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Item schema updates

Edit pages affected by the changes using {{Item schema}}

New patches

Create the appropriate page for the patch
Edit the previous patch page/subpages and add the new patch
Update {{TF2 patches}}
Update {{Updates}}
For any items affected, update their "Update history" section
Staff actions:
Possibly update {{Trending topics}}

Major updates / content packs

Change the patch link on {{TF2 patches}} to be in bold
Update {{Major Updates Nav}} - make sure to update the auto-categorization at the bottom!
Create the nav template - e.g. {{Smissmas 2020 Nav}}
Update {{Content updates}} or {{Content packs}} - images can be found here

Blog posts

Update {{Updates}}
Update {{List of blog entries}}
Staff actions:
Update {{Current Events}}
Possibly update {{Main Page event}}


Update {{Allweapons Nav}}
Update the class weapons tables - e.g {{Class weapons table scout primary}}
Update {{Weapon list}}
Create a 3D weapon image
Create a Weapon demonstration
Update {{List of kill icons}}
Update {{User weapon checklist compact}}
Update {{Wqc}}
Update relevant strategy pages
Update {{Weapon Ban List}}
Update appropriate competitive weapon articles - e.g. Scout weapons (competitive)
Possibly update {{Dictionary/blueprints}}
Possibly update {{List of weapon styles}}
Possibly update {{Metrics/Speed}} and {{Class speed table}}
Possibly update {{Metrics/Health}} and {{Class health pack and overheal table}}


Dictionary: {{Dictionary/items}}
Update {{Hat Nav}}
Update {{Dictionary/quad}} for qualities
Possibly update {{Storepurchasable}}
Cosmetic items
Update the appropriate class nav - e.g. {{Scout Nav}}
Update class cosmetic tables - e.g. {{Scout class hat table}}
Update {{List of cosmetic styles}}
Possibly update {{Jiggle bones}} / {{Self-illumination}}
Update class taunts page
Update {{Special taunt table}}
Update {{Tool Nav}}
Item sets
Update {{Set}}
Update {{Set list}}
Update {{Sets Nav}}
Create the Crate series/# template (click here)
Update Active series
Possibly update Retired series
Add new case series to {{QuAD/list}}
Unusual effects
Create unusual effects table
Upload the images (see help page)
Promo additions
Update {{Promo Nav}}
Update {{Active promotional item list}}


Add the names to {{Dictionary/common strings}}
Update {{Maps Nav}}
Update {{List of maps}}
Update {{List of strange filters}} / {{Map stamps list}}
Possibly update {{List of Christmas maps}} / {{Christmas Map Nav}}
Possibly update {{List of Halloween maps}} / {{Halloween Map Nav}}
Upload an overview image at (case sensitive!) [[File:"map name" overview.png]]
Upload map images into [[Category:"map name" images]]
Create the community strategy page - e.g. Community 2Fort strategy
Update the sorting key at the bottom of {{Map Strategy Nav}}
Possibly update {{Control Point Timing/Official Map}}
Possibly update {{Map types}}


Upload icons for the achievements
Update {{Dictionary}} with the names, descriptions, and icons (see File:tf_english.txt)
Update {{Dictionary/header}} with the new achievement pack
Create the achievements list - e.g. {{Foundry achievement list}}
Update the sorting key at the bottom of {{Achievements Nav}}
Update {{User TF2 total achievements}}


Update {{Navbar soundtrack}}
Create a new image for the soundtrack video (via File:Soundtrack video frame.png)
Extract the sound file from tf/tf_sound_misc_dir/sound/ui/gamestartup#.mp3
Halloween music is in ...sound/ui/holiday/gamestartup#.mp3
Staff actions:
Create a video using the sound file and image and upload to the Official TF2 Wiki YouTube channel


Update {{Comics Nav}}
Update {{Comic list}} - images can be found here
Upload all the comic image files (see Category:Comics)
When uploading, make sure to add {{Page nav}} - e.g. File:TheNakedandtheDead001.png