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Basic information
Type: Translator
Health: 100
Speed: 100%
0% when asleep
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Pyro
Favourite weapons: Flame Thrower
Contact information

Steam YouTube Backpack Allclassportrait.png
Steam YouTube Backpack My Avatars

Avatar submitter on Contribute website


Backpack Rocket Launcher.png
Community Rocket Launcher 
Level 50 Rocket Launcher
Given to valuable Community Contributors
Effect: Community Sparkle
Backpack Vintage Merryweather.png
Vintage Vintage Merryweather 
Level 87
Pyro wears this in tribute to the many firefighters who have perished trying to quell his flames.

Item boxes

Scout Mercenary.png This user is a Mercenary.

Lumbricus Lid Helmet.png This user owns the Lumbricus Lid.
Item icon Alien Swarm Parasite.png This user has earned the Alien Swarm Parasite hat.
Item icon Ghastly Gibus.png This user was one of the first 10,319 players to obtain the Ghastly Gibus.
Item icon Cheater's Lament.png This user owns the Cheater's Lament.
Backpack Mann Co. Cap.png This user owns the Mann Co. Cap.
RED Ellis' Cap.png Has this user ever told you about the time they got Ellis' Cap?
Frying Pan.png This user owns the Frying Pan.
Item icon Lugermorph.png This user owns the Lugermorph.
Item icon Dangeresque, Too.png This user owns the Dangeresque, Too?
Backpack Bounty Hat.png This user owns the Bounty Hat.
Backpack Saxton Hale Mask.png This user owns the Saxton Hale Mask.
Item icon Enthusiast's Timepiece.png This user owns the Enthusiast's Timepiece.
Item icon License to Maim.png This user owns the License to Maim.
Item icon Dealer's Visor.png This user owns the Dealer's Visor.
Item icon Iron Curtain.png This user owns the Iron Curtain.

Other boxes

fr Cet utilisateur a pour langue maternelle le français.
Flag France.png This user is French, Gentlemen.
Community contributor.png This user is an honored Community contributor.
Portal2.png This user is an active Portal 2 test subject.
Dueling Medal Bronze.png This user owns a Bronze Dueling Badge.
Valve logo.png This user has the "Valve Complete Pack".
User Pyro.png This user is a Pyro.
“Mhmmh... mmmmm-hmm!”
g This user plays Garry's Mod.