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Team Fortress 2

Promotional images

Part of the advertising for Team Fortress 2 included the use of promotional images, many of which were derived from pre-release iterations of the game, thus reflecting differences such as the roofless bridge version of 2Fort. These images often reflect outdated and older designs of characters, maps, and weapons, as well as gameplay concepts.

The images from the pre-release version of the current iteration of Team Fortress 2 were usually sourced from in-game screenshots or screen captures taken from Trailer 2 and Meet the Heavy. Because of how prominent many of these images were, they are still used on some websites when referencing the game. For example, the Steam TF2 stats page still uses the original group photo, as seen to the upper-right, to represent the game.

TF2 Pre-release Gallery

TF2 Promotional Video Gallery

Meet the Heavy

Trailer 2

TF2 Post-release gallery

TFC Pre-release Gallery

TF2: Brotherhood of Arms Gallery

1998 design

1999 design


  • The Pyro does not have a hose attached to his Flamethrower in any of the current iteration pre-release screenshots.
  • The Brotherhood of Arms pictures represent several stages of design before the entire game was scrapped.
  • The promotional filename for Meet the Heavy was WhoTouchedSasha.wmv.