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Notable persons are people who whose work through Valve has notably contributed to the Team Fortress series games and supporting media. Because they are notable to the game, they are typically mentioned multiple times in Team Fortress Wiki and these name mentions were previously typically hyperlinked to external sites that provided additional information about them.

A particular indicator of notability is that the Team Fortress Wiki would be incomplete without their mention and their notability cannot be expressed with a single external link. The pages in this category are for acknowledgement and identification of individuals' contributions, not for Trivia.

It is important to understand that notable persons/content artist pages must not be developed into biographies. This Wiki’s policy is no biographies of real persons, living or otherwise. These notable persons pages are intended only as augmented disambiguations, indexes, and redirects. Strict adherence to limited content and format policy (below) is enforced.

See: Notable Persons Project



All real persons covered by pages in this Wiki must be notable to the Team Fortress series; so all pages covering notable persons must be under Category:Notable persons. Notable persons represented with pages in this category are restricted to

  • Team Fortress Comic/Media artists, colorists, and writers
  • Team Fortress Soundtrack composers
  • Team Fortress Voice actors
  • Specific executive and non-artist staff of Valve notable to Team Fortress

Other persons specifically excluded from the pages of the category:

  • In general, Production staff are not notable just because they are listed in credits, but they could be covered with NPP if they are notable enough to have been mentioned in the tfwiki multiple times. It could be discussed whether to add any production staff with an actual Wikipedia biography article at the time, but one-off contributions (e.g., famous performer sampled in a media) could be handled in Trivia.
  • Community developers (maps, items, effects, etc) should not be covered by Wiki pages on that particular basis alone as Community developers are presently adequately covered with links to their Steam profiles and Workshops.
  • Real persons with no direct personal works within Team Fortress, but who are referenced by content in the game, should generally have their names linked in-line to their Wikipedia biography (e.g., Clint Eastwood, Ennio Morricone) under associated content Trivia sections.
  • Community personalities (e.g., YouTubers, Twitch streamers) are not covered by any main topic pages, including pages in these categories; such persons are most properly acknowledged, if at all, though citations where their content is referenced by the Wiki.


  • Expand usefulness of links from names of notable persons beyond just one external link.
  • For persons linked in multiple places, the same useful redirection is available consistently (for example, Makani was linked a great many times, but inconsistently).
  • For persons with multiple biographical, gallery, or social accounts, all such sites can be linked, consistently and maintainably.
  • For persons with multiple works in the Team Fortress franchise, articles about most/all of their works can be linked.


  • Biographies are a sensitive enough issue, even more so for living subjects, and moreover are outside of the mission of this Wiki.
  • Because known people's names and identity are attached to notable persons pages and images, sensitivity to quality, conciseness, and risk of vandalism is paramount.
  • Therefore, in addition to review for conformity to the rules of this page, all notable person pages and notable person's images of all types are protected from non-Staff changes once each has been completed.
  • It is strongly suggested that any editor, in creating a new notable person page, complete the page and have it reviewed in their user space, before it is copied to the intended title in main space where it must be protected.
  • A similar practice is suggested for additions and changes to content of any protected page.
  • Please, create the changes in user space before asking a Administrators or Moderators to either unlock the page for you or to make the edits for you. In general though, it is most practical to these Staff members to only have to copy pages or sections from User to Main space.

Content standards

  • The page title should be the public name of the person, preferably as it appears in their Wikipedia biography, if available, or would appear for such an article.
    • Name mangling of personal names in Wikipedia need not be duplicated within this Wiki; e.g.,
  • The infobox image should be the best neutral profile image used in the person's Wikipedia profile, if available. These should be close to 3:2 aspect ratio.
  • The list of links in the {{OtherWikis}} box about the person or their work (where available):, such as:
    • Wikipedia, (Pictogram plus.png encyclopedic Pictogram plus.png independently curated and reviewed Pictogram plus.png neutrally biographic Pictogram plus.png configuration controlled)
    • IMDb bio page for the person, (Pictogram plus.png oriented to correctly crediting media work)
    • Team Fortress Wiki user profile, but only if not blank
    • Steam account (Pictogram plus.png the subject's intended public presence within the Steam Community)
    • Workshop (Pictogram plus.png Gallery of Valve art Pictogram plus.png targeted relevance to TF2 and Valve content)
    • Deviant art account: (Pictogram plus.png intended by subject to present their own work)
    • Twitter: (Pictogram plus.png popular platform, more for following Pictogram neutral.png sometimes more active)
  • Prose is limited to at most a two sentence lead for living persons:
    • The first sentence should state the public name of the person (as in the page title), any alias or Steam ID the person uses in the context of Team Fortress content, and their occupation(s).
    • The second sentence, if used, briefly states one or two of the most important reasons the person is notable to the Team Fortress franchise.
    • For deceased persons, an additional sentence may acknowledge their death, but the provided links above should be the source of details beyond mention of the year -- the same sentence may link to TF Wiki coverage of any Valve memorials.
  • A Team Fortress works section may list only those works published by Valve directly related to the Team Fortress franchise.
    • Voice actors should not be credited in this list for a video work in which it is not clear that they recorded content unique to the work (e.g., Invasion only used archive sound and so should not be listed in these pages as a voice actor's work, similar for most characters in videos like Robotic Boogaloo, Mann vs. Machine, The Spoils of Love and War, etc. ).
  • A small Gallery can be included, but because the person's work is covered elsewhere, such examples should be limited to supporting the statements made in the lead or links under Team Fortress works, if they are not already covered elsewhere (an example is Heather Campbell).


While implicitly all content in the Wiki is reviewed by other editors, it was thought here that an explicit statement of review by at least one editor was appropriate. The review is a consensus that the page conforms to this policy and that it is reasonably accurate as well as fair and neutral to the subject, but is not expected a guarantee of perfection on coverage of relevant links and works. When ready, just ask someone to review. The reviewer should try each link; links to works should be correct and must link within this Wiki, while the external lists of in the box must be both functional and appropriate.

Coverage of Valve executive and non-artist staff

Limited to the following list, expandable only through discussed and recorded consensus. Their Steam account identification should be included only if it is public knowledge.

Category tree

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Category:Notable persons
Category:Media artists, colorists, writers, etc
Category:Soundtrack composers
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