June 28, 2012 Patch

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Patch notes

Team Fortress 2

  • Added sd_doomsday to the mapcycle files
  • Fixed exploit that allowed Beggar's Bazooka to indefinitely hold rockets in the chamber without misfiring
  • Fixed hatless hats not not-drawing correctly
  • Fixed bugs with The Hitman's Heatmaker
    • Headshot kills now properly decapitate
    • Bodyshot damage penalty is properly applied
    • Fixed sound issues while in focus
  • Fixed missing DX8 particle effects
  • Fixed seeing through Sniper fences in 2Fort when using Pyrovision
  • Fixed the second style for the Robot Chicken hat
  • Teddy Roosebelt can now get assist credits
  • Updated sd_doomsday:
    • Players can now fall into the launch pad after the rocket lifts off
    • Optimized some prop_dynamics to reduce server hitching
    • Engineers can no longer build teleporters behind the spawn
    • Players will no longer get pushed through the terrain if the elevator falls on them
    • Death pits now kill dead ringer Spies
    • Lowered the frequency of announcer lines

Undocumented changes

  • The Pyrovision Goggles now display their level in the backpack.
  • Added the Pyromania update cosmetics to the item drop system [1]
  • The Fed-Fightin Fedora, HazMat Headcase, Helmet Without a Home, Gentleman's Ushanka and Liquidator's Lid can now be unboxed in Unusual quality.
  • Added the Liquor Locker to the item drop system.


Files changed

Note: The changelog below is generated from a diff of two revisions of the game. This data may be incomplete or inconsistent.
Revision changes
Modified: team fortress 2 client content.gcf/tf/bin/client.dll
Modified: team fortress 2 client content.gcf/tf/bin/client.dylib
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/server.dll
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/server.dylib
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/server.so
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/maps/sd_doomsday.bsp
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/particles/burningplayer_dx80.pcf
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/particles/flamethrower_dx80.pcf
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/particles/flamethrower_dx90_slow.pcf
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/particles/harbor_fx_dx80.pcf
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/particles/item_fx_dx80.pcf
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/particles/rockettrail_dx80.pcf
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/particles/rockettrail_dx90_slow.pcf