January 5, 2023 Patch

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Patch notes

Team Fortress 2

  • Fixed a memory leak when firing syringes as Medic
  • Fixed some instances of syringes being invisible around corners and in transitions between water and air (both directions)
  • Fixed syringes triggering false hits on the client when minimal view models are enabled or a custom view model FOV is set
  • Fixed The Original using the default reload sound instead of the intended sound
  • Fixed entities being considered static props after long server times
  • Updated the equip_region settings for The Onimann and the Cranial Cowl
  • Updated cp_frostwatch
    • Fixed being able to stand in the cliff wall near control point 2 in stage 1
  • Expanded VScript support
    • Fixed .nut files being valid files for download/upload
    • Fixed clients being able to run certain script_* debug commands on the server
    • Added EmitSoundEx
    • Fixed crashes related to null strings being passed to functions
    • Exposed a MaxClients function to get the current value of maxplayers
    • Fixed clearing script hooks on level transition

Undocumented changes

  • Updated localization files for French, German, Hungarian, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish (Spain), and Traditional Chinese.
  • All weapons added in the Jungle Inferno Update are now craftable.[1]
  • Fixed a typo that prevented the equip_regions of several cosmetic items from working properly.[2]


Files changed

Note: The changelog below is generated from a diff of two revisions of the game. This data may be incomplete or inconsistent. A significant part of this changelog has been automatically generated from GameTracking data, courtesy of SteamDB.
Revision changes
Modified: tf/steam.inf
Modified: bin/GameUI.dll
Modified: bin/ServerBrowser.dll
Modified: bin/bsppack.dll
Modified: bin/bugreporter_filequeue.dll
Modified: bin/bugreporter_public.dll
Modified: bin/datacache.dll
Modified: bin/engine.dll
Modified: bin/filesystem_stdio.dll
Modified: bin/inputsystem.dll
Modified: bin/launcher.dll
Modified: bin/libtogl.dll
Modified: bin/materialsystem.dll
Modified: bin/replay.dll
Modified: bin/scenefilecache.dll
Modified: bin/shaderapidx9.dll
Modified: bin/shaderapiempty.dll
Modified: bin/soundemittersystem.dll
Modified: bin/sourcevr.dll
Modified: bin/stdshader_dx9.dll
Modified: bin/studiorender.dll
Modified: bin/vaudio_miles.dll
Modified: bin/vgui2.dll
Modified: bin/vguimatsurface.dll
Modified: bin/video_quicktime.dll
Modified: bin/video_services.dll
Modified: bin/vphysics.dll
Modified: bin/vscript.dll
Modified: bin/vstdlib.dll
Modified: bin/vtex_dll.dll
Modified: tf/bin/client.dll
Modified: tf/bin/server.dll
Modified: tf/scripts/items/items_game.txt.sig