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A featured article is an article that meets all of the Featured article criteria and has gone through the nomination process.

Nominating an Article for Review

Nominating an article for featured article review, is a three step process.

1. Ensure the article meets all of the featured article criteria.
2. Next the featured article candidate template should be included on the article's talk page.
You can include this template by using the following code:
{{Featured article candidate}}
3. Lastly, you need to add the article to the list of nominated articles.
To do this, click here and type the articles name in the subject surrounded by double squared brackets (example: [[ArticleName]]) and in the text add the reason why you think the article is worthy of nomination.

Supporting and Objecting

To support or object an article nomination, click the edit link next to that article's section, and your opinion in the following format.


'''Support''': Why you support this article's nomination


'''Object''': Why you object to this article's nomination
'''Oppose''': Why you oppose this article's nomination


'''Comment''': Your comment