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Community voice actors

This page didn't exist yet? Anyway, are there any good reasons why voice actors in community-made maps should not be listed on the Voice actors page? Not even with any pictures or special table formatting. Just a simple bulleted list. Are they relegated to only be listed individually and separately on each article about the maps their voice is heard on, and on the Non-player_characters list? Dogman15 (talk) 04:12, 9 October 2022 (UTC)

Personally I think they should be listed, but not as elaborately as the other voice actors. Just a "community voice actors" section under it.
GrampaSwood (talk) 08:47, 11 October 2022 (UTC)
Pictogram plus.png  Adding a section in the Voice Actors page is not a bad idea. Moreover, Valve demonstrated that they're willing to add community voice actors now, meaning that there might be more community voice actors in the future.
YossefTalk 08:50, 11 October 2022 (UTC)
Pictogram minus.png (specifically, getting their own NPP page) I get where you guys are coming from. Where I come from is the question of whether voice acting on a Community Map is ever so much more notable than Community Map developers that the Community voice actors get a page but the Community Map developers do not.
The core purpose of the NPP pages is to provide a means of linking the names of Real Persons in the wiki to multple topics within the TFwiki and the Real Internet. This was meant to end squabbling about which Internet page to use to link a Real Person while avoiding biographies of Real Persons. I don't see every Community voice actor and developer getting a NPP page, other than EmNudge :) maybe.
Community voice actors and developers are generally, as a rule, linked to their Steam Profile. I do not yet see a need to provide them more links than that, so, the core purpose of a NPP page does not apply.
Perhaps GrampaSwood could eloborate a more about "Just a "community voice actors" section under it." DYM a list at the bottom of Voice actors?
M I K A D O 282 ⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙ ⊙⊙ ⊙⊙ (Contact Mikado282 (SM)) | (contribs) (Help Wanted!) 11:30, 11 October 2022 (UTC)
This discussion is not about their own page, but about the inclusion of them on the Voice actors page.
GrampaSwood (talk) 11:34, 11 October 2022 (UTC)
Pictogram plus.png Subtable on Voice actors or Announcer, but it wouldn't be a Notable Person Page. Yes, you are correct, I misread the intent of "This page didn't exist yet?" This Talk page is about how to propose, structure, and write Notable Person Pages.
Listing Community Voice actors as a subsection of Voice actors would be "OK"
1) Would we ever think of listing all of the Community
map developers ever?
2) All Community voice actors are Announcers, effectively.
Would it be better to name them on Announcer?
M I K A D O 282 ⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙ ⊙⊙ ⊙⊙ (Contact Mikado282 (SM)) | (contribs) (Help Wanted!) 19:36, 12 October 2022 (UTC)
1) Map developers are listed on the map itself.
2) For the sake of the future having non-announcer VA's (possibly), I'd just say "community voice actors".
GrampaSwood (talk) 19:47, 12 October 2022 (UTC)
I would think, though, generally, that they would be still categorized under Community Developers.
M I K A D O 282 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 🎃🎃 🎃🎃 (Contact Mikado282 (SM)) | (contribs) (Help Wanted!) 09:35, 14 October 2022 (UTC)

────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────The devs that are listed on pages are only ones taken from the Workshop page.
GrampaSwood (talk) 09:40, 14 October 2022 (UTC)


The protection needs to be removed entirely. There's no reason for it, it breaks the current protection policy as it's not a high risk page and there are no edit wars. These pages are rarely linked throughout the Wiki (most of the pages that are linked are from the nav) and they haven't been proven to be a target for a lot of vandalism. If you really do want protection for these pages, change it to autoconfirmed so people don't have to bother the staff for every edit especially when this should also be equally enforced on language pages (but isn't). But right now, giving it staff-only protection is completely unnecessary when even the class pages (which are some of the highest traffic pages in the game) don't get this level of protection. Sandboxing changes is also only done for highly-used templates to avoid breaking them, it just seems unnecessary for small pages like this.
GrampaSwood (talk) 22:32, 13 January 2023 (UTC)