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Basic information
Gender: Male
Health: 160/ /Medic emblem RED.png240
Speed: can run up to 128 Hammer Units/second
Birth place: Canada, Ontario
Native language: English
Age: Template:Age
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: all of the classes
Favourite maps: Banana Bay, Hellstone, Dustbowl, 2Fort, Monster Bash, Mann Manor,
Favourite weapons: Natasha, Widowmaker, Grenade Launcher, Crusaders Crossbow
Favourite hats: Pip-Boy, Chicken Kiev, Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask
Contact information

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User Monte GreenWiki.gif This user likes to see this wiki turning green.
Heavy like to shoot this gun.PNG This user. Like. To edit. This wiki. Is all you need to know.
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RED Wiki Cap.png This user doesn't edit the Wiki for the sole purpose of getting a Wiki Cap.
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Poker Night Icon.png This user possesses all of the buy-in items from Poker Night at the Inventory.
Backpack Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head.png This user likes to collect items that were exclusively available in previous Halloween updates.
Flag Canada.png This user is Canadian, eh!