February 14, 2008 Patch

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Patch notes

Source Engine

  • Refactored how lightmaps are downloaded to the graphics card at level load. On some hardware configurations this can lower level load times significantly
  • Optimized some particle systems to improve performance on some hardware configurations
  • Player stats are now sent up as they change, rather than when the player dies

Team Fortress 2

  • Badlands released
  • Changes to Dustbowl
    • Added a new access point to the stage 2 attacker gates (drop-down left from spawn), allowing attackers a way to reach the left route without being subjected to the spam and Sentry Gun fire
    • Fixed a gap in stage 3, cap 1 that allowed a player with to wiggle above the "ceiling" clip
    • Fixed a gap behind stage 1, cap 1 house
    • Fixed a high perch on stage 1, cap 1 house roof
    • Fixed a perch offering view of nodraw textures and the skybox (stage1 cap2 rock barrier)
    • Fixed a few places where rockets/Demoman pipes could pass through non-solid models
    • Sealed up a gap over stage 1 lower startgate
    • Clipped off tall windows in stage 3 to prevent sentry guns from behind built behind them
  • Changes to Capture the Flag Well
    • Fixed trains not starting on map spawn
    • Removed cap association from red spawns that were spamming console
  • Changes to Granary (Control Point)
    • Removed spawn timing advantage from the middle (from -3 to 0)
    • Fixed several model perch exploits (red, blue cp1 gate and blue cp2 gate pipe)
    • Fixed a few places where players could get stuck between containers and silos
    • Adjusted playerclips on red container that made it appear like players were floating
  • Added a small delay (200 ms) before a zoomed Sniper shot can get a Critical hit
  • Added server side convar mp_fadetoblack. Same functionality as Counter-Strike, used mainly during in-person tournaments and LAN events
  • Added Flamethrower "sizzle" sound when the Pyro is hitting a target
  • Updated explosion debris to be a bit darker
  • Fixed idle players not being kicked from the server if mp_allowspectators was set to 0
  • Added ctf_well to the default mapcycle.txt file
  • Added ctf_well to the default motd.txt file
  • Fixed floor tile material type
  • Fixed some weapon damage info missing from TF2 game stats
  • Made some small changes to the Demoman viewmodel that were causing performance problems
  • Added a new timer to the HUD to show the value of mp_timelimit. This is useful if you're playing a timed match on 2Fort, where you only set a timelimit on the server and no other win conditions.
  • Added server log entry for buildings destroyed by their owner
  • Fixed Sentry Gun shadows being clipped
  • Updated glass material