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The Happy Flygineer's TF2 info
The Happy Flygineer
Basic information
Health: 300
Team Fortress 2
Favorite classes: Spy, Engineer, Heavy
Favorite weapons: Your Eternal Reward, Rescue Ranger, Vaccinator, Gunslinger, Red-Tape Recorder, Sandvich, Eureka Effect, Ap-Sap
Favorite hats: Company Man, Head Warmer, L'Inspecteur, Bear Necessities, Belgian Detective
Favorite miscellaneous items: All-Father, Apparition's Aspect, K-9 Mane, RoBro 3000, Distinguished Rogue, Koala Compact, Teddy Roosebelt, Filamental,
Cut Throat Concierge, Lieutenant Bites
Contact information
Steam page:

Backpack Robot Chicken Hat.png This user owns a Genuine Robot Chicken Hat.

BLU Aperture Labs Hard Hat Classified.png This user owns a Genuine Aperture Labs Hard Hat.
The Tin Soldier.png This user is a Tin Soldier "Beep Boop".
BLU Resurrection Associate Pin.png This user owns a Genuine Companion Cube Pin.
Brundle Bundle.png This user is a Brundle Bundle Engineer.
Backpack Holiday Punch.png This user owns a Strange Holiday Punch.
Rank: Strange
Tickle Fights Won: 0

GasJockeysGear.png This user is a Gas Jockey Pyro.
Frying Pan.png This user owns the Frying Pan.
Poker Night Icon.png This user possesses all of the buy-in items from Poker Night at the Inventory.
Medic - Medieval Medic Set.png This user is a Medieval Medic.

Some more userboxes about TF2:

Zombie Fortress Logo.png This user enjoys playing Zombie Fortress.
Dead Ringer.png This user has spent way too many hours of their life playing Team Fortress 2!