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Rules for adding facts

  • Add new facts by using a bullet point (*) at the bottom of the current list of unused Facts suggestions; just above the comment
<!-- Add the new fact right above this comment. Add the break (----) after every 6 DIY facts --->;
and nowhere else — Facts for updating the currently displayed facts are taken from the oldest facts at the top. Although similar to the "Trivia" sections on articles, the trivia style guide is not applicable here.

But before you add a new fact:

  • Make sure your fact hasn't been featured before.
  • Make sure that the fact is at least somewhat useful or interesting.
  • Make sure that your fact is undeniably true, or contains a link to the Team Fortress Wiki article that contains or supports it.
  • Phrase your fact to carry on from the words "Did you know". Don't forget to put 3 periods (...) at the start and put a '?' at the end.
  • Facts must be no more than two lines in length, or they may mess up the Main Page layout. About 150 characters should be safe.
  • Make sure your fact won't become outdated very quickly (e.g. "[x] cosmetic is currently the only cosmetic to feature [y]").
  • A fact should not be a bug, because it may be fixed in an update. However, facts can be about bugs that have had a significant impact (such as the origin of the Spy being a bug).
  • Leave a break (----) after every sixth fact added.

As long as you follow all of these rules, feel free to share your interesting tips and factoids with the rest of the Team Fortress 2 community! And remember, be interesting and creative!

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