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The Team Fortress Wiki is the largest resource of information on Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress Classic, editable by anyone.

This page is aimed at the newest users primarily, however, older users who don't edit frequently will find it handy also.


As the TF Wiki is a community-edited resource, it is the responsibility of the community to update and add to its content.



There are two ways to start editing a particular page; you can edit the whole page at once by clicking the "edit" tab at the top, or edit individual sections only by clicking "[edit]" to the right of the section header.

Editing brings up a large text box filled with wiki formatting, which forms all pages. Wiki formatting can be daunting at first, however, is easy to remember once picked up. Below is an example of the most common forms that are used in articles:

This text is '''bold''' and this is ''italic''. This is a link: [[Rocket Launcher]]. [[Rocket Launcher|This is also a link]]. [ I am an external link].

And it displays as:

This text is bold and this is italic. This is a link: Rocket Launcher. This is also a link. I am an external link.

Language translation

Main article: Help:Language translation

The TF Wiki supports translation of articles into 22 languages, the majority of which are supported by in-game localizations. A full guide is available at Help:Language translation.

Making changes

All wiki articles can be changed, updated, or added to. On a whole


Where to go for help

Our most active editors are almost always present in our IRC channel #tfwiki on the freenode IRC network.

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