January 19, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes

Source Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)

  • Updated the Linux srcds_run script
    • Added warning message for people running the server as root
    • Changed the working directory to the game tree before executing the dedicated server
  • Updated the existing localization files
  • Added Czech, Hungarian, Romanian and Turkish localization files

Team Fortress 2

  • Updated several models with optimizations and new LODs. [1]
  • Updated the default TF2 crosshairs to use the RGB and scale settings in the Options->Multiplayer dialog like custom crosshairs do.
  • Added a glow effect to the team intelligence entities when they’re not being carried.
  • Added a timer to indicate how much time is left before the gate closes in DeGroot Keep.
  • Added a new plate model to be used when a Heavy throws the Buffalo Steak Sandvich to heal teammates.
  • Added a note in the trading dialog to let you know when your trading partner is typing.
  • Added a new Valve map CP_5Gorge.
  • Fixed the Mad Milk effect not being washed off when a player goes underwater.
  • Fixed being able to attack teammates using pumpkin bombs and arrows fired by the Huntsman or the Crusader's Crossbow.
  • Fixed switching to the melee weapon instead of using the lastweapon setting after drinking Crit-a-Cola.
  • Fixed not seeing the critboost effect on the Scout's Shortstop.
  • Fixed the Sniper Rifle and SMG view models having Red skins while on the Blue team.
  • Fixed the Engineer PDA view models (build/destroy) having Red skins while on the Blue team.
  • Fixed the mini-sentry HUD not playing the alert sound when the sentry is sapped or low on ammo.
  • Updated the community map CP_Yukon.
    • Central CP moved up to bridge.
    • Bridge widened.
    • Several sticky exploits patched.
    • Flat bridge added onto CP1's pipes.

Undocumented changes