.2 (up from .95)
    • Fixed explosion particle effects playing in the skybox.
    • Mine cart "window" collision fixed.
    • Upped Scout-loop health to large.
  • Updated Pl_Upward
    • Fixed respawnroom entities not reaching the floor of split-level spawns
    • Fixed griefable fence facing BLU spawn near RED base
    • Added BLU high flanking route at RED base
    • Added health & ammo along BLU flanking route at RED base
    • Sealed BLU base left exit with block bullets brushes
    • Extended clip between C and BLU spawn to prevent sticky jump spawn camping
    • Fixed non-clipped non-solid railing in RED base
    • Fixed kill brush in middle spawn not extending to the ceiling
    • Put a block bullets brush on grate below middle spawn
    • Fixed some high micro-ledges accessible to sticky-jumpers
  • Community Request
    • Added "item_pickup" game event for ammo/health packs.