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User pages are pages located in the user namespace, prefixed by User:. User pages are commonly used for sandboxes (visit your own here), to-do lists, or other meta topics. There are three types of "user pages" that comprise your user space:

  • User page: your Wiki profile (User:WikiUsername).
  • Talk page: your message board (User_talk:WikiUsername).
  • User subpages: additional user pages that exist within your user space (User:WikiUsername/Sandbox, User:WikiUsername/Loadout, etc.).

As these pages are not articles documenting official content, many of the existing style guides do not apply to them. By default, only you have editing rights for pages in your user space, unless specified otherwise using this template. However, other users are allowed to fix broken links or remove content in your user space that violates Wiki policies and guidelines.


  • User pages should be relevant to the Team Fortress Wiki or related works.
  • User pages should not contain categories that are intended for use on the main namespace. Some examples of this are Category:Background and Category:Weapons.
    • For sandbox pages, add a colon (:) in front of "Category:" (i.e. [[:Category:Items]]) to avoid adding it to the category. Remember to remove it when moving to mainspace. Note: This only applies for long-term sandbox pages, if the changes you make will be moved over in less than a day this is not necessary.
  • User pages should not host content intended for external use or content that violates Wiki policies. If you believe that your page has value, consider asking if it belongs in the main namespace instead.
  • User pages that are used to document custom weapons, game modes, maps, or otherwise that mimic the style of official pages must have __NOINDEX__ included somewhere on the page. It is recommended to apply this to all of your pages, except your main user page, as it prevents them from coming up in search engines.
  • Files that are only used on your user space must have the prefix "User WikiUsername" (for example User WikiUsername favourite loadout.png) and they are required to be placed in Category:User images.

User categories

To organize or keep track of your user pages and sandboxes, you may create a user category that may only be used in your user space:

  • Prefix the category with User: followed by your Wiki username (may be possessive, for example "User WikiUsername's pages" instead of "User WikiUsername pages"), followed by a meaningful suffix. For example, User:WikiUsername custom weapons.
  • When creating the category page, you must add {{non-article category|user-category}}.
  • User categories may be added to other categories of yours, but none other.
  • If your category does not follow these guidelines, they will be moved and you will be notified on your talk page. After this, wrongly-named categories may be deleted without warning.
  • Otherwise, user categories should comply with the general rules for categories