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The Announcer (also Host) refers to a wide assortment of entertaining voice cues heard by players on each team before and during gameplay. This role was created by Helen, the Administrator of TF Industries. The Administrator's voice is heard on the vast majority of released maps, so much so that the names Announcer, Administrator, and Helen have been largely synonymous in discussions of Gameplay as well as in the Storyline. A deeper discussion of Helen's Announcer role in Gameplay and the related Storyline is given in her biography.

A number of other characters have been introduced to perform the Announcer role, particularly in Halloween maps, although certain of Helen's voice cues may still be heard.

  • Merasmus was introduced in the role of Announcer in Ghost Fort, and has made repeat voiceover appearances on a number of later Halloween maps. In some cases, his particular role is as adversarial Boss, while at other times he is a malevolent host.
  • Bombinomicon announces both as a troublesome sidekick to Merasmus and as the smarmy Host of Hell.
  • The Blutarch and Redmond Mann, with the supporting role of their father, are Announcers on Helltower.
  • Davy Jones appears as an Announcer on Cursed Cove.

The Announcer provides verbal cues of various game events, including starts and ends of rounds (with countdowns), the killing of an entire team, Intelligence status, Bomb Progress, and Match outcomes. While verbal cues players here appear to be specific to their own team, rest assured that the other team is receiving an equal amount of support and criticism ( a basis for the character of the Administrator).