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Bread Monster Thrown.png

The Bread monster is an enormous entity that was featured in the Expiration Date short. It is a mutated bread loaf, featuring green tumors, large tentacle-like arms, and sharp teeth protuding out of it, and a large mouth on its front end. The monster was the result of Soldier teleporting mutated Bread for 3 days straight. There are also many smaller counterparts of the bread monster such as the Self-Aware Beauty Mark, a lot smaller than the original, whose size increases massively if thrown while Crit-boosted.

The Love & War Update introduced 4 new weapons based on the bread monster; Snack Attack, Self-Aware Beauty Mark, Mutated Milk, and Bread Bite.

Smissmas 2018 introduced Bread Heads.

Scream Fortress 2019 introduced Bread Biter.

Summer 2020 Pack introduced Breadcrab and Loaf Loafers.


  • The textures for the Bread Monster's model were leaked before the Expiration Date short was released.


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