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Pickup Type: Building & Ammo

Ammo, or ammunition, is a resource that contributes to a player's weapon ammunition supply. Reloading cannot be performed without having reserve ammunition. Should the player expend all ammunition with a weapon, it is automatically switched to another and becomes unavailable for use until more ammo is obtained. Replacement ammunition can be found in the form of Ammo pickups that spawn on maps or drop from player deaths. Classes other than the Engineer may also pick up destroyed building parts for ammo. The amount of ammo in a pickup is applied to all weapons equipped, not just the one currently held. Dispensers, Carts, and Resupply lockers provide unlimited ammunition while the player is near them.


There are several sources of ammo:

Ammo boxes

Ammo pickups come in three different sizes. Each one refills a different percentage of a player's total ammo capacity (a weapon's clip capacity is not factored into this percentage), as well as an Engineer's Metal supply, a Spy's Cloak charge, and a molten Spy-cicle. All spawning Ammo crates have a 10-second respawn time.

  • Small Ammo Pickup: Refills a fifth (20%) of each weapon's ammo capacity.
  • Medium Ammo Pickup: Refills half (50%) of each weapon's ammo capacity.
  • Large Ammo Pickup: Refills all (100%) of each weapon's ammo capacity.


Each piece provides 50% of each weapon's ammo capacity and Cloak, but considerably less Metal.

Dropped items

  • Should a Heavy die holding a lunchbox item, the dropped ammo box provides Health instead of ammo.

Other sources

  • Dispensers
    • Level 1 – 20% / sec
    • Level 2 – 30% / sec
    • Level 3 – 40% / sec
Note: Enemy Dispensers also refill Ammo and Cloak if a Spy disguises as the enemy team. Disguise has no effect on the operation of friendly Dispensers.
  • Payload carts: 20% / sec
Note: Enemy Payload carts also refill Ammo and Cloak if an uncloaked Spy disguises as the enemy team. Disguising/Cloaking prevents operation of friendly Payload carts.

Update history

February 19, 2008 Patch

  • Dropped weapons now replenish half of your max ammo when picked up.

August 23, 2011 Patch

  • Added TF birthday replacement models for health kits and ammo packs.

December 23, 2014 Patch

  • Fixed the Regen powerup preventing players from picking up ammo packs.

July 2, 2015 Patch (Gun Mettle Update)

  • Pick-up dropped weapons in-game (if usable by your class)
  • Players can no longer pick up weapons for ammo. Players now drop a medium ammo kit on death.


  • Medium ammo boxes dropped from dead players can be destroyed after 900 damage has been done to them. This damage can be dealt by players or the environment.


  • The rockets in the large ammo pack appear differently from the rockets fired by the Soldier's Rocket Launcher and still use the beta model.


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