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Basic information
Birth place: USA
Native language: English
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Medic / Pyro
Favourite weapons: Kritzkrieg / Rainblower
Favourite hats: Ze Goggles
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Sub Pages

Meat Vs. Match

Meat Vs. Match

My Trading Info


Userbox Testing Page

Userbox Testing Page

Uploaded Images


Code Testing Page

Code Testing Page

Personal, Renamed Weapons

Backpack Kritzkrieg.png

"Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator"
Level 1 - 100 Medi Gun
ÜberCharge grant 100% critical chance
+25% ÜberCharge rate
"Zap 'Em, Cap 'Em, and Trap 'Em."

Backpack Ze Goggles.png

"Ecto Goggles"
Level 1 - 100 Glasses
"Allows the wearer to see invisible ghosts and visually track P.K.E valences."

Backpack Wrangler.png

"My Failed Attempt"
Level 1 - 100 Laser Pointer
Take manual control of your Sentry Gun.
Wrangled sentries gain a shield that reduces damage and repairs by 66%.
Sentries are disabled for 3 seconds after becoming unwrangled.
"Earned a free key and got this fucking weapon."

Backpack Dead Ringer.png

"Pocket Watch"
Level 1 - 100 Invis Watch
Cloak Type: Feign Death.
Leave a fake corpse on taking damage and temporarily gain invisibility, speed and damage resistance.
+50% cloak regen rate
+40% cloak duration
-50% cloak meter when Feign Death is activated
No cloak meter from ammo boxes when invisible
-35% cloak meter from ammo boxes
"When you take it out of your pocket and open the lid, you can tell the time!"


  • Organize personal userboxes (highly unlikely).
  • Create user boxes for others to use.
  • Learn how to make dynamic user boxes.
    • Created 2 dynamic user boxes, want become more proficient at this. (11/9/16)
  • Become an "official" user box creator.
  • Look for missing / incorrect information on weapons.

Completed Goals

  • Add "Trading" sub-page (personal use only, anyone else may read). (11/1/12)
  • Update all Medi Guns with how ÜberChage effects objectives.
  • Look for missing / incorrect information on weapons.
    • Doing a fine sweep of all weapon templates for consistency and correctness issues (as of 11/17/16)
      • Finished:
        • Scout (11/17/16)
        • Soldier Primary (11/17/16)
        • Soldier Secondary (11/18/16)
        • Soldier Melee (11/21/16)
        • Pyro (11/22/16)
        • Demoman (11/24/16)
        • Heavy (11/29/16)
        • Engineer (11/30/16)
        • Medic (12/1/16)
        • Sniper (12/2/16)
        • Spy (12/5/16)
    • Finished as of (12/5/16)

Wish List

Quick Links

  • HTML Coding (External link to third party, use at your own risk)


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