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Sierra Entertainment




First person shooter




PC (Windows)



Valve's Team Fortress was the working title for the class-based multiplayer game Team Fortress 2 in 1998, before the release of Team Fortress Classic, until the title switched to Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms.


The game was planned to be a realistic class-based first-person shooter with large battlefields, vehicles, and real-time strategy elements.


The Red team. From left to right: Light Infantry, Spy, Commando, Engineer, Field Medic, Heavy Infantry, Sniper, Rocket Infantry.


The main, non-physical class of the game. He would be able to see the entire battlefield as well as through teammates' eyes and Engineers' cameras, to make and control squads and groups, and to issue orders on the fly.

Light Infantry

A lightweight class, similar to the Scout, equipped with an Uzi.

Field Medic

A class wielding an M16 with the ability to heal teammates by standing close to them and looking at them, and always wearing a first aid bag and a Red Cross bandage. Prototype of the Medic.

Heavy Infantry

A machine gunner, prototype of the Heavy Weapons Guy.

Rocket Infantry

Heavy Soldier equipped with a SMAW rocket launcher. Could fire only in crouch and prone stances.


The lightest class in the game, equipped with an M40A1 sniper rifle.


A Demoman prototype, equipped with the Grenade Launcher.


A stealth class equipped with Uzi; was able to cloak as the enemies he killed.


A class that was able to construct Sentry Guns with placeholder Half-Life models, Dispensers and Cameras.

Medium Infantry

Medium Infantry was not an individual class, instead it was a temporary model for other classes. It was seen being an Engineer and Sniper.




Most of the weapons in-game are the weapons used by the United States Marine Corps. Most of the automatic weapons had the ability to switch fire mode.



All classes except for Commando used an unknown Pistol as a secondary weapon.[1]


The Uzi is a submachine gun used by the Light Infantry and the Spy.


The M16A2 is an assault rifle used by the Field Medic.


The Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW) is a one-shot rocket launcher used by the Rocket Infantry. It can be only fired in crouch and prone stances and has a lethal 20-meter backblast.


A shotgun (possibly a SPAS-12) was wielded by Rocket Infantry.


The M40A1 is a bolt-action sniper rifle used only by the Sniper. It was similar to the Quake Team Fortress Sniper Rifle except that there was a laser beam along with laser dot.[1]


The Heckler & Koch MP5 (with a temporary pre-release Half-Life model) is a submachine gun seen only at E3 1998, possibly held as a placeholder model.

Grenade Launcher

An unknown multi-shot grenade launcher was used by the Commando. Its grenades are detonated if they fly at least 10 meters.[1]


A railgun, similar to the TFC Railgun, which was used by the Engineer.


C4 explosives were used by Commando and were to be placed on walls.[1]

Chain gun

The Heavy Infantry was to use a belt-fed chain gun in the game. There were 100 rounds on the belt and the weapon could be fully unloaded in under 5 seconds. The player's speed would not be affected when the chain gun was fired.[1]


M2 Browning

The M2 Browning is a .50-caliber machine gun. It used the Half-Life brush-based mesh before it was replaced by a model.

Sentry Gun

The Sentry Gun was originally to be built by the Engineer. It used the Half-Life model as a placeholder, but the developers were planning to replace it with a bigger model.[2]

M198 Howitzer

The M198 howitzer is a manned howitzer with a low rate of fire. It used the Half-Life brush-based mesh.


M1A1 Abrams

The M1A1 Abrams is a main battle tank. It used the enhanced version of its Half-Life mesh.

M2A3 Bradley

The M2A3 Bradley is an armored personnel carrier (APC) armed with a machine gun and BGM-71 TOW launcher. It used the Half-Life brush-based mesh with two skins, one is used in Half-Life, one never seen in Half-Life, but included in the Half-Life texture files.

M35 cargo truck

The M35 cargo truck is a military truck used to transport soldiers. It used the Half-Life brush-based mesh with very slight changes.


Over 20 maps were planned to be made. This section covers only known maps.


Similar to Canalzone from other Team Fortress games.


Similar to Hunted from other Team Fortress games.


On Lobotomy, the objective of both teams was to destroy the enemy reactor. In order to reach the enemy reactor, a team was to destroy enemy computers to disable the security system, triggering an alarm, and to destroy another set of computers to get access to the reactor. A team could toggle the switches to reactivate the security and to lock the reactor, thus making enemies need to destroy the switches. The game ends when one of two reactors is destroyed.[1]


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