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Bread Monster Thrown.png
I have done nothing but teleport bread for three days.
The Soldier following Engineer's instructions

The Bread monster is an enormous entity that was featured in the Expiration Date short. It is a mutated monstrosity of a large bread loaf, featuring green tumor-like marks, large tentacle-like arms, and sharp teeth protruding from a gruesome maw on its front end. It is ferocious in behavior, and always eager to attack anyone in grasp; the monster was the result of the Soldier, by Engineer's ostensible permission, teleporting mutated bread for 3 days straight. There are also many smaller counterparts of the Bread monster, much smaller than the original. If tossed from a throwable weapon, the monster will latch onto the target, massively increasing in size if Crit-boosted.

In-game appearances


The following weapons feature mutated bread in some form:


The following cosmetics feature mutated bread in some form:


The following maps feature mutated bread in some form:


The following taunts feature mutated bread in some form: