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Team Fortress 2.png Hagbard Celine


8 years, 3 months, and 30 days.


Hello! I'm Karl, a German translator.
I don't play much TF2 anymore but I still love the universe and the style of the game.

I try and improve the wiki by translating and updating German articles, templates, and the dictionary.

If you are a CSS wizard and can help me with the non-functioning CSS of this profile page, please leave me a message :)

Tf spy fyi i am a spy.png Tf spy insurance fraud.png Tf soldier worth a thousand wars.png Tf play game everymap.png BLUicon.gif User LordKelvin Spycheck.png Tf sniper jarate chop.png User Soldier F5.gif Classless showcard.png Tea Icon.png Flag Germany.png Userbox Unfortunate.png User Soldier.png


  • Localize all voice lines (possible community project?)
  • A new cosmetic describing contest
  • An achievement-focused update like the Teamwork Achievement Pack


RED Field Practice.png

Rainy Day Pack cosmetics
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Class taunts
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May 11, 2016 Patch cosmetics




Painted Airdog CF7336.png Airdog Painted Eliminator's Safeguard CF7336 Visor Down.png Eliminator's Safeguard Visor Down Style Painted Dad Duds CF7336.png Dad Duds
Painted Gauzed Gaze CF7336.png Gauzed Gaze Painted Surgical Survivalist CF7336.png Surgical Survivalist Painted Dayjogger CF7336.png Dayjogger
Painted Patriot's Pouches CF7336.png Patriot's Pouches Painted Frenchman's Formals CF7336 Dastardly.png Frenchman's Formals Dastardly Style Painted Frenchman's Formals CF7336.png Frenchman's Formals Dashing Style
Painted Five-Month Shadow CF7336 Style 2.png Five-Month Shadow Painted Bedouin Bandana CF7336.png Bedouin Bandana Painted Demo's Dustcatcher CF7336.png Demo's Dustcatcher
Painted Special Eyes CF7336 Bored.png Special Eyes Bored Style Painted Exorcizor CF7336.png Exorcizor Painted Mutton Mann CF7336.png Mutton Mann
Painted Sidekick's Side Slick CF7336 Style 2.png Sidekick's Side Slick Style 2 Painted Soviet Gentleman CF7336.png Soviet Gentleman Painted Soviet Gentleman CF7336 Camo.png Soviet Gentleman Camo Style
Painted Dead of Night CF7336 Light.png Dead of Night Light Style Painted Dead of Night CF7336.png Dead of Night Painted Powdered Practitioner CF7336 Classical.png Powdered Practitioner Classical Style
Painted Powdered Practitioner CF7336.png Powdered Practitioner Painted Patriot's Pouches CF7336 Camo.png Patriot's Pouches Camo Style Painted Tough Stuff Muffs CF7336.png Tough Stuff Muffs
Painted Tough Stuff Muffs CF7336 Montreal Style (No Earmuffs).png Tough Stuff Muffs Montreal Style (No Earmuffs) Painted Tough Stuff Muffs CF7336 Boston Style (No Earmuffs).png Tough Stuff Muffs Boston Style (No Earmuffs) Painted Tough Stuff Muffs CF7336 Boston Style.png Tough Stuff Muffs Boston Style
Painted Transparent Trousers CF7336.png Transparent Trousers Painted Bootie Time CF7336 South Pole.png Bootie Time South Pole Painted Bootie Time CF7336.png Bootie Time
Painted Bonk Boy CF7336.png Bonk Boy Painted Crit Cloak CF7336.png Crit Cloak Painted Bananades CF7336.png Bananades
Painted Fat Man's Field Cap CF7336.png Fat Man's Field Cap Painted Shellmet CF7336.png Shellmet Painted Hot Huaraches CF7336.png Hot Huaraches
Painted Sharp Chest Pain CF7336.png Sharp Chest Pain Painted Deity's Dress CF7336.png Deity's Dress Painted Siberian Tigerstripe CF7336.png Siberian Tigerstripe
Painted Battle Boonie CF7336.png Battle Boonie Painted Vitals Vest CF7336.png Vitals Vest Painted Rifleman's Regalia CF7336.png Rifleman's Regalia
Painted Commando Elite CF7336.png Commando Elite Painted Aztec Aggressor CF7336.png Aztec Aggressor Painted Classy Capper CF7336.png Classy Capper
Painted Slithering Scarf CF7336.png Slithering Scarf Painted Jungle Wreath CF7336.png Jungle Wreath Painted Pithy Professional CF7336.png Pithy Professional
Painted Hunter in Darkness CF7336.png Hunter in Darkness Painted Most Dangerous Mane CF7336.png Most Dangerous Mane Painted Aztec Warrior CF7336.png Aztec Warrior
Painted Bait and Bite CF7336.png Bait and Bite Painted Conaghers' Utility Idol CF7336.png Conaghers' Utility Idol Painted Jungle Jersey CF7336.png Jungle Jersey
Painted Croaking Hazard CF7336.png Croaking Hazard Painted Quizzical Quetzal CF7336.png Quizzical Quetzal


 Leaderboard class scout.png  Scout taunts
Scout taunts/de
Updated on 2015-05-08.
 Leaderboard class soldier.png  Soldier taunts
Soldier taunts/de
Updated on 2015-05-10.
 Leaderboard class pyro.png  Pyro taunts
Pyro taunts/de
Updated on 2015-05-10.
 Leaderboard class demoman.png  Demoman taunts
Demoman taunts/de
Updated on 2015-05-10.
 Leaderboard class heavy.png  Heavy taunts
Heavy taunts/de
Updated on 2015-05-12.
 Leaderboard class engineer.png  Engineer taunts
Engineer taunts/de
Updated on 2015-05-13.
 Leaderboard class medic.png  Medic taunts
Medic taunts/de
Updated on 2016-05-25.
 Leaderboard class sniper.png  Sniper taunts
Sniper taunts/de
Updated by Magicalpony and Nikno.
 Leaderboard class spy.png  Spy taunts
Spy taunts/de